dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Confessions of a house slave

The story I am about to tell you is real, this is a friend sharing his adventures at the mansion of his new Mistress with me... Everything in pink, are his words, I have not edited unless it could reveal his identity.

It's a rainy afternoon and I am waiting in one of my favorite coffeeshops for Adrian, as always he arrives late. A big smile. Flashing his perfect teeth.
I pat the soft cushioned bench inviting him to sit next to me. He smells like rain. 
The owner serves more coffee. My hand on Adrian's leg. I can feel his muscle through the fabric of his Adidas pants. 
I whisper against his ear "Are you wearing it?"
A rush of blood to his beautiful face. How cute, he blushes. My eyes stare at the front of his trousers. Bulge.
Oh fluttery feeling in my stomach!

Adrian sips from his coffee and then lights a joint. Long hit. Short hit of air. Short hit. Short hit of air. Holding it. Staring into each other eyes. His full lips part. 
He holds it against my lips. I inhale. Cough. Too hot. Breathe cool air. Hold it. Exhale. Smile.
"I want to know everything, Adrian! Tell me!"

"It was very exciting! They have a beautiful home and seem very honest. They invited me to stay over last weekend, so I went in the afternoon"

My fingers tug at the tear away snaps of his pants. My hand slides in. Smoothly shaved. Cock-ring. Half erected. Balls tight. My forefinger slides down between his ass cheeks. The smooth gem at the end of his butt plug. I chuckle. 
He lowers himself slightly, hiding his crotch and my busy hand under the side of the table and offers me another hit. Inhale. Smile.

"We relaxed and had a glass of wine, then we closed the curtains in the house for privacy. They asked me if I would get naked and stay naked for the time I was there. I slipped out of my cloths while they watched me, the Mistress took them and put them away. I was aroused and nervous at the same time"

My upper body rests against his. So relaxed. My thumb and forefinger are slowly teasing under the rim of his cock head. The magnificent feeling of blood pumping, expanding his glands. Perfect mother nature. The sweet zing of lust hits my genitals. I swell with him. 
My eyes study his face. His pupils are dilated. He exhales. The skunky scent of weed surrounds us.

"They both looked closely at every inch of my body, told me to lay down on the floor in front of them. Both got down on their knees beside me and started to run their hands over me, looking and feeling me up. They pushed their fingers in my mouth, squeezed and pinched my nipples. They told me to lay still as they totally felt me up."

"They are still fully clothed?" He nods. His cock throbs between my fingers. Hard as a rock. There is about 15 people in this place, none of them aware I am jerking off my friend. The smell of his arousal wafts. Just far enough to reach my sensitive nose. I pant.

 "They rolled me over and did the same to my back but now payed close attention to my butt, which they started to spank and make red. They told me to not make a sound. I had to bite my lip. She reached under me and pulled my cock back through my legs, squeezed my balls, I almost yelped but didn't. They had a small bottle of lube and I heard them open it and put some on their fingers, then she probed my ass, one finger then two, she took them out and I felt his thicker fingers. She ordered him to stroke my prostate, she wipes my precum of my cock and slips her fingers in my mouth"

My palm is moist of his precum. I squeeze and stroke. Slowly. From the base to the tip. Twisting at the spongy thick head. His hips move slightly. The uncomfortable feel of his butt plug transcends into little jolts of pleasure. We float. Time no longer exists.

"She orders him to unzip and wipes some of his precum too, forcing me to taste it, asking me the difference. I answered it was saltier. She ordered me to get up, she took both ends of our cocks and rubbed the heads together. It felt so weird to feel the tip of another man's cock against mine but I was very excited. I had to sit on my knees and she made me look at her husband's cock, showing it off to me, he was uncut and his length and shape were a little different from mine. She opened up his slit a little and made me look into it. She told me to tell her I wanted him in my mouth. I mumbled nervously. She said louder and slapped my face quit hard. I shouted out that I wanted his cock in my mouth."

Soft moans escape between his words. I jack off his throbbing member tantalizing slow. Just pausing to tick against the gem of his butt plug. Wonderful trance of horny. Breathing the same rhythm. I hang on his lips.

