dinsdag 19 februari 2013

The fall of an empire.

Deliciously written by Dr. Dave:

"Mayday, Mayday. This is Commander Craven of the Starfighter X32. Hull breach; require emergency assistance in sector 85k94," the message rang out over the emergency receiver. Captain Belle checked her scanners. This was in her area and, with no other ships nearby, it was up to her. She entered the course and made way to the area of the stricken vessel hoping to find Craven alive.

As she approached the co-ordinates she could see the burn marks on the hull of the fighter, it had obviously been in a fire fight with enemy forces. She looked down at her scanners, "Life signs: One," read the screen along with various other bits of data about the ship and its specifications.

"Starfighter X32 this is StarRunner Peregrine. Standby for docking."

"Boy am I glad to see you?" Commander Craven chirped back "Standing by."

Rescued by a female he mused, he'd never live it down if word got back to the academy.

Carefully Belle positioned the capture arm to the grapple ring on the X32s airlock, which luckily was still in tact. Extending the docking tube she opened her outer airlock radioing the Commander to come on over. As he floated through the tunnel joining the two ships she tapped one last button before heading down to the airlock to welcome her guest. The console flashed "Security Systems Active." She wasn't going to let anyone onto her ship without some form of protection.

By the time she reached the airlock it was pressurised and gravity restored. Peering inside she saw the commander beginning to remove his bulky pressure suit. Belle tapped on the viewing port then opened the inner door. "Welcome aboard Commander, my name is Captain Belle. You can leave your suit there and I'll show you to your quarters."

Belle looked over her new guest as he finished hanging his outer suit on the hooks in the airlock. He was quite a handsome man, typical fighter pilot. She glanced over the jumpsuit he was wearing, taking full time to note his fit physique with strong yet not overpowering muscles... "Stop this," she rebuked herself before he caught her staring. He glanced up smiled and thanking her for rescuing him, "Lead the way," he gestured and off they went.

"These are the guest quarters," Belle explained as they entered the small vessels second room, "They're kind of small but better than an airless wreck," she said jokingly, "I have to go now and secure your vessel for tow, I think there's a change of cloths in the drawers, and you can meet me in mess later for dinner?" She left him to freshen up and went about her duties. Commander Craven assed his situation, it could be worse. "Belle seems nice enough." He caught himself staring as she walked down the corridor, "and she's got a great ass." He could have sworn she shook it at him as she disappeared round the corner.

In the mess that night they chatted away about the dogfight he had been in, her surveying mission and other general small talk as they munched their re-hydrated rations. "Fancy a beer?" She asked as they finished their meal. "Sure," he replied and the evening went on. After the third or fourth beer he began to stare once more at his rescuer. She had a gentle, youthful face with long brown hair flowing down the back of the tight Lycra uniform that made up her uniform. Her breasts though quite small formed perfect globes pushing out the front of the jumpsuit. He continued his eye line down her body following her smooth thighs to the triangle between her legs, damn she looked hot. He hadn't had any shore leave in a long time, "I desperately need a shag," he thought.

He looked up and smiled and she smiled back, she too had been surveying him. "You must be tired," she piped up. "Let me take you back to your quarters." She led him back down the corridor to his room and stopped outside. "Please come in," he offered as she made to leave, "No, its ok," she replied, "It's been a long day and besides I hardly know you, you could be a psychopathic axe murderer for all I know." She let out a nervous laugh. "There are no axes aboard spaceships." He chuckled back, but she was not convinced.

Suddenly the mood changed. "Damn it," he thought, it had been nearly 15 months since he was last with a women, it had been a long tour of duty and he wasn't going to let this one get away.

As she moved to leave he grabbed her arm, "Please?" he begged. "No, now please let me go, I'm warning you." She replied. "What could a little thing like you do to me?" He returned his voice changing to a more sinister tone. Belle was getting scared though she'd enjoyed the flirting she wasn't ready for this. "I said NO!" She repeated, but the lust filled his eyes. She wasn't getting through. "After this then what?" she tried reasoning. "You can't just take my ship", but he wasn't listening with all reasonable thoughts banished from his head he pushed her onto the bed. His heavy weight on top of her kept her pinned down as he fumbled the zip on the front of her jump suit. He tugged at it trying to get it open as she tried frantically to hold it up, the material suddenly ripping away from the zip in his hands, causing her breasts to spill out of the tight Lycra prison of the uniform.

