woensdag 20 maart 2013


by Ken Najaid 

A curious sensation woke Dan up early that Tuesday morning. At first he wasn't sure where the sensation was coming from or what was causing this unexpected feeling. As his grogginess quickly evaporated, Dan realized that the sensations were coming from his penis - and testicles. His beautiful girlfriend, Monica, had been squeezing and teasing him in his sleep.

Though he was clearly surprised, Dan asked with a hearty laugh, "What are you doing to me, Babycakes?"

"I'm just teasing you a little bit," Monica replied seductively.

Teasing indeed, Dan thought. He could feel the weight of of his hormones in his balls, he allowed Monica to continue teasing his cock for a moment before rolling over onto his girlfriend's tiny body. Burying his face into her neck, Dan began kissing her tender areas as his hard cock conveniently bumped and prodded against her clitoris.

After some mutual teasing, retaliatory teasing, and counter-retaliatory teasing, Dan and Monica were off to the shower together to officially begin their day. While Dan was not aware of it yet, this would be one of the most interesting days of their relationship. The surprise Monica had given him as a replacement alarm clock would seem like an everyday norm in comparison to her next revelation.


After their shower, Monica slipped on one of Dan's light blue collared shirts and a matching pair of panties underneath. As her hair dampened the shoulders of the shirt, she made her way out to start frying bacon and eggs for breakfast. Dan emerged from the bedroom a few moments later. He was still struggling to soften his hard penis after Monica's playful cock-teasing in the bed. Not to mention her follow up in the shower.

Coming into the kitchen, Dan was presented with the sexy image of a half-naked Monica, standing with one leg bent over the other, busy with a spatula. Scanning the image before him, Dan slowly examined her smooth legs, and the way her perky breasts looked in his shirt. It was a beautiful sight. There was more to Monica than any other woman he had ever met. Monica's radiant hair bounced and waved, filling Dan with love and affection. His mind was full of love when her loving, tease-filled smile hit him right in the cock.

The sight of her made it nearly impossible for Dan to soften his penis. Monica giggled as she noticed him struggling in a losing battle not to be turned on. Leaning toward him, Monica placed two fingers and a thumb onto the head of his penis through his boxers. Gently rubbing her thumb around, pressing downward onto him, Monica watched with delight as Dan squirmed beneath her control.

"What's the matter, honey? Having trouble going soft?" Monica asked playfully.

"I think I'm going to be hard until I cum," Dan replied.

"Well that's going to make for an interesting day... because I'm not going to let you cum until tonight. After you've made me cum ten times," Monica blushed at her own game.


After breakfast, Monica brought Dan to the living room with something serious to discuss with him.

"Okay, so I've been hiding this for quite some time," Monica began in a deadly serious tone.

"You need to know something about me that I've been keeping a secret." She quickly added "Not just from you! From everyone..."

Dan was concerned about what Monica might say to him, but he needed to know what this secret was all about. "Okay, what is it, Babycakes?" he asked her nervously.

"My family.... isn't my real family," she said.

"What?" What do you mean they're not your real family?" Dan was confused.

"They're actually my second-cousins. My real family lives in California."

Dan didn't really understand what Monica was saying to him. He remained silent while he tried to process this new information.

"I wanted to come here to meet new people and study at a small university without anybody really knowing who I am, so I came here to live with my mom's second cousins. I've just been telling people they're my parents while I'm here," Monica continued.

"Why would you do that?" Dan clearly felt betrayed by her deceptions.

Monica was rattled by his reactions. Though, she knew this wouldn't be interested. It seemed as though this could really throw a wrench into their relationship. "My family has alot of money and I just wanted to know what it's like to live without all of that," she said defensively.

She continued "I just didn't want to be some spoiled rich girl... I'm sorry if you feel like I've been lying to you but I'm telling you this now because we've really connected and I want to introduce you to my real family. My dad's plane is here... it's ready to take us to California..."

Dan was shocked and overwhelmed by everything that he was hearing. He wasn't sure what was going on. After all of this time, he really thought that he knew Monica, but it turned out that she's someone completely different than who he thought she was. Sensing his discomfort, Monica moved herself onto his lap, looked him straight in the eyes and told him everything that he wanted to hear. She knew it was a done deal when she felt his sexually frustrated cock poking her body. Clearly, his thoughts on her hadn't changed, too much.

** Walking off the small private jet in California brought a wave of warm air. Dan felt as though the seasons had been turned upside down. The cold February air of Eastern Canada was dry, stale, and uncomfortable. The air he was feeling now was warm, breezy, and inviting. Stepping onto the tarmac, Dan turned back to Monica. She seemed confident, happy, and of course, stunningly beautiful - as always.

Dan was excited to drive on the huge California highway out to Monica's true home. A rented convertible Mustang made for an exciting drive to an otherwise nerve-wracking event. It's not every day that your girlfriend takes you half-way across the globe to introduce you to her secret family.

The scenic drive between desert-like mountains was exhilarating. Monica had never looked so beautiful as she did that day in the warm California sun. While he still felt a bit betrayed by her secrets, Dan knew that he loved her. And he couldn't resist the excitement that her secrets had promised him. This was going to be the most interesting introduction of his life. For once, Dan felt calm, content, and carefree. His normal feelings of anxiety had been squarely abandoned in that Eastern Canadian deep freeze they had left behind.

Monica's hometown was a warm little place with dark reddish-brown soil exposed all around. The three hour drive from the airport was nearing an end. Monica directed Dan to her home as the anticipation really began to build. It was a mixture of both excitement and sexual frustrations that they had inflicted upon each other earlier that day. The emotion between them was powerful as they pulled into the curved, stone driveway of Monica's parents' home.

The home was enormous. Two-story tall windows defined the home which had giant white pillars and three garage doors along the front. Coming to a stop, Dan looked over beside the driveway to see opened industrial-type openings beside the stone driveway. He peered into what was obviously a part of the residence beneath them. It didn't make much sense to him that the basement level could have more square footage than the main level, though.

Seeing his confusion, Monica answered his unspoken questions "They're moon-roof windows for the underground sections of the house," she said with a smile.

Dan realized that the visible portions of the house sat atop what was evidently a huge underground level. This was going to be the most interesting home he had ever set foot inside.

Entering the home, Dan and Monica found about 20 of her relatives were waiting for them in a large living room. Monica went about hugging long-absent relatives. Meanwhile uncles, aunts, and cousins introduced themselves to Dan. After Monica had reconnected with her family, everyone took seats around the room to continue their conversations.

A short time later, one of Monica's uncles tapped Dan on the arm and invited him to grab a beer from the kitchen. Accepting, Dan was off to the fridge, as directed by Monica's uncle. When he opened the fridge, Dan discovered that the beer bottles were all branded with the logo of Monica's father's company, EnCalicana. He smirked as he popped off the cap of what was surely a private reserve beverage.

His snooping around the kitchen had spurned his curiosity. Once Dan had begun wandering around the home, he couldn't help but keep looking around at the immaculate mansion. Walking from room to room, Dan quickly realized that he had been gone for too long and needed to get back to the living room. He laughed to himself when he realized that he had somehow gotten lost in the enormous home.

When he finally found his way back, beer in hand, Dan asked what he had missed. Monica smiled deviously and told him that her uncle had gotten him out of the room to ask her - in front of everybody - if she wanted him to make a hotel reservation for Dan or if there would be room for him in her high-school bed. Apparently, awkward humor was his speciality. Though they all managed to laugh it off.

