dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Got lumps?

When I was a 12 year old I started writing erotic stories, I shared them with my classmates and soon I was writing them daily, even getting payed for them. And I am back...
English is not my native, so forgive my poor vocabulary, I want to share my stories with you, they are based on part truth, part virtual adventures and my fantasies, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them...

My dad's brother is a doctor, sometimes when it gets really busy he asks me to come help to pick up the phone, schedule his appointments and do some administrative task to help out his secretary. On Tuesday she always leaves earlier, it was only 7pm but already dark outside, I peek through the glass window of the waiting room door and see there is only one patient left. A guy early 30's, about 6 ft tall, fit and a real cute, he is reading one of the magazines laying around on the end tables. As if he feels someone is staring at him, he lifts up his head and I quickly move away and continue cleaning the examination area, acting all busy which I am really good at.
My uncle comes in "Lotti, I need to go to an emergency and visit an elderly patient after, can you please reschedule Mr.De Wit's appointment, he comes for just a regular check up and a flu shot, tell him I apologize for the inconvenience."
My ears perk and my nose curls and a naughty thought flashes through my head. After making sure my uncle is gone, I take his reading glasses and a white coat from one of the nurses, my reflection in the mirror is somewhat blurry because of the glasses, but I look like a doctor-assistant, I lock the front door and slide the key in my pocket.

A deep breath through my nose, I open the door of the waiting room, glance at him from above my glasses like a true professional. "Mr.De Wit, follow me please...". His hazel eyes look at me with surprise, I turn around quickly and walk to the examination room, he follows me like a lamb. 
(Little explosion in my chest!) My slender fingers rummage through the pages of his file, with a swift move I grab a hospital gown from the hook "Take of your cloths and put this on, Mr", my face dead serious "I am back in 2 minutes!" and I walk nonchalant out of the room, the self-closing door almost hits my butt. 
I stand in the hall way and jump of joy, holding my hands before my mouth not to scream of excitement. What a tool! The glasses now placed on top of my head so I can spy on him through the small door window, I take a few pictures with my iPhone, his perky ass sticking out the medical gown while he is folding up his cloths. Tzk Tzk Tzk and ... whoop! Sent to my girlfriends. 

With a brief knock on the door I enter the room. "Take a seat on the table, Mr.De Wit" a sternly glance in his direction, "Jonas, doctor" his eyes for a second on mine then lowered fast. I take the blood-pressure cuff and act as if I take his blood-pressure, I lift up his gown to listen to his heart and lungs, he blushes as I reveal his naked body, his smooth, thick cock slightly swollen against his leg. Many times I saw my uncle do this check-ups so I mimic them as good as I can. "Ok, Jonas, let me take a look down your throat", I check his pulse, test his reflexes. "Now your temperature...", he opens his mouth. "Nah ah, Jonas, I don't use your mouth, turn around and bend over!" The sound of the latex glove that snaps against my skin, I lube the thermometer, my fingers open his ass cheeks and I place the thermometer gently in his asshole. Waiting a few. My little finger rubs slowly and carefully against the back of his sack, circling as the arm of a clock ticking away the seconds. I hear him slowly inhale. Ti-riiit! I read his temperature. A smile curls my lips when he turns around, his face bright red, my eyes on the tent in his gown.

"Take a seat, Jonas, there is a few things the doctor asked me to check, just a routine procedure, lay back and relax!" I pull the stirrups out of the table and put his feet in them, his knees bent his legs spread wide apart, tie them with white leather straps to the metal, his wrists cuffed with Velcro above his head on the top of the table. The look on his face shifts to worried, I stand between his legs, take the edge of his hospital gown and throw it back over his face. Hihi. I look down at the exposed cock fest in front of me. My hands rest on his inner thighs, I feel the firmness of his muscles through the rubber of my gloves, lean down, my face an inch from his swollen, smooth balls. My breath flutters over his skin, I part my lips so he can feel the damp of my mouth so very close to his scrotum, the warm scent of his genitals fills my nose, his hips jump when I pour some cold lube over his balls, I coat the surface of one thoroughly with the tip of my index-finger, my eyes on his cock, it's throbbing, the blood rushing as he gets fully erect immediately. The other testicle, more lube, drawing small circles. He gasps under the gown. "Checking for lumps, Jonas, just relax!". A slight tremble of his stomach, my gentle inspection continues. 