"Good boy she said and ordered me to undress him, I never undressed another man, it felt weird, I unbuttoned his shirt and helped him out of his clothes. He was sitting back on the couch, this time completely naked. She told me to get down on my knees between his legs and run my hands over him, I had to suck and nibble his nipples, massage his chest and legs, even his feet. She ordered me to suck his toes, one by one, gently and carefully, he liked it. Then she ordered me to wrap my lips around his cock head, no sucking, just holding it. She said she wanted to watch this from all angles, her husband's cock in another man's mouth. She went to take another glass of wine, leaving me like this, when she came back she asked me if I could taste his precum fresh from his cock and I mumbled yes. She told me to drink it. I felt it dribbling on my tongue, now and then I swallowed. She rubbed my belly and told her husband his precum was now inside me. Both her hands were on the back of my head, she pushed me gently further on his cock, when it tipped touched the back of my throat I gagged and recoiled a little, she told me to relax and try again. I tried and her hands held me firmer, I coughed and felt his cock toughing my throat, she stood back to take in the view as if each state she wanted a mental picture of what was taking place. She told me to take his balls in my mouth and again she walked around looking."
His eyes glaze, like he is back there. His cock twitches between my fingers, he hisses every time I graze the overly sensitive part that connects his head and shaft. His balls tighten more every second. My mouth feels dry.

"My Mistress ordered her husband to sit on his knees on the couch, so his butt was high up in my face. She told me to open his butt cheeks and stare at his little butt hole, she said remember this anus, tonight I want you to dream of it, this little tight place and how you put your tongue in it. She was really good at this mind fucking! She commanded me to say that I wanted to lick his anus. I did and she said louder and I did , she said shout it and I shouted for her, I want to lick this anus. She slapped my face hard, leaving the sting of her hand-print, making me gradually inch towards his hole with my tongue, my eyes wide open, when my tongue tip touched she said stop. She really wanted to see this, she loved the sight of my tongue tip touching his hole. Her husband squirmed a little and she ordered him to hold still. She brought her face real close and ordered me to gently push my tongue inside him. She almost jumped with glee when she saw my tongue push inside him, she reached back and pushed her finger in my anus, almost pushing me forward and she told me to put my finger in my self. She circled around me taking in the scene from every angle. She told me to remember this moment, my tongue in another man's ass, my finger in my own ass, while she was watching me. She said I could not be more open and exposed, burning that image in my head."

The intimacy intensifies. I press my lips against his for a moment. Muting him with my tongue. The dull, fuzzy ache of want between my thighs. My fingers are wet and sticky from his precum. 
"Go on!" My hand tugs upwards, his cock flexes. So close.

"His ass was covered in my spit, I licked his ass for about 20 minutes, constantly provoked by her words: eat his ass, love his ass.. She made me shout how much I loved eating his ass a few times. Then she made me stop, gestured me to get in the middle of the floor, my face buried in the carpet, my ass high in the air, both my hands holding my ass-cheeks open, commenting to her husband on my position. She smiled at her husband, isn't he a good boy, darling? Now fuck him! she ordered. I felt his cock head against my anus. Stop! she said, I want to remember, her face so close, watching intently, her hot breath on my ass. She told him to push every so slowly so she could watch every mm go inside me. When his head was in me she asked me how it felt to have a man's cock head in my anus, to know he was already leaking precum in my insides. I tried to relax and let him in but he felt so big, I felt my anus stretch, at one point pop and finally relax letting him slid in. She lay right next to me on the carpet and stared right into me, she told me to let me see his cock in me through my eyes. My mouth was wide open and she plunged her fingers in my mouth, tasting my own ass. He started to fuck me and I lay there, sucking her fingers hard, staring in her eyes. I realized I adored being taken like that, so openly, so completely, her ordering everything, controlling us both every moment.
He came with a huge grunt and I felt my ass quite wet inside, his sweat dripping on me also. She got up to watch carefully as he withdrew and his cum dribbled out of my ass. She cupped her hand under it, catching most of it, she ordered me to push it out, both watching the fluid dribble out, she poured the small puddle in my mouth, they both looked at his cum. She ordered me to swallow and I gulped and felt it slide in my stomach."