Everything seemed to be going really well. Monica was happy to see her family for the first time in over a year. And they all seemed really welcoming of Dan.

** After dinner and a few drinks, Dan and Monica were exhausted from their long trip across the continent. The two were soon off to Monica's old bedroom for the night. As they entered the room, Monica immediately began stripping off clothing as she made her way to her bed. Dan walked around examining the enormous bedroom. The room included a long hallway-type section that connected the main bedroom area, where the bed was located, and the private bathroom. There was an older looking green couch, a love-seat, and a big chair all pointed toward a 90s style television.

The room was well lived in and seemed as though it hadn't been touched since Monica was last home. There was still a pink bra hanging from the closet doorknob and a pile of panties laying on the couch. Obviously, there were enough bedrooms in the house that guests had never needed to use Monica's bedroom, while she was at school.

After taking a look around, Dan turned back to where Monica was now resting in her bed. She was covering her naked body with a duvet and laid playfully covering part of her face with her shining, brown hair. The look on her face was inviting and seductive. Dan could hardly withstand the attraction to his beautiful partner. Still reeling from the sexual tension Monica had inflicted on him earlier that day, Dan's boxers began to lift as he once again struggled to remain soft.

Hopping into the bed, Monica moved slowly toward him. Taking his hand and placing it upon her breast, she gently kissed him with her soft, lubricated lips. Dan realized just how lucky he was to have such a beautiful partner who loved him. Massaging her breast while Monica gently sucked the tip of his tongue, Dan felt impassioned by his love for her.

Their anticipation had been building all day and their bodies craved one another desperately. Their gentle kisses quickly turned to a heated interaction with pre-cum leaking through Dan's boxers and hardened nipples dancing across his face. Monica put her hands on Dan's shoulders and pushed him onto his back, rolling up above him. She raised herself to pull his boxers off and expose his cock for her enjoyment.

Leaning forward to kiss him, she grabbed his cock with her hand and vigorously jerked him. His excitement was almost too much to withstand. With one hand he scratched her back, the other tightly grasped her breast. Monica continued to aggressively work him over for several minutes until she could feel him pulsating in her hand. She knew that he couldn't handle much more before he would lose control. But she wasn't ready for that yet.

As Dan encroached upon his climax, Monica slowed her movements, then, released him. The cum that had been ready to shoot out of his cock rolled backward into his balls. Monica felt herself dripping as she watched Dan squirm beneath her.

She had him exactly where she wanted him - almost.

Monica quickly crawled up his body to place her most intimate parts right onto his face. She placed her hands on the headboard of the bed as her head rolled backward with pleasure. The hornier Dan became the more determined he was to provide her with electric satisfaction.

Dan vigorously licked her faster and faster, pausing only to gently suck on her clitoris. The pleasure overwhelmed Monica's body as her legs twitched and her vagina moved up and down over Dan's face. She could feel her wetness covering him, something she knew he found exhilarating and sexy.

As she rocked back and forth she could feel his tongue deep inside of her. It was a truly intimate feeling for Monica. In her ecstasy, she could feel her clitoris being stimulated by his nose. What might have been awkward in other circumstances only felt sexy and hot in this moment. Dan was moving quickly, passionately, and lovingly to bring her to orgasm.

She considered lifting herself off his body before cumming, but it felt too powerful to break contact even momentarily. She put her arms backward, bracing herself with one hand against his leg. With the other hand she grabbed a hold of his throbbing cock. She was enjoying herself too much to be able to do much with his cock, but she had enough cognition about her to tease him softly. She could tell it was impacting him by the way his whole body began to move.

Monica took a deep breath and allowed the orgasm that had been building for the past 18 hours to finally burst out.

When her orgasm finished, Monica turned and fell onto her back beside Dan. She felt relaxed but nowhere near finished.

After a brief pause, Monica pulled Dan onto her body and kissed him. She brought his lower lip into her mouth and tasted herself from his lips. The taste of her cum filled her with excitement once again.

Dan lifted himself above her and quickly thrust himself into her. Monica gasped as his cock entered her. She allowed him fourteen or fifteen deep thrusts before stopping him.

"Not yet," she whispered. "Make me cum again."

Being teased like this was one of Dan's favorite games. One that Monica had come to appreciate as it usually meant about ten orgasms for her before Dan would finally ejaculate an enormous amount of cum on her command.

Monica laid back and enjoyed the fun as Dan went to work once again. With his fingers this time, Dan worked to bring Monica to orgasm yet again. He worked diligently as she ejaculated hard onto his fingers. Twice.

For her fourth orgasm of the evening, Dan placed a hand beneath each of her knees, pushing them as far back as his arms could reach, exposing her sensitive areas to his tongue. Monica felt intimately connected to Dan as he pleasured her softly. With her clitoris exposed, it didn't take long before Monica ejaculated into Dan's mouth.

Dan allowed her legs to rest back down onto the bed as he raised up a bit and rested his head on her stomach. He listened as Monica caught her breath.

After experiencing four orgasms, Monica thought it was time for some more teasing with Dan. She motioned for him to come up onto her stomach. Straddling her, Monica brought his cock into her mouth.

She gently rolled her tongue over his head, occasionally offering a gentle suck. Slowly moving her mouth up and down over him, Monica felt a certain excitement in listening to his moans. Keeping him horny like this all day had made him more sensitive to her touch. He was harder than she had ever felt him before and his cock felt longer and thicker than usual. He was clearly in dire need for release. A release that only she could provide for him.

Monica took his balls into her hand and gently squeezed them as she flicked her tongue over the head of his cock. With every squeeze his entire body squirmed with desire. She knew that he was desperate to cum, but at the same time, he was so sensitive to her, so vulnerable to her, that it was an ecstasy in itself to keep him on the precipice of orgasm.

Feeling more adventurous now, Monica rolled his balls around in her fingers. She clasped them tightly, squeezing harder than she had ever squeezed them before. Dan gasped with a surprised pain. Monica kept going, tightening her grip on him, squeezing him harder and harder. As pain shot throughout his lower body, Monica felt Dan's cock surge in her mouth. While she knew she had hurt him, she had also brought him right to the edge - another fraction of a second of this and Dan would ejaculate every last drop of cum from his body into her mouth.

In keeping with her little game, Monica released his balls and pulled her mouth away from Dan's cock.

His sleek member bobbed and throbbed around in her face as Monica smiled up into his eyes. She could see the sheer desperation in his eyes - Dan needed to cum, badly, or else his frustrations would take complete control over him. Monica loved it. And she could tell that Dan did, too.

Smiling playfully she said to him "Make me cum."

Dan dutifully looked into his lovers eyes and asked "How?" He could barely speak he was so wound up. There was a sexual tightness throughout his whole body. His balls ached, his cock throbbed, his blood boiled, his chest was filled with emotion and desperation. He wanted to cum more than anything. With the only exception to his desires being his love affair with making Monica cum.

"Take your cock and rub the head against my clit until I cum," Monica said smiling.

It was a tortuous task for Dan. Feeling her vagina lips on his cock was the biggest tease he could imagine at this point. Her body moaned invitations to him. Invitations which her teasing game wouldn't allow him to act upon. The sensation of rubbing his cock over her vagina and clitoris was enough to drive him wild, but not enough to allow him a release. As Monica ejaculated again and again, Dan felt totally enslaved by her sexual prowess.

Finally, Monica looked up at him and said "Okay, you're allowed to cum now.... let me put this condom on you."