The knuckles of my left hand press softly against the sensitive spot between his scrotum and asshole, two lubed rubber gloved fingers of my right hand slide in his anus, the same soft pressure against his prostate, I feel it swell against my fingertips. He whimpers under the gown. His hips jerk. His cock flexes, hard as a rock now, so big and beautiful. My thumb rubs the root of his penis, his velvety asshole squeezes around my fingers, so tight. My free hand pulls away the hospital gown, his face is red, dew on his upper lip, he stares at me... we exhale slowly at the same time, my left hand grasps the base of his pulsing cock, a clear droplet of precum at the little slit, he closes his eyes for a second and he tilts back his head. (Another little explosion in my chest). 

He surrenders and I start to slowly stroke his perfect massive member, a firm grip, a slow pace, my fingers wiggle inside his ass, teasing his aching prostate. He moans loudly now, his chest heaves, his hips buck up, his cock flexes, I see his balls climb, quickly I let go of his dick, it twitches helpless in the air, my finger and thumb ring around the top of his scrotum and I pull his balls downward, making it impossible for him to cum, he squirms, groaning of pleasure, "Unnggghhh..." his cockhead is swollen and purple so ready to orgasm, he shudders of frustration, one stroke away...
I wait...
My eyes are locked on his now, the hazel is a lusty dark brown, they beg me... my insides tremble as much as his legs. I wait...

I release my grip on his balls and start to move my fingers inside him, he growls with every stroke over his pulsing prostate, my index-finger of my other hand slowly trails over his shaft, it twitches, gulps of precum spurt over his stomach. "Doctor, please.."
More lube, the soppy sounds of my hand pumping his throbbing cock, he pants and moans, I watch his muscles tighten, that exquisite moment when a perfect wave unfolds to start his orgasm, his balls climb, he jerks his hips, pushing his huge pulsing dick into my oily rubber gloved hand, aching for release, with a swift move I withdraw my hand and firmly grab his balls pulling them away from his body, his cock jumps, so close but denying him again... he squirms and screams, "Aaaaahhhhhhh..." his body shakes, his cockhead expands, spurts but again he can't cum, he whimpers "Pleaasseee, let me cum, please..."

He tries to fight, wiggling his restrained wrists and feet, but to no help... A throatily whimper, his eyes staring in mine again, begging me like a hungry dog.
I wait...

His inside contracts around my sticky fingers as I slowly start to wiggle them against his throbbing prostate, he moans loud and slow, panting... My other hand releases my vice-like grip on his balls and I massage them for a second, they are so swollen and tight, I grab his twitching cock and start to pump his throbbing meat, every twist at his purple cockhead, gulps of precum, the slit opened as an angry little eye, ready to fire it's load. My slender fingers firmly squeeze, milking his perfect rock hard cock, every stroke it twitches, his hips buck up following my hand, his asshole sucks at my fingers, his balls so tight up his sack, climbing, he screams now and I see his body stiffen, his eyes roll back and he starts to shudder under his intense orgasm, his mouth opens, trembling like a leaf, finally, release... and hot streams of cum splash violently over his chest and face, more... and more, he keeps ejaculating, my fingertips press against his prostate in the same rhythm as his spasms, forcing more sperm out, intensifying and expanding his explosion. 
Minutes that seems hours, like we lost all sense of time, I can hardly breath...  my whole body tingles.

I snap out the latex gloves, grab a wet towel and sponge him, his face flushed, his eyes stare in mine, I untie him. "You can dress now, Jonas" 
When he is ready I stand in front of him, "I have good news and bad news, Jonas" I lower my lashes and smile. "The bad news, Doctor?"
"We are out of flu shots, Jonas, I have to make a new appointment for you!" He flashes his perfect white teeth at me in a smile.
"The good news, you are very healthy and next time you get the real doctor" His head tilts and his hand reaches for mine. For a second he holds it and I answer his smile.
I open the door for him, he hesitates... I nod towards outside. "Off you go!" I close the door behind him. My heart leaps and I make a pirouette in the empty hallway "I did it!!!"

The end

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When I was a 12 year old I started writing erotic stories, I shared them with my classmates and soon I was writing them daily, even getting payed for them. And I am back...
English is not my native, so forgive my poor vocabulary, I want to share my stories with you, they are based on part truth, part virtual adventures and my fantasies, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them...
Often someone emails me a story, I will share them too and mention the writer on top of the story.