Belle screamed as he made a grab for one of them, fondling it roughly "Scream all you want, there's no one else on board," he goaded, leaning down to her open mouth forcing his tongue between her lips in a less than passionate kiss. "This is your last chance," she warned, breaking the kiss in such a calm voice that had he had his wits about him he'd of worried, but the commander was long gone. She'd warned him, "Security systems activate: stun intruder!" The last vision he saw as the laser cannon descended from the ceiling to send a bolt of energy through his body, was Belle just laughing manically. Why was she laughing?

He awoke with a splitting headache in a different part of the ship. "Shit, what happened?" he thought, trying to clear the hangover fuelled fog worse than any he'd felt before. Suddenly images of him forcing himself on the young woman filled his mind. He began to get hard again. It was then he realised he was stripped naked. He tried to sit up but his arms and legs were shackled, he was lying on some sort of table in a bright room, the brig he thought.

"Whoosh!" a door opened behind him, he tried to look round but couldn't quite see. "Good Morning Commander," Belle chirped entering the room. His mind was working better now as he realized something was wrong, this was not the tone of a rape victim. As she moved around his exposed body he could see she had changed her uniform. She now wore a skin tight cat suit that appeared seamless. There were other things it didn't have too. The uniform was crotchless. He glanced down and saw her shaved pussy in full view right at his eye level, the pink lips inviting his stare. "Were going to play a little game," she continued, pleased that his stare was where she wanted it to be. "I'm an FSC agent, and you're going to give me the satellite security codes for Earth." Belle said sexily running a long silken gloved hand over his chest.

It had been a long and bloody war between Earth and the Colonists that long ago left the jurisdiction of the home world. The FSC (Female Special Corp.), or female sex corp. as it had been nicknamed, of the colonists where known both for their beauty and getting results, they were as feared as the SS of the 20th century. Luckily they had never got their hands on anyone who knew the codes before, but a StarFighter Commander would have them and it was Belle's job to get them.

Craven knew all this and chastised himself for being so stupid as to let her capture him like this. He had heard all the warnings of not trusting anyone, they could be a spy but he had let her looks, the very thing that was key to the FSC, cloud his judgement, his eyes once again wandering over her body. He should have realised no-one should have been surveying this area without escort. She just happened to be in the area, yeah right. Frantically he began tapping his back tooth with his tongue. "Looking for something?" Belle's voice now cutting into him. "I removed your little escape method. You won't be destroying your brain today," she let out another cold laugh. "You're all mine and you WILL give me those codes."

Gently she began to massage his body, rubbing his naked chest then down to his stomach. He let out a moan at her soft touch. As she reached his hardening member she provocatively avoided it moving around down to his legs in one long caress, applying gentle pressure to his inner thighs. She wanted him to forget he was a prisoner. Her plan to get him interested last night had almost worked too well, plying him with alcohol, and flirting with him just enough to lead him on, but she'd never really lost control. He would just be more frustrated now.

As she skilfully moved back towards his groin she cupped his balls in her hand giving them a little squeeze, he let out a moan. "These seem in need of a release to me," she muttered as she slowly, teasingly ran her other hand playfully up his thick shaft pausing at the top before coming back down. "Does that feel good?" she asked soothingly. "Just give me the codes and there's plenty more where this came from."

He just lay there defiantly enjoying the sensations in his body. Belle removed the long silken gloves. She meant business. Rubbing massage oil into her hands she returned to his now fully hardened rod. She ran her hands provocatively up and over the head, giving a little twist before just as softly returning back down to the very base. She had been trained well.

Soon his breathing had hardened and the mists of pleasure were gathering in his eyes. She sped up a little and began to massage his balls expertly between her fingers, feeling them carefully waiting for the exact moment. Suddenly she felt them tighten, instantly she stopped her ministrations leaving him right on the edge just one stroke from orgasm. She'd always had a knack for this. At the academy she'd been best in class at this brinkmanship, taking them right to the edge but never going over, so much so that the male volunteers always dreaded getting assigned to her.

"Just give me the codes and you can release," she commanded but he wasn't about to doom his planet just for his own release, so he just lay there, cock twitching, frustrated but still in control. "I think you need punishing then."

Walking over to a cabinet in the corner of the room she pulled teasingly took a laser whip from it bracket. Craven looked on in dread. Setting it to soft she swung it expertly landing on a thigh. The sensation of soft leather as it hit him only stung a little as she moved from one thigh to the other.

Craven had been trained against pain torture but he knew that was not the point here. Every smack, although delivering a short burst of pain, made him more excited. Suddenly changing her pattern she landed a swot right on his sack, still sore from being denied before. It hurt like hell but surprisingly his shaft kept iron hard. "Hmm you like this do you? Well we'll just see about that!" she chided turning up the setting on the whip. This time the whip felt like it was biting into his skin but the increase in pain just increased his arousal. She certainly was an expert landing stroke after stroke expertly on his most intimate areas.