With the condom on his cock, Monica laid back smiling as Dan penetrated her. Once his cock was inside of her, Dan felt as though he could cum instantly. He leaned down and began kissing his lady love. He thrust hard, deep, and passionately into her. Lifting his head gently, panting and sweating, Dan looked straight into Monica's loving gaze as he finally ejaculated the most powerful orgasm Monica had ever given him. Her vagina was intimately aware of every pulse that came out of his cock. Dan's body seemed to lose control as he continued to ejaculate. The power of his orgasm was so enthralling, that Monica joined him in cumming once more that evening.

When he finished, Dan collapsed onto her. Whispering in her ear he asked "Can I stay inside of you while I fall asleep?"

"Of course, baby," she told him. "This was fun. But it will be more fun next time..."

"Oh?" he asked.

"Next time you'll have three days worth of teasing before I let you cum," Monica whispered. "I can't wait to see how passionately you lick me when you know you won't be getting to cum at all," she said teasingly.

"Now go to sleep, baby," I'm taking you to my family's nightclub tomorrow.

Part II ______________________________

Dan awoke to a sensation which was becoming more and more familiar. His lovely girlfriend, Monica, once again had chosen to wake him up by teasing his cock. Even though he had cum the night before, Dan was still rock hard for his girlfriend. "Good morning, lover," Monica said playfully, knowing she had made Dan feel teased once again.

"Finish me off, Babycakes?" Dan asked with a jestly pout. Though he knew that Monica had no plans of letting him cum this morning. In fact, she had said before he went to sleep that it is her plan to make him wait three days before his next orgasm. He looked forward to all the sexual frustration and aching balls, though. It was his favorite game, after all.

"Don't count on it, honey!" Monica said with a big grin. "You're not cumming for three days."

"You won't be able to keep me horny for three days, Mon. You'll get so horny that you beg me to cum all over that hot little body of yours," Dan teased her back.

Monica laughed heartily as she leaned over and placed her head of beautiful hair onto his chest. Laying on her man, Monica grabbed him by the cock and gently played with him. She stroked him slowly, playing with his head every so often. "I'm going to have you so horny that you'll do anything I say," Monica teased.

"Anything, huh?" Dan asked.

"I'll have you so horny by the end of the week that I'll even have you signing your name as 'Mr. Monica Kelly,' as a sign of submission to me," Monica laughed.

Laughingly, Dan responded "You'll never get me that horny, babe."

Monica turned to look him in the eye "You'll find out tonight just what I can do to you when you're horny, lover."

With that little banter back and forth the two of them were off to Monica's private shower for some morning cleaning.

** After the shower, Monica took Dan on a tour of the mansion. While he had seen the kitchen and the living room, he hadn't really made his way throughout the house much more than to follow Monica off to her bedroom. Seeing the moon-roof openings in the ground to a large underground section of the house had filled Dan with curiosity about this eccentric home.

Monica was dressed in a sexy white skirt that hovered just above the knee. While the skirt was one of her favorites, she truthfully decided to wear it because she knew it would keep Dan's balls working overtime. Especially since she dressed herself playfully in front of him. Monica started off completely naked, asking Dan to pick out a nice pair of panties for her to wear for the day. "Go through my panty drawer and find me a nice little cute thong, mmkay?"

She watched with a grin as Dan trifled through her panties. She knew he found it sexy and intimate, but it was the fact that he would end up thinking about this little activity all day long that really made her smile.

Dan had picked a little red thong for her to wear, which she slowly pulled over her silky legs without breaking eye contact with him. Dan's entire body tingled with desire for her. The way this little exercise affected him made him realize that Monica truly could wrap him around her little finger. The thought of her power over his heart, mind, and body, filled him with love and a deep sexual craving for beautiful Monica.

As they walked down the large wooden staircase to the main level, Dan watched as Monica's skirt fluttered left and right beneath her butt. Though he couldn't see it, he knew Monica had a loving smile on her face, a by-product of these little games.

** Monica took Dan around the home, showing him some artwork on the walls, the formal dining room, all the basics. What Dan found especially interesting was the secret passageway that led down to a hidden wine cellar in the basement. A large secret door was built just outside the formal dining room with a winding staircase down to the cellar. Walking down the scarcely lit stairwell, Dan joked "So this is where you'll tie me up and whip me in your dominatrix costume later?"

"You wish!" Monica said with a giggle.

From the wine cellar, Monica took Dan through another secret hallway into the section of the house that Dan had seen from above the day before. It was like a large apartment that was built under the front of the house and the front yard. The fully furnished apartment looked like a bunker for Eva Braun built in the early 70s. Throughout the entire apartment there were large rectangular moon roof-style windows that popped up into the front yard. It was one of the most interesting things he had ever seen, without question.

After the tour of the lower level, Monica took Dan up to where her family was having breakfast. The L-shaped room was in the back corner of the mansion and was decked out like a summer cottage in the woods. The walls were made of some kind of water milled logs and both the artwork and furniture resembled a hunting lodge.

In the middle of the room, a diagonally protruding bathroom divided the two sections. Dan was quite taken with the architecture of the room. The high ceilings, the unusually shaped bathroom, the whole room seemed unorthodox.

The family had all gathered for breakfast. Aunts, uncles, cousins, once again there were about 20 people around for Dan to interact with as Monica fluttered across to the other side of the room. Occasionally, Monica would shoot a glare over to Dan to make sure he was still comfortable with her family.

After breakfast, Monica and Dan were off to the mall to go shopping. Monica wanted horny-Dan to pick out some new lingerie for her to wear later. Also, she needed a new dress for going out to the club. She had plans for that evening that Dan would never forget.


Dan picked out some sexy lingerie for Monica at the mall. Watching him sort through all the sexy panties, bras and corsets for something she would wear while teasing him was really amusing for Monica. A few times in the store she held up lingerie against her body for Dan's inspection. She couldn't be sure, but she thought it was making Dan a little stiff in his pants.

At the mall, Monica found a really sexy red dress. The dress had a low cut with shaped cups on the front. The cups offered only minimal support and was meant to be worn without a bra. The thin cups were enough to cover up nipples, as long as they were soft. Any amount of sexual arousal would be visible for others to see, which guaranteed Dan's vote of approval. The dress was pretty short, too. Monica wanted to find some leggings to wear underneath, but Dan convinced her to go bare legs to the club. The thought of her silky legs really drove him wild.

** After supper that night it was time to finally hit up the nightclub Monica's family owned in town. Monica was stunningly beautiful that night. Her legs were shining and smooth, her butt looked amazing in her little dress, her breasts were perky and perfect, as always, and the smile on her face melted Dan's defenses. As he looked into her eyes, Dan felt a connection that was stronger than anything he had ever felt before. The love that he had for Monica was warmer than the California sun, stronger than titanium steel, and more powerful than a thousand ravaging wolves.

Looking into Monica's eyes, Dan was completely stricken with her stunning beauty. Her nose was as cute as a button, her cheeks were warm and inviting, her lips called out to him for kisses, her hair bounced and tantalized him. Looking at her now, Dan realized that he truly loved Monica more than he had ever loved anyone before. She's the prettiest woman he could ever imagine. Though, tonight, the only word he could summon to describe this sculpture of beauty standing before him was simple: "Hot!" Dan blurted.

** It didn't take long before they arrived at the club. As they approached the doorman, who was dressed in a black suit, black shirt and black tie, Monica began to giggle.

"What's so funny, Babycakes?" Dan asked her.

