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A Woman's Revenge...

This story is (so well) written by Throbbing Footstool, my little dwarf.

When a Strict Strong Woman met a selfish jerk user of women, and cruelly taught him his lesson.

I had just driven my latest one night 'conquest,' back to her flat on the other side of town. Just another stupid slut who can be seduced by any half-good looking guy looking for fun.
She seemed uncomfortable, maybe she had been through this before, because she seemed to sense somehow that I would never want to see her again.

Driving home, I felt so relieved, exhilarated and alive that I had finally dumped the bitch off my shoulders, and outta my life forever. A burden gone now, my stomach started to rumble. "Fucking pussy always makes me hungry," I said aloud over the car's steering wheel; as I pulled into pick-up some bacon and eggs for breakfast. Just like nice easy women, I knew the sandwich would satisfy my desire, for a short while.

Feeling at peace now, overjoyed with how much fun life was being me. I pulled up my car near a park, and decided on a short walk. This was a little ritual of mine, I would go and enjoy nature's pleasant greenery and sounds, never once experiencing even the slightest bit of guilt about the harm and damage I had caused. Why should I? I was better than women, better than ALL women, and had the right to do to them whatever I could get away with, or so I thought.

Strolling now through the winding footpaths, slicing across the main wide open fields used mostly for pick-nicks or sports. My head held high, I emphasized my macho stride, chest puffed out and swinging my legs wide of my testicles, as well as turning my shoulders forward powerfully with each step I took. What nobody knew is that I had practiced this for hours upon hours safely at home in front of a mirror, transfixed and in love with my own reflection.

Past some trees now, I came to a small clearing, where I found an old man throwing a frisbee for his dog. I stopped dead to observe for a few moments, he was oblivious and didn't notice me at first, too focused on playing his throw and catch game. Then I noticed something really interesting and odd about this canine, He had no back legs! Just a wheel where each of his limbs should have been, and when they hit the floor, they bounced for a brief second until coming to rest; this dog had been given more suspension than a cross country mountain bike.

The old man quickly noticed me stood there staring at them, "Hey there!" he said as he beckoned with his hand that I was welcome to move closer, chuckling as he did so. Then he spoke to me again "Pleased to meet you, this is my dog wheels." Pointing to the steel contraption at the back of the dog, he went on "I'm an engineer of sorts, I fix broken things."

Around this time a squad of jocks jogged past us in shorts and sporting T-shirts which read "LA muscle." The old man began chuckling again, "They deserve out pity more than anything, as if the world needs any more idiots." Then I replied shocked "Wh......Why do you say thaaat? They are just confident fitness nuts, surely?"

The old man answered me breaking into laughter now "HAHAHAHAH Is that what you think they are? If you look at them closely, real closely; behind their beaming smiles, they are hiding deep insecurities and fears." "And young guys like you are no different," he went on "just by looking at you I can read you like a book, chances are you are just another selfish asshole like all the rest."

I decided to humour the senile old bastard before I quickly departed from him. "ooooooKay, lets say you're right, would you tell me what I need to do better?" He then began staring at me with a condescending look pouring out from his narrowed brow and frowning mouth, for what seemed like minutes, until I looked away.

He pointed at the back wheels on wheels the dog again. "In order to fix this, first the vet had to remove all of his hip bones and replace with a solid custom titanium joint." He continued "If you really want fixing, firstly, you cannot do it by yourself, you are in too much of a mess from where you should be, and second, to be built up properly from the ground up, you first need to be completely broken; your whole character is too rotten and corrupted to be workable in the state you are now in." His tone and words turning bitter, his mouth starting to foam, I cautiously thanked him for his advice and walked away from this crazy old man.

Back home, my confidence turned to confusion, the day was soon over as my eyes grew heavy, dragging down on my lids. I fell asleep.


Over a week must have gone by where I kept getting messages from the slut asking if I could bring her jacket back that she had stupidly or purposefully left behind. I just ignored them, and her constant calls too.