"Give me the codes," she asked again knowing full well he would not comply at this stage but adding it to build the scene in his mind. Suddenly she stopped. Although still obviously excited he had come down enough from the edge of orgasm brought on by the hand job for her to give the next little trip back to the point of denial.

"We are going to try again. Just give me the codes and I'll let you release". Once more her hands moving down to his balls this time however she sat astride him pushing her naked crotch towards his face as she let him inhale her musky scent. Gently she lowered her mouth towards his twitching cock seductively enveloping the head between her lips. Using her tongue to gently tap the tip, his cocked swelled to full again. She had to take this slowly, no matter what he mustn't come. She drew more of his large member into her mouth running her tongue down the underside, letting out a low moan as she did so knowing it would drive him wild. She got the head right to the back of her throat before coming back up the shaft again and, on reaching the tip, once more ran her tongue expertly over it tasting the precum juices knowing she was getting through.

All the time Commander Craven was trying to block out the wonderful feeling of this hot woman expertly bringing him towards the point of ecstasy only to be denied. He tried everything he could to drive the image before him out of his mind; reviewing mission plans, remembering the faces of the enemies he'd killed but each time her face appeared and the sight of her pussy inches from his face bore back into his mind. He tried to lift his head up, perhaps if he could reach her sex she would lose concentration and let him come but she was just out of reach. She knew what he was trying to do, so she teased a finger down her slit, opening it up for him to see. Dipping her finger in showing off the wetness that her joy for work brought on, she knew she mustn't lose control.

Once again she concentrated on his cock, speeding up to drive him faster and further towards the edge. Using her saliva to keep it lubricated, she ran her lips up and down the shaft all the time her expert tongue darting to the places where it could cause the most pleasure. The finger in her pussy kept her moaning at just the right level to send vibrations shivering through his pulsing shaft. He was close.

Feeling his balls tightened he thought perhaps he could make himself come before she could stop him and he almost did had Belle not known what to do. Just at that point of no return she felt the head enlarge, instinctively she ran her thumb and finger around his balls and pulled hard, once again stalling the fires and leaving his cock twitching, glinting with the mix of pre-cum and saliva. This really turned the sexy officer on knowing she had total control of the man beneath her. "Give me the codes and you can come, please let me make you come," she begged trying to get him on her side. She admired him, many man would not last this long. He was putting up a good fight and that made her even more excited. Normal men bored her but he was a challenge. She would enjoy breaking him.

Staring down at him again saw his large member and realised how much she ached to have that enormous cock inside her, yet she knew this was where most agents lost control putting back the interrogation by days. It was then that she remembered the new invention the lab boys had come up with for her and she could have kissed them for it.

She went over to the cupboard and pulled out a small device. It was a leather strap about an inch wide and quite thin; on it was a small microchip and couple of flashing LEDs. It was a ball stretcher, similar to the one that had been around for hundreds of years but this one was special. The chip embedded in the leather was designed to interface with 'the victims' nervous system, knowing exactly when they where on the edge and hold them there not allowing to them to come. Belle was keen to test it out. Carefully cupping his balls in her hand and pulling them away from his body she strapped the device around his sack, tightening it but making sure not to cut the blood off, she didn't want to castrate him. She tapped a small pad on the device and it was ready.

However before straddling him and possibly losing control on his impressive manhood, as was her intention, she thought she'd better test it, and a little saliva lubrication wouldn't hurt anyway. So once again she moved her lips down to his member, this time less teasingly, wanting to find out quickly if the device was up to this. Her lips moved swiftly on the shaft her tongue darting all over the shaft, no man could last long, especially not in Cravens position and she was right. As she felt his balls tense up she thought perhaps it would not work. Letting him come here could put her back by up to a week in which time they could change the codes, but if the device worked it could save her days and allow her to get off in the process.

Just at the point where she would normally stop, she gently squeezed his balls as they were pulled down by the ball stretcher. She saw his face twisting up, he was trying to come. The head of his shaft twitched but he was stuck there. A little light flashing on the device showing it was working hard. She carried on working away with her tongue darting around trying to suck the come from his body, but her little partner not letting him oblige. He was ready.