"Oh, Dan, I'm going to enjoy this!" Monica could hardly contain herself over something that remained unseen. "I put our names on the list, just tell the doorman who we are."

Approaching the man at the door, Dan spoke "Hi, I believe our names are on the list, Dan Aiken and Monica Kelly."

The doorman scanned the list with a bit of confusion. Then he chuckled briefly and responded "No sir, I have a Ms. Monica Kelly and special guest, Mr. Monica Kelly."

Monica burst out laughing at her little prank. "That's us!" she said as she quickly ran into the club.

Following her, Dan could feel his face turning flush with embarrassment. He knew it was just going to be one of those nights when Monica's playful side really came out. He loved those nights.

** Sitting in a booth on their third drinks, Dan couldn't help but admire the club. It was a classy place with an artsy decor. Lighted tubes ran from the floor all the way up to the second-story ceiling with bubbled water flowing down. The club was dark, with light-posts rising out of the floor every so often. It was bright enough to see across the club, but dark enough to give one that added confidence. The club had a main floor with a small dancing area, booths and a dining section. The second floor boasted a long balcony with private rooms off the side and led over to a large dance floor on the upper level.

Monica turned in and whispered "How about we have some fun tonight?" Out of the corner of his eye Dan caught her wink. He was totally turned on by her tonight. Of course, he always found her attractive, but something about the way she was acting, and the sexy dress she was wearing, had him feeling butterflies all night.

"Do you remember that little fantasy you told me about last month?" Monica asked with glistening red cheeks.

Dan immediately knew exactly what she was thinking. Instantly, he felt his cock begin to harden. He was so taken by his emotions that he could hardly answer his beautiful girlfriend.

"Can I make you super jealous right now?" she asked him again.

"Yes! Let's do it!" Dan choked out.

It had been his fantasy to watch as his lady love seduce another man. While he was powerfully turned on by the fantasy, he always said that he would never actually follow through with it unless they were in a far away city and it was with someone neither of them actually knew. He also insisted that Monica couldn't tell the other man her real name, so that he couldn't stalk her on Facebook or something later on.

Monica could hardly contain her excitement as well. "Go sit over there at the bar and keep your eye on the balcony," Monica told him.

Dan struggled to follow her instructions. It was taking everything he had to keep his cock from going completely hard. Luckily the jeans he was wearing were tight enough to restrain his cock somewhat. It was enough to keep his partially hardened cock contained so that nobody around them would know he was turned on.

Dan sat down on a tall chair by the bar and ordered another glass of wine. Turning himself toward the balcony, he watched as Monica walked the long way over to the dance floor. She turned a bit and smiled down at him, knowing how wild he must feel.

Dan was filled with emotions. He was exhilarated by what was happening. He was hotter than he had ever felt before but at the same time he felt a flair of embarrassment and fear. It was a rollercoaster of emotion that he couldn't control. Like a drug, Dan's own emotions were taking him for a crazy ride. He felt loved. But he felt humiliated. He felt excited. But he felt fear. He choked back on his wine, unable to understand what was happening inside of his mind, inside of his body. He had never felt anything like this before.

Dan lost sight of Monica on the dance floor, but he knew that a woman as beautiful as she would have her pick of any guy in the bar.

Dan had enough time to finish his glass of wine before he finally caught sight of Monica's red dress again. He had a sinking feeling of fear, matched with great excitement, as he thought he saw a glimpse of another man holding his beautiful lover. His heart was racing so fast that he could feel his pulse in his neck. His throat kept choking up and his fingers trembled. Yet, his cock was so hard that he didn't dare move or stand up.

He watched intently as Monica led another man off the dance floor, down the balcony-way. She stopped half-way down the balcony, directly across the room from Dan. Then she turned and motioned the other man against the railing. Dan could see that he was tall and fit, but he wasn't really interested in seeing the other man. Dan's eyes were locked squarely into Monica's seductive gaze.

Monica broke her eye contact with Dan for a moment and she looked straight into the eyes of the other man. Dan's body was losing control. His mind was racing. He loved Monica more than anyone else in the world. He couldn't believe this was actually happening. He felt humiliated that he had asked her to do this to him, but he absolutely loved the rush he was feeling. With so many extreme emotions occurring simultaneously, Dan found himself unable to move.

His anticipation and fear reached near heart-attack levels as he watched Monica slowly move in to kiss the other man.

It was earth shattering. He was more turned on than he had ever been before. At the same time, he felt as if the whole room full of people suddenly turned toward him in a moment of total embarrassment. His girlfriend, the woman he was supposed to keep satisfied and loyal to him, was standing in front of a whole crowd of people, locked in a passionate kiss with another man.

Unable to look away, Dan continued to watch the heart wrenching display before him. Monica's eyes opened and her gaze was set directly toward Dan. With only one eye visible, Dan couldn't tell what Monica was feeling.

Monica turned her kissing partner sideways for Dan to see the kinky, sexy, humiliating reality of what was taking place. As Monica's side became fully visible to him, Dan realized that the other man had a firm grasp on his lover's breast. Worse, shock spread through Dan's heart when he saw Monica lower her hand from the other man's shoulder... down his arm... down the side of his waist.. 'Surely she wouldn't,' Dan thought to himself in horror as Monica's hand slowly found its way to the other man's cock. As Dan watched her cupping him in her hand he felt as though his own cock might explode in his pants. He became acutely aware of the pre-cum dripping out of him like a leaking pipe.

Dan knew he was rock hard and that if he stood up anyone nearby to him would be able to see his excitement. He couldn't handle any more of this, though. If he watched this for another moment or two he felt like he might cum in his pants. Dan leapt off the chair and hurried into the back corner for the staircase up to the balcony.

Out of the corner of her eye, Monica saw her true love marching toward her. She broke her tongue lock with the other man and turned to walk away from him, never to give him a second thought.

Monica hurried toward Dan on the far end of the balcony, while Dan raced toward her like an olympic athlete charging toward his gold medal.

They looked into each others' eyes as they quickly moved toward each other. As they came face to face, Dan pulled her into him as tightly as he could. He wrapped his hands around her and lifted her upward. Monica jumped up into him and wrapped her arms and legs around his body. Her dress pulled open as if to welcome him into her body. Dan's hard cock pressed up against her as they aggressively pulled each other into the most passionate kiss either of them had ever experienced. They both skipped the typical warm up pecks and moved straight to a dance between their tongues. It was the most intimate kiss they had ever shared with each other.

Dan held Monica in his arms for a moment while they kissed, all the while he could feel pre-cum oozing out of his cock. He couldn't survive this. He knew he wouldn't last the long ride home. He needed to hold her, he needed to feel her, he needed to penetrate her. Now.

"Where can we go, Babycakes? What's this room?" Dan asked hurriedly.

"Yes! Do it!" Monica responded.

Still holding her in his arms, Dan pushed against the thick black door beside them. The room was a private area meant for parties and small receptions. Inside there were white leather couches, chairs, and a few small tables. There were small candle-type lights all around the room, and four large windows on the front of the room making it visible for anyone on the balcony.

As they tripped over each other on their way into the room, Monica flicked off the light switch, making the room completely dark. Neither Monica nor Dan would take their body away from the other. They were holding each other like newlyweds, falling into their marriage bed for the first time.