He can barely talk now, his words in fits and starts. No. I don't want him to orgasm now. My hand releases his cock, it flops heavy against his stomach. My forefinger slides between his ass cheeks. Moist. A mixture of sweat and precum. I push gently against the rounded end of his plug. Keep him on the edge.
He groans and I light his joint again. Both take a hit. Inhale. Breathe. Hold. So horny.

"They both relaxed on the couch, me laying on the floor, in front of them, a sweaty mess, still bone hard. She kicked of her shoes and teased me with her feet, I had to endure them tickling my cock, teasing my nipples, while they watched tv, keeping me excited and aching to cum. I begged but she told me it was not about my pleasure. It was terrible, I was on the edge for hours, even had to pee with a hard on while she watched and found it amusing. They observed me and made sure I was not alone and could not touch myself. When it was bedtime she put a collar on me and chained me to their bed, it was not locked so I could in theory take it off but the emphasis was I was theirs and with them. She put a tight cock ring on me and a little plug in my anus, I had a sheet and a pillow to lay on the floor and that is how I spent the night, hard, with a plug in my ass chained to a bed. Of course I slept little. During the nigh when they woke up to pee or have a drink they reached under my blanket and stroked me to keep me hard. By the morning I was like a physical mess, still hard, little sleep, covered in his sweat and cum.
In the morning she stood over me, wearing sexy black underwear and stockings, long black gloves and high heels. She replaced my butt plug with something she called her day plug, it was slightly larger, she straddled my face and ordered me to lick her butt hole and pussy. I was so tired and at times it was hard to breathe since she pushed really down on me. She told me to breathe in her ass and love it like I loved her husband's ass. She rubbed herself over my face, up and down, teasing and exhausting me, she orgasmed allover my face. 
She took me down, they made a nice breakfast, juice, coffee, pancakes. She said if I wanted to eat I had to cum allover my pancake. I stood there in their breakfast room, both of them watching me, so ready to cum, so exhausted, jerking off over my plate. I almost cried when I came and shot an enormous load over my breakfast. They watch me eat it all. As a reward they let me sit in their hot tub, drink some wine and watch a movie together. She kissed me on the mouth when I left, reminding me to never forget this weekend."

My fingers grasp at his shaft again. Squeezing. Moving the skin up and down. Squirt over my knuckles. I lean over and hold my lips against his ear. 
"Want me to make you cum, Adrian?" 
His lashes lower. Lusty smile.
"Let me blog this story and I let you.." 
His glance shifts. Little mumbled protests. My palm rubs the tip of his dick roughly. They fade to nothing. His hips buck up. He pushes in my hand. 
His cock is mine, his story is mine. 
For another half hour I keep him on the edge, stroking him slowly, pausing to massage his tight balls, tick against his butt plug. His chest is heaving. He breathes heavily and as always I orchestrate this delay perfectly.
When the owner makes eye contact I gesture to him for another two latt├ęs. 
Adrian is off this world but realizes the guy is walking towards our table, he bends forward in a silly attempt to escape this situation. 
My fingers lock firmly around his shaft, my thumb pressed against the sensitive spot right under his cock head, circling on it and I squeeze. Up and down. Up and down. There.
He twitches and expands, his body stiffens. Gasp. Cough. Shudder. His head almost hits the table. He cums so violently a squeaky fart escapes from around his butt plug.
The owner puts the tray on the table. He enters the damp cloud of lust, weed and dried up rain.
The guy looks at my face. In my eyes. I smile at him. 
His hand that slides the paper bill over the pin trembles.
For a moment he seems to know what is happening. His face turns bright red.
Disbelieve or just easier to ignore what he just witnessed?
He turns around and walks away.
Adrian and me giggle. I dry my hand with the napkin under my cup.

"They invited me to their cabin in the woods!"

Smile. More story for me. I have to run. Kiss his lips.
"Call me!"

Adrian, when you read this: thanks! 

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When I was a 12 year old I started writing erotic stories, I shared them with my classmates and soon I was writing them daily, even getting payed for them. And I am back...
English is not my native, so forgive my poor vocabulary, I want to share my stories with you, they are based on part truth, part virtual adventures and my fantasies, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them...
Often someone emails me a story, I will share them too and mention the writer on top of the story.