This continued until one day around mid-afternoon when the doorbell started to buzz. I opened the door to see a hot petite with short brown hair, rocker lip piercings and casual Gothic clothing with glittering silver skull patterns.

"You're Anthony right?" the cutie opened
"Y.....yeah that's me, how c...can I help you?" I replied slightly nervously

Suddenly then, her tone turned to attack
"You still have my girlfriends jacket, you fucking piece of shit asshole."

Nasty fucking bitch I thought, speaking to me like this, I decided then I was going to make sure she went home empty handed now.

"No, honestly," I falsely insisted "I have looked everywhere and she left nothing here."

"Oh, that's totally cool, if that's how you want to play this," she went on calm and collected now "but if I don't have her jacket within the next 10 seconds, I am going to smash through all the windows to your car." "It's upto you."

"Woah, okay okay," I quickly folded "You can have the damn jacket back, here, take it." I said blushing slightly as I handed it to her.

She started laughing heavily at me, right there on my own doorstep, at MY house and on MY land! I started to feel increasingly unsettled and powerless against "THIS," woman. Then the strangest thing happened, the humiliation of all this starting to get my dick hard, I couldn't believe it. I swallowed a big gulp due to the intense excitement. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

Then she turned and took a step away from my door, turning around left 180 degrees on her cherry red Doc Martin boots to face me again. "Oh and one more thing," she said as she beamed a cheeky confident smile at me, "I am going to teach you to have a lot more respect for women jerk; I already have your phone number, I will be touch."

My chest was pounding hard for well over an hour and my whole body vibrated with a combination of excitement and fear. I sat near my phone, watching it constantly, waiting and waiting for Her to contact me.

When my phone finally buzzed, the test message turned out to be somewhat of an anti-climax, it simply read "Hey asshole, I know you need to see me, my flat is at 82 Woodland Avenue, see your pathetic loser ass there, BITCH."

Well, common sense says I should have blocked her number and run a mile from this crazy maniac psycho girl.

But I didn't.

My heart thumped and pounded in my chest once again, I loved her speaking to me and treating me like this. I had never felt such strong emotions for a woman ever before in the entirety of my life. My balls tightened and my cock hardened as I read and re-read her vicious demeaning abuse. I was starting to melt for a woman who would without a shadow of a doubt hurt me and cause me PAIN. This realisation only made me even queasier and tremble excitedly ever more violently from the core of my soul throughout my whole body and bones.

I knew if I continued to date good, nice, submissive and weak willed women, then I might be happy; but I would never be a man, let alone a great one.

What happened next was thoroughly shocking, diabolical and horrific. I learnt to become a loyal, docile servant of women and not another idiot who thinks he is better. I now learnt very quickly at the hands of Her feminine brutality than I belonged on my knees, at Her feet.

However, that's another story.

Part 2- The next day at Flat 82, the first day of the rest of "my life."

I had been looking at the clock all day, as excited as I was to see Her, a part of me still pleaded that this was a bad idea. It was now 5.00PM. Close to bailing out at the eleventh hour, scared and nervous now, I desperately forced myself to recall to mind how She had made my feel, something I had never felt before, and much more intense than anything I had even imagined was possible. My cock began to tingle once more, testicles tightening, I knew I had no choice but to go to see Her like She had told me to, I was now acting as Her puppet, my strings securely held between her powerful slender fingers, and I loved it.

I looked again at the route finder I had up on my computer screen for most of the day. Her flat was only 5 blocks, so I decided to walk it, besides, I needed to catch my breath.

I set out, walking past street hustlers, bars and whores. Some of these streets were dangerous, I felt better the closer to Her my feet brought me. Finally there, I rang on the buzzer to flat 82, "H......Heeeey," I muttered (I didn't even know Her name "I.....It's just me." I stammered. She replied calmly, if amused at my out of control nerves "Yeahhhhh.....(giggles)....."just come up, it's open."