Pushing Monica down onto the first couch he could find, Dan tripped over her shoes as she kicked them off her bare feet. He fell slightly as his face found itself right in Monica's lap. Dan quickly placed a hand on each of her knees and ran his fingers quickly up over her silky smooth legs. Moving up into her dress, Dan locked either side of her sexy red thong that was surely dripping wet by now. Dan didn't wait for Monica to wiggle around to help him de-panty her. He aggressively pulled both sides of her thong, breaking the stitches along the left side. Dan pulled her panties away and tossed them across the room.

He wanted her more than anything. With his face so close to her vagina, Dan found himself entranced by the beautiful, natural perfume coming from Monica's vagina. Never before had Monica been turned on enough to have any kind of an aroma. Tonight, though, she was so exhilerated, so enchanted, that her body gave off an aroma so delicious that Dan couldn't have passed it up even if he wanted to. He dove into her vagina with his mouth. When he felt her dripping wet vagina on his lips, his tongue, his chin... Dan felt as if he was having an orgasm.

He licked her passionately. She tasted like a champagne made personally for him and nobody else - even though another man had played a role in making her this wet and delicious.

Dan licked her vigorously as other party-goers could be heard walking by the windows only six feet behind them. The door had no lock and Dan realized that someone could walk in at any moment to find his face buried in the intimacy of his beautiful love. He couldn't even entertain the thought of pulling his face away from her deliciousness. He not only continued licking her, but began taking as much of her cum into his mouth as possible, swallowing her intoxicating champagne.

Monica moaned out as a crowd of people loudly walked by the door to their room. She knew they might be able to see inside the room, so she pulled her dress over Dan's head as he pleasured her.

It took only moments before Monica was gushing with cum. Not wanting her to soak through her dress at the club, Dan did his best to swallow every drop that he could. But that was a futile effort. She hadn't been this excited ever before - and that was surely showing.

When Monica finished cumming, Dan jumped up and pulled her dress over her head, tossing it onto the table beside them. He fumbled with his shoes, desperately trying to get them off so that his pants could finally be removed to unleash his leaking cock. Getting his clothes off now, he lifted Monica's leg with one hand as he thrust himself into her warm vagina. He hadn't bothered to fish around for a condom and was too excited to pull himself out for anything.

Dan pounded himself into her. His balls made a slapping noise as they repeatedly crashed into her body. He kept thrusting and thrusting, feeling the weight of everything that had happened. It didn't take long at all before he was ready to cum. He knew he wasn't supposed to do this, but he was too turned on. Dan was going to fill Monica up with his cum. Her vagina was about to be stuffed with the biggest load of sperm she had ever have imagined.

Then, at the last possible minute, Monica broke her silence "Stop. You have to wait until we get home," she said between moans. 

"No! Babycakes! I can't go soft unless I cum, I can't even function until I cum. I'm too wound up to wait any longer!" Dan begged her.

"I know," she said simply with a smile.

Dan felt absolutely tortured by this. His cock had almost cum as soon as he penetrated her he was so horny. How on earth he would ever manage to go soft was a complete mystery if not an outright impossibility. He refused to listen to his lady love and stayed deep inside of her while he considered his options.

Monica pushed back on his hips and pulled away with her own, causing his dripping, soaked, cock to feel neglected and alone.

As Dan held back tears of desperation, frustration, and excitement, Monica pulled her dress back over her little body.

It took her a moment but she finally coaxed Dan back into his clothes. Zipping up his jeans proved to be difficult over his cock.

"Babycakes, I can't go out there. Everyone will see that I'm hard," he complained.

"Don't worry," she told him, "there's a back door at the bottom of the stairs. Worst case scenario, only 3 or 4 people see that you're hard." She teased him playfully, knowing that what she was saying had a very real possibility of coming to reality.

Monica abandoned her wet panties and quickly dashed out of the room. Dan, hard cock poking out of his jeans, followed her in a sexually frustrated embarrassment. As Monica rounded the corner to the staircase, she met a group of three young women heading up the stairs. She giggled to herself, knowing that Dan would have to awkwardly walk by the women with his cock protruding from his pants. She paused for a moment and listened to a gasp, followed by giggles. She let out a laugh of her own as Dan grabbed her butt-cheek and pushed her forward. "Thanks alot, Badness!" He said, sounding totally embarrassed.

They were easily able to slip out the backdoor of the club, and found themselves in a dark street corner devoid of human activity. Monica fluttered around for her blackberry, which could be anywhere, so that she could call a cab. She turned and saw the look of hormones, stress, fear, embarrassment, excitement, love, and affection in Dan's eyes. She kissed him once again, as her stomach was prodded by his still hardened cock.

Giggling now she said "Just stand behind me and hide your wang in my butt-cheeks until the cab comes." Dan was thankful for the offer to hide his excitement, though a tad embarrassed.

On the cab ride home, Monica sat as close to her lover as possible. Dan whispered into her ear "I can't believe you grabbed his cock!" Monica kissed his neck, and put her lips right up to his ear and said "I have a new nickname for you when we're playing kinky games." She sounded sensual, loving, but cruel. "What is it?" he asked.

"Medium," Monica said with a hint of meanness in her voice.

"What do you mean?" Dan was confused.

"His was big, honey," Monica said in her teasing voice.

"So you... you're Medium..." as she whispered the nickname in Dan's ear she rested her hand directly onto his cock.

The only response she received from Dan was a wide-jawed gasp.

Dan had never felt more humiliated, excited, nor turned on in his life. One thing was for sure, as soon as they got back into her bed, Dan was going to put one massive load of cum, deep into Monica's body. At least, as deep as he could get.

Part III _____________________________

They arrived home that night after the longest cab ride of Dan's life. Monica had caressed his cock the whole ride home and he was still absolutely desperate to cum. As they walked into the home, Dan noticed that Monica's hair and dress were still completely sexified. As they approached the front door, the lights from the house showed something unexpected. Dan wasn't sure what it was that he had seen so he scanned Monica once more.

He couldn't help but laugh a little when he realized what he had seen. "Monica, let me help you out here..." Dan said lovingly.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

Dan leaned forward and kissed Monica above her breast. He kissed lower, and lower, onto her breast. Kissing down until his mouth encompassed her nipple. It seems that Dan wasn't the only one giving a bit of a show on their way out of the club. In her haste to leave, Monica had run off with her nipple exposed.

Dan gently kissed her nipple, allowing it to harden in his mouth. Monica's breathing became more rapid with gentle moans of enjoyment as Dan caressed her body. After a few intimate moments, Dan released her breasts and covered her up with her dress. Smiling at each other like teenage lovers, they opened the front door and were off to Monica's bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, Monica tossed her dress into the laundry bin. She stood before Dan completely naked. She hadn't been wearing a bra all evening and her panties were still laying on the floor at the club. She spun around and went into the bathroom to put on something else to wear.

While Monica found some nightclothes in the bathroom, Dan undressed and started looking for some nightclothes of his own. Looking around, Dan couldn't find any of his boxers. He scanned the room and found that his laundry was missing. Without anything else to wear, and with his boxers from that evening drenched in pre-cum, Dan laid down on the bed completely naked.

Monica emerged from the bathroom looking as radiant as ever. She was wearing her new lingerie, a sexy purple top that was made of a soft mesh fabric. The shirt lightly supported her breasts and was see-through enough for Dan to really appreciate the magnificence of her womanly figure. On the bottom, Monica was wearing new full-bottom silk panties with a matching strap running around her waist. Dan had picked out the lingerie, but had no clue what the holding-strap really was, or if it was comfortable. The strap held up matching purple nylons covering her glistening legs.

Dan may not have known what the lingerie was, but it didn't take long for him to congratulate himself on his purchases. The very sight of Monica standing before him made his cock stiffen outward like a Great Dane.

