dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Pushing you buttons.

When I walk in the office, your turn your head and smile, your hand reaches for me as you wheel back your desk-chair inviting me on your lap. Mmmm. It feels so good to hug you. Our mouths hungry for each other. Tongue on tongue. Teasingly I wiggle my ass on the bulge in your pants. Your hands all over me. Grabbing and grinding.

This is the right moment.

My hands on your face, holding your head. I look in your eyes, my lips parted. "I want to give you the most intense orgasm ever!" You smile. Your face a question. 
I pull a bag from under your desk, you see the leather hood, the cuffs, the straps, the chains.
You wonder what the heck I have in mind.
I kiss you deeply to smother the protest. Rub my groin over your erection. 
There it is: willing acquiescence.
I always win.

Methodically I undress you and cuff your wrists and ankles, my hands fast and efficient. When I tug the hood over your head your energy changes. 
Blind. Deaf. 
I hook the chain in the metal ring on your collar. Lead you carefully to the basement. Gently I position you on the table, your skin goosebumps as it touches the cold glass surface.
Spread open. I fasten you to the four corners of the table. Your chest heaves. 
And so does mine.

You are so helpless. Your cock and balls so devastatingly accessible. All mine. 
My latex gloved hands move over your body, you feel the tipping of a cool gel and how I apply something on your skin in various places. Electrodes.Your foot soles. Just above your ankles on the inside of your legs. Your scrotum. Your arm pits.
Your own heartbeat thumps in your ear. Your mouth opens. Anticipation mingled with fear for the unknown. You are all alone in the dark. Or you wish you were.

I look at my laptop and see the symphony of your arousal displayed in curves on my screen. 
One click. The electrodes on your ankles are activated. A series of stimulating pulses travel up your nerve pathways in your legs to the three nerve bundles in your pelvis. The ones responsible for arousal and sexual response.
The curves on my screen change. Something stirs deep inside you. 
Your cock is so hard and big, it twitches in the air, the veins stand out on your throbbing shaft, your cockhead purple and bulbous, your sack tight as a drum. 

Another click and the other electrodes are activated. You feel a wonderful tingle and tickle all over your body. This is not bad at all, isn't it?
A small lubed device pushes gently but insistently between your ass cheeks. No defense, it slides inside you and presses lightly against your prostate. 
Another click. A mild electric pulse teases your prostate. Your breathing becomes deeper. 

I hold my face close to yours. Like a predator I stare at your leather hood. A wonderful sense of anticipation engulfs me. All mine to toy and play with.
Swiftly I dip my finger between my pussylips and rub my wet between the edge of your leather mask and your upper lip. You inhale. Your tongue snakes out. My scent and taste tease your senses. 

I smile. 
Slowly I adjust the values on my screen. The exact numbers of your arousal blink in different colors. The stream of electrical pulses expands. Your muscles tense and relax. You immerse in a sea of pleasure. 

A soft pointed something tickles at the back of your balls. At the same time it touches behind the flange of your cockhead, stroking gently round and round. Feathers.
Continuously teasing and tickling those two spots. 
You groan and struggle in your restraints. 
I watch the screen and your arousal. You go ballistic. Your cock bucks and throbs in unspeakable ecstasy. The electric pulses intensify every feeling, your prostate throbs.
With intense concentration I tease your frenulum and the back of your balls. 
Merciless and continuously. The soft points of the feathers.
A very pleasant sensation spreads into your pelvic region.
My laptop beeps.
Your seminal fluid flows into your urethral bulb. First sign of an impending orgasm.
I stop.
You shudder and whimper in frustration.

I wipe a huge bead of precum from the eye of your penis with my index finger and then slip it into your mouth. You taste the mild saltiness.

Now time to lube my latex fingers and palms. Squishy sounds. 
I am in a trance. 
I want it to last forever.
You too?