The main door to the flats made a loud metallic CLICK as it snapped open buzzing angrily. I walked up a few flights of stairs, until I arrived at my destination, "82." My heart thumped quickly through my ribcage once again, I took a deep breath, then readied myself. The door had been left slightly ajar, I pushed it open a little more, then side-stepped in almost brushing my body against the frame and door as I entered. I closed the door behind me, and heard it click shut.

Then I saw Her, drawing my eyes from the floor upwards, I noticed her knee high leather boots, a tight-cut denim mini skirt, and a finely laced leather corset around her upper frame. Her breasts popped upwards, as firm and naturally round as those of an eighteen year old.Still sporting her lip piecings, she had little make up on apart from some delicious looking red lipstick and faint eye shadow. Her hair fairly short, it had a hint of au naturale, I don't think She had been long out of the shower. Gripping in Her hand, a medium sized leather riding crop.

Then She smiled at me, took two long steps toward me, and it started. She bellowed at me, the simple words:
"ON.....YOUR.....KNEES...FUCKER." I hesitated for about 2 seconds, then knelt down as she had commanded. I took this opportunity to have a quick look around the room, not too cluttered, a pretty chair, a coffee table and a dressing mirror. Most interesting were how the ceiling and walls were covered with a thick bundle of strange materials,
the like of which I had only ever seen at my friend Danny's place. Danny is a fanatical music lover,
and he has put a lot of effort into soundproofing his house, some of the bass still gets through he said,
but most sound, even loud; is completely cut out. I expected this Woman had done something similar here,
only this meant, if I called out pleading or in pain, I doubt anybody would have been able to hear me.

Obediently on my knees now, She stepped right upto my face, opened her legs a little, and as I looked up, I could see her shaven pussy staring back at me. "HAHAHHA," she laughed at me, "You little loser." I gulped
and started trembling, "Oh dont worry yet," she assured me "I havn't even fucking started."

I was made to remove ALL of my clothes, fumbling around nervously on my shirt buttons and belt, she laughed
at me again.

Then stepping behind me, she gave me another instruction "I want you to get on all fours, like a BITCH." I complied immediately, my arms supporting my weight. She climbed onto my back, and began smacking my face with Her leather riding crop laughing at me. My arms started to feel heavy, even with the adrenaline flooding into my blood. I groaned aloud at everything that was now happening to me, I was enjoying myself, so far.

She climbed off me, again behind me, she spoke again "Now I am going to smack your bare ass,...
you thoroughly deserve this for being such a fucking jerk to the women you've met throughout your worthless, pathetic life; but relax, once i've punished you properly, I might even forgive you."
Crack, snap and whack, the leather smashed into the cheeks of my ass, it was painful, it really fucking
STUNG, but I was enjoying it.

Then she stopped.

I started to feel sick and uneasy, why had she stopped? I didn't dare say anything, I just let my arms relax so my head rested on the floor against them, my ass now perked into the air.

Without warning, she started to beat my ass again, harder and harder, increasingly ruthlessly, viciously,
merciless. The pleasure of the stings crawled closer and closer to intolerable pain with each harder blow.
"Ahhhhhh," I cried out "It fucking hurrrrts!" I protested,

"Awwwwww," she said patronizingly. Then her tone turned nasty "If you don't like it, you know where the door is,....are you telling me that you want me to let you go now?"

I couldn't leave now, more stimulated than any other lifetime experience, I might never get an opportunity like this again. I had to make it through, I gritted my teeth and answered "I....I'm okay," I assured her "Please..., carry on." I endured many agonizing minutes more after that, I became dizzy with exhilaration,
in undeniable agony, yet I was close to ecstasy.

She stopped again.