Monica stood with a smile on her face as Dan admired her beautiful body.

Dan couldn't control his heart rate as his mind replayed the image over and over again of Monica gazing down on him from the balcony, locking lips with another man. In a sense, Dan felt completely conquered by Monica. Yet, he also felt that he could never ask for a better partner. She indulged his fantasies, which filled him with love and thankfulness.

The never-ending rollercoaster of emotions took a tight hold of Dan's entire being and forced him to endure a burning sense of humiliation and embarrassment. He felt as though he didn't have a single blade of armor left upon him. He laid there completely exposed, vulnerable, conquered, and defenseless to Monica. Nobody else in this world had ever experienced him in such a state, and nobody else ever would for as long as he lived.

Monica walked over to her lover and laid down into his arms. They pulled the duvet over their bodies as Dan pulled Monica closer into him. He was so turned on by her that he needed the constant touch and intimacy that only she could provide for him. Dan's emotions were running wild. The complexity of his emotions even dampened his desire to cum. While he was still desperate for release, he took a comforting satisfaction in his present state of severe arousal. There was something inexplicably sexy about the way his arousal forced him into Monica's submission. He was content to allow her the right to decide what would happen next.

As they laid there, Dan fondled Monica's breasts, much the same way that he had seen another man do that evening. He felt closer to her than he had ever felt before. It was a feeling he didn't want to pass quickly, if ever at all.

Monica's head was resting on his shoulder when she looked up at him and spoke "Are you glad we acted out your fantasy, Medium?"

Dan could tell that Monica really enjoyed teasing him with this new nickname she had given him. He blushed from embarrassment. Teasing him about his wang would have penetrated all of his armor. But here he lay completely defenseless. The power that Monica displayed was tantalizing.

The only response that Dan could muster was rife with emotion "It was sooooo hot, Babycakes!"

Although she was teasing him and had been slightly unfaithful that night, Monica truly loved Dan and would never do anything to hurt him. They both deeply understood this true loyalty between them. It was this understanding that allowed them to partake in sexy games that other couples could never possibly experience. Theirs was a higher plain of intimacy and affection.

They kissed and cuddled, rubbing each other's bodies, and staring into each others eyes, for what could have been minutes or hours. They were too excited to notice the passage of time. Dan's body squirmed uncontrollably from Monica's gentle touches. His cock pulsated with desires for her.

Monica firmly grabbed his cock and began jerking him. Dan was unable to speak or to move as she brought him closer to that orgasm he so desperately needed. She watched his state of arousal for the tell tale signs that her man was about to cum. When an orgasm seemed imminent, Monica released his cock.

"Not tonight, Medium," she said with a cruel wink.

Dan rolled around the bed as if he were in physical pain. Monica playfully rolled herself onto him, to stop him from breaking the contact between their bodies.

"Please let me cum, Babycakes! I need it soooo badly right now," he begged her.

"Not tonight, Medium," Monica said teasingly.

Dan tried another tactic "But... Babycakes, I think the maid or someone took my laundry. I don't have any boxers to sleep in and if I don't cum, my wang will drip pre-cum all over the sheets. And I won't be able to sleep with my hard cock constantly being rubbed and teased by everything it touches throughout the night. Please, Monica?"

Dan knew he was in for trouble when that teasing, playful expression appeared once again on Monica's face.

"If you need something to sleep in, Medium, you can always borrow a pair of my panties for the night," she laughed at her latest tease.

Dan was shocked and couldn't even offer a response. He collapsed into the pillow behind him. He had never been so horny in his life. He doubted he would get a wink of sleep that night, but he loved what Monica was doing to him. He found Monica's suggestion humiliating yet arousing. But he definitely wasn't going to take her up on it.

Monica then laughed, lovingly, and grabbed onto his cock once again. She jerked him hard this time. It took him less than 60 seconds before he was ready to cum. Once again, Monica slowly released him. As a wave of sexual frustration ran throughout Dan's body, he moaned in torment. Monica giggled, her face only an inch from his. This was rapidly becoming her favorite way to tease him.

She kissed him softly on his lips and whispered to him once more "I told you, Medium, you can't cum for three days. And the maid didn't take your boxers... I hid them on you."

"What?!" Dan asked in surprise.

Laughing, Monica replied "I want to see what it does to you to have your cock bouncing around in your pants after days of torture and orgasm denial."

Dan was in agony. But it was the most fun he'd ever had in his life!

Monica whispered again "Go to sleep now, Baby."

She turned and shut off the small lamp at her bedside. She was about to roll back toward her lover, but his arousal didn't allow him to wait for her. Monica smiled to herself as she felt Dan's body instinctively following hers over to the other side of the bed. Finally, she had turned him into the puppy dog she had teased him about early on in their relationship.

As Dan laid there, his cock dripping pre-cum onto the back of Monica's panties, he whispered "I love you."

"I love you, too," she answered.

Dan could feel her slowly falling asleep in his arms when she spoke once more. "Baby... before we leave California, will you get a tattoo on your hip that says Mr. Monica Kelly?" She was teasing him, of course, but in a way, there was a truthful element of inquisition in her words.

So horny and filled with love for his beautiful girlfriend, Dan responded happily "For you, I really will... as long as you get one that says 'Dan' in it." He said with a laugh.

"It's a deal," Monica said teasingly. "I hope you enjoy watching the male tattoo artist pull down my panties to put your mark on me, Medium." Monica laughed cruelly once again. Making Dan jealous and embarrassed was too fun to pass up.

After more kissing and cuddling, Monica fell asleep in his arms. And Dan continued to hold her all night long.

Part IV ____________________________________

It was beginning to feel like a recurring malignancy in Dan's morning routine when he once again awoke with a leaning tower of penis. After all the teasing and torture, Monica still had not given Dan the satisfaction his body craved so completely. The only respite he found on this particular morning was that Monica had not woken first to play with his cock while he slept.

Dan's eyes hurt a bit from exhaustion. He didn't get much sleep the night before because his throbbing cock had kept him awake for hours. He had held Monica in his arms all night, with his cock bouncing around and poking at the back of Monica's sexy panties. When he awoke, his still hardened cock was squarely pressed up against Monica's body.

Dan realized that in his sleep he had reached around Monica's body and had gently cupped her breast. Evidently, he had held her all night. He leaned forward to kiss her shoulder when he caught a glimpse of the smile on Monica's face. She looked content and peaceful - and a little bit aroused - Dan wondered if she was finally having an intimate sex dream about the two of them together.

He decided to just lay there beside his lady love, tightly holding her in his arms.

Dan decided it was time for a little pay-back for some of the torture he had received from Monica over the last few days. His balls were swollen, full of cum, and he hadn't been able to go fully soft for days. It was time to give Monica a taste of her own antics. The only question is, how exactly do you get revenge on a woman who has tormented your cock and forced you to endure blue balls for days? There isn't exactly an obvious method for reciprocation on a woman.

He smirked to himself while he considered his options. He could try to tease her vagina, but her intimate parts were buried between her legs and weren't accessible. His only other option really would be her breasts. Dan giggled and decided to go for it, even though he knew Monica would wake up rather quickly.

He placed his face on her neck, right below her ear, while he softly kissed her tender skin. With his hand wrapped around her body, he began slowly rolling her nipple back and forth, over and over. In her sleep, Monica moaned gently with pleasure. Dan moved from her right breast down to her left breast to inflict more of a tease on this sleeping beauty.

