dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Tingly Lube

When I was a 12 year old I started writing erotic stories, I shared them with my classmates and soon I was writing them daily, even getting payed for them. And I am back...
English is not my native, so forgive my poor vocabulary, I want to share my stories with you, they are based on part truth, part virtual adventures and my fantasies, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them...

After weeks of being followed and watched by this remarkable dark haired predator, I left the door of my apartment open, waiting motionless in the dark, knowing he would step into my trap. And he did. The front door slowly moved as I saw his dark silhouette enter, hesitating for a few seconds, the scent of rain mingled with the leather of his jacket reached my nose. A rush of adrenaline chokes me as he slowly approaches the wall I am hiding behind. I exhale and put the gun against the side of his head "On your knees!". Time stops for both of us, a split second that seems eternity, the deafening sound of my fast beating heart. He falls forward on his knees... I win!
"Your hands behind your back, now!", the metal end of my gun pushes into his cheek, I can see the reflection of the windows flicker in his eyes, he breaths slow and deep, his body trembles slightly. My free hand is fast cuffing his wrists, tight together, then the solid feel of my gun between my bare back and the belt of my jeans, I tug a chain around his wrists and guide it around his neck in a double loop, bending his arms uncomfortably, their weight tugging at the skin of his neck. His jacket and shirt pulled over his shoulders restrain his elbows, his arms become an easy to use handle to move him as I wish, even for a lightweight as me, his jeans on his knees, keeping them together, making it impossible for him to move without landing on his face.
I got him where I want him.

When I turn on the light his dark eyes blink and then stare at me. Disbelief. Fear. Anticipation. Mine take in the odd reality of this situation. My strange stalker sits on his knees on my wooden floor, stripped down to his boxers, immobilized and helpless. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!", brave words but coughed out dry, revealing how nervous he is about all this. A smile curls around my lips and my face close to his, I look in his eyes and answer him with a low voice: "You gonna keep that mouth shut unless I ask you something or I will tape it, you got that?". He growls "You little bitch! You can't do this to me!" and I wag my roll of duck-tape at him. "Your choice, baby!".
The lower part of his face is covered with the black tape, his eyes are staring at me, his chest heaving. I turn around, my little ass almost in his face, my gun sticking out the back of my pants as a warning, shifting my weight to my other foot, I use the remote to turn on the music and dim the light.
He is about to find out my idea of romance.

Still a bit shaky but totally in control now I roll my desk chair and my tool box to the living room, his eyes as dark as the tape flashing angry at me. I get down on my knees in front of him, in my hand a plastic bottle with a blue watery tingly lube, my finger rubs a droplet on his left nipple, I watch it erect instantly, his skin texture changes. Goosebumps.
Inside my stomach a stir, I inhale slowly, I got him.
Another droplet for his other nipple, the tape moves where his mouth is, his nostrils flare. My imagination, my empathy, I know what the fluid does, the cold feel, the tingling on his nipples, stiffened for me now. In the corner of my eye I see his cock stir in his boxers, growing steadily, my eyes are locked on his when I tug at the elastic band and place it under his balls, his erection sweeps up, greeting me eagerly. The warm musk scent of his arousal fills my nose.
I grab the heartbeat monitor from my Bowflex step and tie it around his chest just under his nipples, displaying his heart beat on the small screen. 92. Excited.
Phhtttt. A small gulp of the tingly lube lands on his cockhead and my thumb slid under his cock, slicking his sensitive spot, my slender fingers close gently, sliding down his shaft. Slowly. Pausing... squeezing at the base of his cock, pulling up, the skin slides past my moistened palm back to the tip.
Squeeze again, twist gently at the head, my fingers bunch. 99.
The skin of my hand tingles with his cock, the sensation of more blood rushing, so hard, so needy.

A slight push of my other hand makes him lose his balance, he falls backwards on his elbows, a muffled sound from under the tape, breath puffing out his nostrils. I pull his jeans and boxers down to his feet, place my knee on it to keep his legs bend and spread, now I can observe the muscles of his stomach, thighs and ass to measure his excitement. More tingly lube for his balls, more, and more, the sopping sound of my hand jerking his hard throbbing meat, I see his stomach quiver, the perfect orbs of his ass tighten, goblets of precum spurring out every time I squeeze at his cockhead. 120.
 The lube is warmed now from the friction of my hands, a warm tingling sensation on my skin, I imagine how much more intense it must feel on his genitals, his dick is heated and the thick head dark red and shiny, the veins pop out and every time I hold still it flexes in my hand, eager for my touch, demanding release, his balls are full, tight and high up in his sack. He is close. 131.

Firmly holding the base of his cock with my right hand, I slide the fingers of my left hand between his ass cheeks, he pants, squeezing the muscles of his ass like a scared virgin, slowly lubing his ass crack with my warm sticky fingers, I circle around his asshole, wetting and heating it up, his cock jumps, a strand of precum slings over his stomach. His glance changes, I hold a huge pink dildo in front of his face, a muffled protest, his chest heaving.
With fast strokes I wet and warm the rubber, I see his puckered little asshole twitch, my lips part, soft panting as I hold the top of the rubber dick against his tight hole, he shakes his head and screams behind his tape as I stretch him open and slowly push it deep inside his ass. My right hand jerks his cock, so big, so hard, twitching uncontrollably, his hips pushing up wanting, begging for release, precum gulping out. Helplessly. Quivering. 139.

The painful movement against his prostate shifts into a warm tingly pressure, shooting jolts of slight pain mixed with pleasure through his balls and cock. He surrenders and his body shakes, I slide my giant rubber cock in and out with ease, watching his asshole swallow it completely like a hungry mouth. Fast and firmly, the squishy sound of my hand jerking his throbbing cock, his ass impaled and then his body stiffens. 150. Finally. Release. He moans and screams as his hot jizz shoots from his cockhead in his face and hair, more and more with every gush, his hips bucking up with every wave, shuddering under this violent orgasm, as if he didn't cum in weeks.

I look deep into his eyes while I clean my hands on a towel, I get up and take my video camera of the table, the red blinking light stops, I kneel down and hold the little screen in front of his face, his eyes bulge as he watches himself getting fucked in the ass and explode.
"I am gonna untie you, you gonna walk out of here and never follow me again. If I ever see you near me, you gonna be the next YouTube celebrity, and the whole world can watch you being fucked in the ass and see how much you like it. Ok?"
His face is red and he nods, I put my camera back and pull the tape of his mouth in one swift move,  untie him and without a word he pulls up his boxers and pants, I watch him walk uncomfortably to the door, his own cum still on his face and hair. 

I reach behind me, take my fake gun and chuckle. 
Hope he stalks me again.
The End.

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When I was a 12 year old I started writing erotic stories, I shared them with my classmates and soon I was writing them daily, even getting payed for them. And I am back...
English is not my native, so forgive my poor vocabulary, I want to share my stories with you, they are based on part truth, part virtual adventures and my fantasies, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them...
Often someone emails me a story, I will share them too and mention the writer on top of the story.