I was breathing heavily, in and out deeply through my lungs, struggling to supply my exhausted heart and body with oxygen. After a few short minutes, I began to settle down a little. She walked in front of me
and pushed the head of the riding crop under and against my nose, hard enough so it hurt. "SUCK...THIS."
she firmly insisted. I began to suck on it dutifully, rolling my tongue around the leather, looking up
again at her exquisite, sexy pussy. She pulled it out of my mouth, and stepped behind me again,
"Now... open your ass cheeks for me, like I am your boyfriend." I gulped with horror at how She was speaking to me.

But I did it.

I opened the cheeks to my ass, my face resting on the floor. She then nuzzled her riding crop against my brown virgin rosebud. She began pushing against it slightly, up and down, around and around. I was starting to breathe heavily again.

She stopped.

It didn't take long, and I whimpered, I don't know what I wanted, but she started laughing "Yeees?
What do you want, BITCH?" I didn't know what to say, she cut in again with her words "The truth is you want
me to stick this deep inside your pretty little asshole, you perverted fuck!" I gulped again. She looked into my eyes, holding my chin, "No," she said, "I'm not going to do that, I have a much better idea," she assured me.

She stepped passed me through to another room, she is so sexy, I thought to myself while catching my breath; a little trepidation at what would happen next.
She walked through holding a latex maid outfit, my heart turned over, I felt sick to my stomach. "Urrrghhhh," I pleaded, "Don't make me wear that."
She looked down at me, "just put it on," she said as she dropped the outfit infront of my sweating face. As I struggled putting it on, she explained to me
"this is going to really help you, you are about to learn what it is like being reduced to a sex object by little pricks like you." Besides, she shrugged,
"it's really gonna make me smile," she giggled as I finished putting this outfit on.

She wheeled the dressing mirror infront of me, so I could see myself. "Now start masturbating," she ordered. I looked at myself as I began playing with my cock,
I looked ridiculous, I felt so embarrassed, my face was flushing an ever brighter shade of crimson as my dick got harder and harder.

I heard women laughing at me again.

Wait? Rewind the record. I thought I heard more than one woman laughing at me.

I looked up, at the side of the mirror was the nasty woman I had very recently develeoped strong feelings for, and Her girlfriend I used for a one night stand.
Fuck, I thought to myself, she must have been hiding in the kitchen or something throughout all of this.

"Keep masturbating," she said, so I did, I started to get close to Orgasm, glancing between myself in the mirror, and the girls beside it cupping their mouths in hysterical uproar. "Oh, I almost forgot," she went on "just, one more thing, denied having my girlfriend's jacket, so here's the deal; if you want to cum,
you can, BUT................ You have to agree to walk home, like...THIS."

I was too far into this to back away, and too close to Orgasm, I was so horny and excited I would have agreed to just about anything at that point.

"Yeeees," I agreed, as I looked at myself in the mirror, dressed like a French Maid latex slut, I looked at the white frilly skirt covering the top of my legs,
I saw myself masturbating, I felt so ashamed, turned on, hopeless.

I came, really fucking hard, squirted and squirted streams of thick opaque spunk, some on the carpet, some shot up onto the outfit, dribbling off the latex weaving stained marks down to the steams.

Now I had to walk home like this, past drug dealers, violent muggers and perhaps worst of all, aggressive horny guys pouring out of the bars. I felt sick to my stomach. What had I agreed to?

The two women were smiling at me now, SHE pointed to the door.

"Get the fuck out of my flat, you fucking slut."

"NOWWWWWWWWWWW," She bellowed.

I stood up, opened the door, and left.

As I stood outside, the fresh air rushed into my lungs, if I make it home alive I thought, this will have been the best day of my entire miserable fucking life."

The End.

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When I was a 12 year old I started writing erotic stories, I shared them with my classmates and soon I was writing them daily, even getting payed for them. And I am back...
English is not my native, so forgive my poor vocabulary, I want to share my stories with you, they are based on part truth, part virtual adventures and my fantasies, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them...
Often someone emails me a story, I will share them too and mention the writer on top of the story.