With both of her nipples hard now, Dan was feeling more adventurous. He could hardly contain his giggles as he conspired to roll her onto her back to bring those wonderful breasts into his mouth. This would be the perfect way to get her back for jerking his cock while he slept, Dan thought.

Ever so carefully, Dan rolled Monica onto her back after motioning his body out from behind hers.

He had her just where he wanted her now. Dan took great pride in his plan when his gentle kisses on Monica's skin motivated her to move her legs upward and apart, as if her body were drawing him into hers. His little game was surely having a bodily effect on her.

Dan leaned in and kissed her gently on her warm, soft lips. He slid his fingers inside her new lingerie to expose her breast. Massaging her gently, he lowered his mouth to bring her nipple inside. He began suckling her, but it didn't take long before he was flicking his tongue over her. Monica began moaning in her sleep once again. Her legs became restless. As Dan moved to expose her second breast, Monica awoke mid-moan.

"Mmmm what are you doing to me?" She asked with a wide smile.

"I'm just teasing you," he replied.

"Keep going, I like it!" She said with a laugh.

Dan wasn't sure if that meant his teasing Monica had been a success or a failure, since she wanted more. One thing he knew for sure, he was more than happy to keep Monica's breasts front and center for him to play with. With great enthusiasm, he continued.

** After they got their day started, Dan and Monica were off to the beach. They had dinner plans with her parents later on that evening, but they had not yet taken the opportunity to enjoy the warm California sun.

Monica found an old two piece bathing suit in her room, which she covered up with a cute beach skirt and a shirt. At Dan's request, she only fastened a single button, the one directly below her bustline, of course.

Dan, on the other hand, didn't have a bathing suit. All that he had was a pair of khaki shorts - with no boxers, since Monica still hadn't returned them to him.

"Come on, Babycakes, I can't go to the beach all horny like this without boxers. I'll be a walking hard-on and everyone will see," Dan complained.

"You should have thought of that before you asked me to put my boobs on display like this," Monica laughed. "You'll be fine. Just think of it as an exercise in developing higher mental control over your body."

"Don't let your body control you, Dan, let your mind be in control," Monica teased as she reached over to pat his balls.

** When they arrived at the beach, Monica found a nice little cove where they could spend a few hours in solitude. Feeling adventurous, Monica tossed off her top. While Dan was making himself comfortable on a blanket on the sand, he was confused when something mysterious landed on his back. Thinking he was being attacked by some unknown California beach dwelling creature, he spun around quickly, tossing the object off to his side.

He looked up at giggling Monica and was pleasantly surprised to find her perfectly shaped breasts were fully exposed. The object at his side was none other than her bikini top.

"Well, you're feeling a little naughty today, I see," Dan said to her.

"I want to get a tan on my boobs," Monica said with closed eyes and a wide mouthed grin.

Monica laid on her back beside Dan. Feeling the build up of several days worth of cum in his balls, Dan was forced to lay on his stomach to bury his cock in the sand.

About ten minutes past as they laid peacefully in the warm sun, listening to the waves splashing all around them. It was a heavenly paradise that Dan felt he simply couldn't fully appreciate until he lessened the sexual tension in his body.

He hopped up to his feet and unzipped his shorts, dropping them down onto the blanket. He stood hovering above Monica's sexy body wearing nothing but sunglasses. Monica looked up at his swollen cock and asked him "What are you doing?" with a laugh.

"Oh, you'll see!" Dan responded.

He grabbed a hold of his cock and began jerking himself over Monica's body.

"If you cum on my face or in my hair, I swear I will lock you in a chastity belt for a month!" Monica warned.

"I won't," he told her. "I'm just going to cum on your boobs. And probably your stomach."

Monica laughed playfully and lifted her upper body, bringing her breasts closer to him. Dan lowered down onto his knees over her legs. Vigorously jerking his cock, Dan was getting closer and closer to that elusive orgasm he has needed for days.

Monica looked straight up into his eyes, looking as beautiful as ever, and told him "Cum on me, lover."

"I'm going to," he replied as his breathing intensified.

"Just make sure you save some for tonight," she said with a wink.

"Trust me, Babycakes, I have enough in these balls to cum six times today."

He jerked his cock like never before. After pumping up and down for several minutes, his cock began shooting blobs of cum all over Monica's breasts and stomach. His orgasm was intense. He continued pumping his cock as his legs twitched beneath him. His cum splattered across Monica's right breast, completely covering her 'C' cup, and dripped down onto her abdomen.

"Mmm, baby, that was hot!!" Monica moaned.

Dan had never felt so relieved to have an orgasm. It was desperately needed. His body felt more relaxed, his sexual frustrations had been alleviated, and he no longer felt like Monica's enslaved lap dog. It was a new feeling of freedom that he truly appreciated.

With that, the two of them were off to the water to wash away all of that cum.


Later that evening, Dan and Monica were off to dinner with her parents at an upscale restaurant. The decor of the restaurant was inspired both by traditional Japanese style and contemporary American culture. Each table was enclosed in a small room with thin, white class walls. On either side of the table there were two small leather couches that were low to the floor. The table was slightly higher than usual. Though, it wasn't a continuous platform. Each individual at the table was able to determine the elevation of their own section. It was a unique concept that Dan had never seen before.

The elevations of the table and the couches made for a unique element to the dinner. Monica was able to have full access to Dan's cock and balls without her parents being able to see their lower bodies. And she took full liberty of that fact.

The conversation was easy going, mostly. Dan felt a bit nervous with her parents. There's something about looking a man in the eye after you've penetrated his daughter that Dan found a bit unnerving. Though there was also a certain pride to be had, given that Monica is such a great catch.

Dan was asking Monica's father about their family business, which he had started up as a young man in his 30s. Monica listened half-heartedly, having no real interest in the family business. She was feeling slightly bored with the conversation about business and the same old family stories she had heard a million times before. As Dan continued to speak with her parents, she placed her hand onto his junk. Gently pushing his legs apart, Monica gave herself greater access to his balls.

The restaurant's dress code had required Dan to wear more formal pants than jeans. The thin cotton fabric didn't leave much protection for his balls. Monica was easily able to fully cup his sensitive area in her hand. As Dan continued to speak, Monica could tell that he was growing nervous about what she was doing under the table.

She held her composure perfectly, never betraying her naughty behavior to her parents. She waited until Dan was in mid-sentence when she finally had her fun. Dan didn't see it coming. As he spoke, Monica suddenly squeezed his balls aggressively. The shock of the sudden pain sent a jolt through his body. Monica's mother raised an eyebrow at Dan's sudden movement, but he was able to pull it together and continue speaking.

Monica, though, revealing a hint of a devious smile, continued to gently fondle his balls. Rolling them around in her hand, leaving Dan in a state of fear over when she might strike next.

She continued to play this game for a few more moments. Monica loved the fact that Dan was growing anxious with the uncertainty. She held his most intimate parts in her hand and had the power to embarrass him, hurt him, and even control him. It was a fun game. Even for Dan it was fun, though he couldn't exactly admit to it at the time.

Monica clenched his balls one more time before moving on to his cock. As Dan continued to speak about business with her parents, Monica began rubbing his soft penis. It was actually the first time that Monica had ever felt his penis when it was completely soft. Dan has a well-formed penis, slightly longer than average and ample thickness. Though, for some reason, he never actually let Monica play with, or see, his penis when it was soft.