Gently I squeeze your balls and slowly rub and stroke your cock, smear the lube around the glans of your cockhead. One finger tickles your frenulum in a circular motion. Cradle and brush your balls.
Your cockhead feels so tight, more precum oozes out. The blue veins on your shaft look like a cylindrical roadmap.
Lightly I move up and down your shaft with a steady rhythm. My thumb on the upper side of your cock and three fingers on the underside.
The sexual tension within your body is palpable. 
I increase the pressure on your cock and start stroking at a more constant pace. The feeling of impending orgasm spreads throughout your groin. My hand easily slides up and down your shaft. Precum flows out of your slit and I use my index finger to smooth it around the glans making it shiny and spread it over your bulging head.

More stroking. Soft tickling electric pours through your prostate.
The familiar sensation of the early stage of orgasm engulfs your body like slipping into a deep bath of hot pleasure. Your breathing becomes deeper and in shorter gasps. You totally surrender to the exquisite sensations.... 
It starts. The pure pleasure of the emission phase.
You sense the tickling of the fluids moving towards your prostate. The feel of your pelvic muscle contracting.
Almost there, ready to go. 
Your head is swimming with euphoria as your orgasm is about to begin, the intense pleasure climbs the shaft of your cock.
I stop.

Your cock pulses vigorously with contractions that would normally be expelling your semen.
You are suspended on a plateau of ecstasy. 
Your mouth open in a silent scream. 
Every single muscle in your body rigid. Struggling and thrusting your hips in frustration.

I pant.

Gradually you come down and start to breathe again.
I caress your arms, your chest and stomach.

Your orgasm slowly subsides, your cock stops twitching, 30 seconds have gone by.
The sensors report you are on a semi-orgasmic plateau. 
I take hold of your cock and just a few strokes a double beep from my laptop, more seminal fluid, you are again in the emission phase.
The pleasurable tickling spreads into your groin and abdomen. Your pelvic muscle contracts.
Your head spins with euphoria. 
I stop again.
You whimper and beg.

My hands lovingly caress your body.

I repeat this process a dozen times. Keep you suspended in a heightened state of arousal and sexual tension.You thrash in your restraints. 
Your approach to orgasm is like a ball rolling up an incline, in slow motion. As it goes higher and higher, it goes slower and slower. But. It still goes up. 
I focus on your feelings and sensations. The curves on the screen make it easier to read.
I keep you close to cumming and hold you there for what seems like an eternity.

It's wonderful.

Stroking again now.
You desperately need release now, you feel the tension of your built up fluids wanting a way out. 
One hand cradles your balls, the other milks your cock fast and firmly.
The pleasure takes off. 
You feel your jizz travel from your prostate up your shaft.
You are there.
The world stops. Time stops. All sensation centered on your cockhead.
Your breathing stops and your body tenses.
The sensation is magnified to extreme proportions now. 
An animal roar.
Your body vibrates and dances.
You exhale and indescribable pleasure overcomes you as you ejaculate a small release of cum.
A quick flick and a more potent stream. A rope of cum shoots out.
You raise your hips to aid the next release of cum. 
The sensation is fantastic as I watch your cock explode and release its creamy white lava.

Your breathing stops again and your next shot, the third, is the greatest.
The explosive force spurts the load of this discharge the furthest. 
It has landed on my face. 
I keep stroking and with another contraction deep inside another huge rope of cum explodes out of the tiny slit in your cock flying through the air and landing on the wall behind us leaving a trail of cum. My hand is still stroking up and down your shaft rolling over the ridge of your cock head. 
Fifteen seconds have passed. 
Two or three more contractions as more semen seeps like lava from the head of a volcano.

Just as you think it's all over another seizure hits you.
Your body tenses again. The next spasm is smaller and cum oozes out this time and runs down your cock head and over my fingers and thumb. Down your shaft it streams and starts a large cum pool at the base of your penis. 

Another emission and another. Warm sultry lava flowing down your cock and adding to the pool of creamy cum. 
All contractions are gone.
You sink in a warm wooly contentment and pass out. 

Your erection subsides and I softly remove the electrode pads and untie your wrists and ankles.
I unbuckle the collar and pull the leather hood from over your head. 
I hold your face and kiss you tenderly.
You recover and smile, the wonderful sensation of pure satisfaction washes over your body.
Welcome back, aviator.

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