Rubbing it with her fingers, Monica was intrigued by the softness of his wang. She wasn't sure how something so hard and thick could develop out of something so floppy. It was an interesting experience for Monica. She looked up at Dan's eyes and she could see his face was turning flush. She realized that Dan was very embarrassed to have her touching his soft wang. His embarrassment, though, gave her an odd sense of amusement.

It didn't take long before Dan's cock was completely hard in his pants. Monica then took the palm of her hand and began rubbing it around on the head of Dan's penis, through his pants. Dan was getting noticeably frustrated. Rubbing his cock head like this was a sure-fire way to make his penis feel frustrated. A frustrated cock throbs with desire, which is exactly what Monica wanted from him.

Dan was growing increasingly nervous. The more Monica turned him on, the more pre-cum he would leak into his pants. Monica still hadn't given him back his boxers to wear, so his erection was a serious issue for Dan, in the middle of a restaurant. He was beginning to feel so desperate that he almost regretted his decision to turn down Monica's offer of panties for the evening - which she had suggested teasingly.

In that moment, Dan decided he was determined to get Monica back for what she was doing to him.

After dinner, Dan had a very awkward walk back to the family SUV. He had to both carry Monica's purse and hide behind her to cover up the pre-cum stains on the front of his pants. Carrying her purse through the restaurant was an emasculating exercise that garnered more than a few giggles from other men.

Sitting in the back seat of the SUV, it was revenge time. Monica was wearing a sexy little dress, with bare legs, and a black lacey thong underneath. Dan sat as close to her as he could. He waited for Monica's mother to turn on the radio, giving him the cover of background noise. Then he gently rested his hand on Monica's thigh, slowly moving upward toward her panties. Monica looked over at Dan with surprise, she hadn't expected this, but she did nothing to stop or discourage him.

Dan slid his fingers up to her thong. Then, he crept inside of her panties with one finger, finding his way to her vagina. He ran his finger up and down her opening, just to tease her. After a brief moment, Dan felt her beginning to get wet. He slid his finger just barely inside of her, just enough to be a tease. Then he pulled up toward her crest where he found her clit. His fingertip had been dampened by her wetness, which allowed him to move slowly around her clitoris.

Monica's body began moving around the seat restlessly. Dan could see her nipples hardening and her breath became erratic. He knew his finger was having a big effect on her. Which only encouraged him to work twice as hard. He wanted her to feel the same sense of powerlessness that she had instilled in him at the restaurant.

Dan continued to play with her clitoris until he knew she couldn't handle any more. Monica looked deep into his eyes with a gaze that told of her dilemma. She wanted to cum, but couldn't hide an orgasm in the backseat while her parents sat in the front. They would surely hear everything. On the other hand, she couldn't stand the thought of not being able to cum. Though her decision was clear, Dan made it for her when he pulled his finger out of her panties, leaving her to squirm for the rest of the ride home.


Back at the house, Monica's parents sat down in the living room for a glass of wine. Their supply in the living room was running low, so they asked Dan to go down to the wine cellar to pick out another bottle or two for the evening. Monica was kind enough, and horny enough, to accompany Dan down to the cellar.

They didn't even make it half-way down the stairs before they were all over each other. Monica was clenching Dan's cock in her hand, Dan was grasping her breast in his right hand, her butt in his left. Their lips were entangled in a tornado of affection. They practically tripped over each other the whole way down the staircase. When they finally made it to the bottom of the stairs, Dan gently laid Monica back on the stairs while he reached up and pulled her panties off her body. He quickly dropped his pants and exposed himself to her flesh.

Dan positioned himself while Monica lifted up the back of her dress. She laid half on her side, half on her stomach, with her legs spread slightly apart as Dan suddenly penetrated her vagina. She was face down on the wooden staircase in a precarious, semi-doggy style position. Dan thrusted quickly and hard into her. They were only supposed to be gone for a few moments, they didn't have much time.

Both of them were so excited and on edge that they were moving rapidly toward orgasms. Suddenly, they heard Monica's parents moving around at the top of the stairs. At any moment, they could be caught in the act. Monica moaned with pleasure as Dan began thrusting harder, faster into her body. Dan reached down and placed his hand on hers, holding her tightly. Monica locked her fingers onto his. They both knew that they were deeply in love and shared these gifts of intimacy with one another to express that love.

Monica reached her orgasm first, letting loose with an audible moan and a sudden rush of wetness. Dan was only seconds behind her when Monica frantically pulled her body away. Turning over with his cock still inside of her, Monica said "Cum in my mouth!"

Dan knew that Monica had never allowed another man to cum in her mouth before, and he considered this to be yet another sign of the intimacy between them. He was excited to take her up on this new offer of closeness.

He pulled his cock out of her vagina and and stood upright, waiting for her to welcome him inside of her yet again. Monica sat on the bottom steps now and placed her hand at the base of his cock before bringing his head inside of her. She felt a sense of excitement as she tasted her own cum on his cock.

Monica gently sucked him, flicking her tongue over his head every so often, until she brought him to orgasm in her mouth. She felt his cock begin to twitch, then it became even more erect and solid, before finally spurting globs of cum into her mouth. Monica was excited. It was the first time she had tasted cum. She looked up into Dan's eyes lovingly, his cock still barely in her mouth, as she swallowed his cum.

Dan quickly put his pants back on as Monica hopped one leg at a time back into her panties. With that, they were off to the cellar for some wine.

As they walked into the cellar, both could feel a strong desire for more connectivity between them. Dan turned to Monica and said "You know, I can't help but notice that this table here is about the same height as..."

"You are a naughty, naughty man, Dan Aiken," Monica said laughingly.

Dan leaved over and began kissing her passionately. Monica instinctively kissed back with even greater gusto. Dan motioned her over toward the table. She jumped upward as Dan helped to lift her onto the table and rest her onto her back. He pushed her dress up to her waist, her panties off to one side, and penetrated her once more.

Normally, Dan wouldn't be up for round 2 right after an orgasm. But because he had been kept wanting for days, he had an ample supply of libido and sperm to unload.

Dan held her legs in his arms as he slowly made love to his beautiful partner. Thrusting deep inside of her body, Dan leaned forward, pushing Monica's legs back up to her shoulders. The further back he pushed her legs, the deeper inside of her his cock was able to touch. He pushed her backward and began rapidly pushing in, pulling out, pushing in, and moving around circularly inside of her. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her, leaving just the tip inside her as a tease.

He slowly teased Monica with the tip of his cock for a few moments. Then, without warning, Dan suddenly thrust his thick cock deep inside of her over and over and over again as Monica orgasmed.

"I love you, Babycakes," Dan said as Monica's vagina tightened and clamped on his wang.

Within minutes, Monica was cumming once again. Her orgasm seduced Dan's cock into cumming inside of her.

"I love you more than anything, Dan," she said to him as his sperm shot into her.

As they stood up once again, Dan put his pants back on. Monica suddenly realized that her panties were drenched with their cum. She couldn't possibly wear them upstairs on the couch. Dan picked out the wine they had come for, while Monica slide off her panties. She had no choice but to sneak them upstairs so her parents wouldn't see.

Monica bunched up the panties into her hand and headed back up the stairs. Dan smugly smiled as he examined Monica's body. There was no hiding it, she had sexified hair, her dress was all mangled around - she had clearly been having sex. And just like she had squeezed his balls, causing him embarrassment, in front of her parents - Dan was about to return the favor. He walked slowly behind Monica as she entered the living room, wet panties in hand, past her parents with her obviously sexed up body. Dan loved it. The perfect revenge.

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