Carefully she switched position, allowing him time to regain his thoughts. Sitting astride him she didn't bother asking for the codes. He knew what to do by now and more importantly she was going to have him anyway. She put her hands on his strong chest lifting up her lower body positioning his still twitching, pulsing cock between her legs. She ran her outer lips up and down the shaft a few times, sending shudders of pleasure through both their bodies before she lowered herself gradually onto his cock. She let out a moan as she took in his wide girth never having been with a man this large. The volunteers at the academy weren't exactly studs, which was probably why they volunteered. She took it slowly to allow herself to accommodate him inside her.

She lowered herself softly until it was all inside and she could feel the head pushing on her cervix. After a small moment to recover she started slowly circling her hips, rubbing her pubic mound against his body, it felt good. Gradually she began to pump her hips causing him to make long thrusting strokes inside her driving both of them crazy. As she ground away, striving for her own release she could feel his engorged member building up inside her, he must be close. She just hoped the device would hold. Just then she got her answer she felt him shuddering under her, obviously at the point of orgasm but the pain on his face showing he could not go that final inch. The sudden felling of control suddenly overcame her and her own orgasm was allowed to come through. Feeling her body bucking above him as it was ripped by her orgasm, her pussy trying to milk his cock, he tried in vein to release himself from the edge but was denied release. He felt the ball stretcher pulling on balls. Was he going to end up giving her Earth after all? How long would she hold him at this most inhumane point for?

By this time Belle had forgotten all about her mission she just kept the cock pumping inside her. She had her own little fuck toy that would stay hard as long as she wanted and she wasn't about to stop now. The first orgasm was the most powerful she'd ever had and knowing the second was usually better she kept up the pace realising it would drive him crazy. As she felt his girth sliding into her she let her fingers trace down to her clit. She began rubbing it hard, demanding release. Looking down at her captives face showing obvious frustration, a knowing smile crossed her face and the power she held caused her to come again and again in powerful waves before collapsing spent on his frame.

Eventually she pulled herself off him panting from the experience. "Now are you going to give me the codes, cos quite honestly I don't care if you do? I'll just come back and ride my new toy again tomorrow," she asked. Craven let out a sigh knowing now that he would eventually give in but perhaps if he could wait a few days there'd be a code change and he wouldn't doom the Earth into the hands of the colonists. "Well then it's going to be a long night," she muttered with him still so exhausted he could barely concentrate. She tapped a few buttons on the ball stretcher and it began another of its cruel functions. It began to hum sending small waves of pleasure through his body, not enough to make him come, but it would keep him excited and that's how she left him, cock twitching in the cold light of the cell. She was right it would be a long night.

Belle retired spent to her quarters. She lay awake for a long time she glanced at the small monitor seeing her captive struggling against his bonds fighting the sensations the ball stretcher was giving him not wanting his body to betray the planet he fought for. She almost felt sorry for him but then remembered the brutality of the war.

The attack on Europa had been swift and devastating; after all it was a poorly defended mining colony. The Earth fleet had fired from the relative security of space believing it to be a strong hold of the rebels. Unfortunately the rebels were long gone and all that remained were ordinary settlers trying to scrape a living in the mines. Honest families like Belle's. They had survived the initial air strike but when the marines arrived to search for rebels they had been ruthless, raping her mother in front of her eyes and dragging her brother out to shoot as a rebel. Sure the politicians of Earth had latter apologised for the atrocity but it still went on today. It was this event that caused her to seek out the rebels and her sharp mind and good looks made her an ideal candidate for the FSC. She had quickly risen through the ranks to take on this top priority mission of interrogating the survivors of a hit and run raid by the rebel fleet.

As she mused on thoughts of her captive she let her fingers work down to her slit. She traced his naked body on the monitor with her other hand all the time thinking of being filled by his larger than life member. She let out a moan as her expert fingers found the sweet spot. Gently she squeezed her small nub, she was almost there with the feeling of the impending orgasm building inside her she increased her ministrations, although slightly sore from earlier, one last orgasm tonight would help her sleep and be ready for work tomorrow.

The computer turned up the lights simulating dawn in space lacking the concept of day and night. She awoke softly feeling at peace with herself refreshed and invigorated. She had big plans for Commander Craven today.

She walked into the brig with a spring in her step. "Good morning Commander, sleep well?" Knowing full well he had not. "Well we're going to have some more fun today aren't we?" She reached over and gently fondled his swollen balls in her hand. "My, my, that's a nasty case of blue balls you've got there," quipped Belle in a tone like a nurse. "Let me take away the pain, tell me the codes." Her hand was once again on his shaft expertly stroking it. After a night of the ball stretcher's teasing it didn't take much to bring him to the edge and Belle had found just right speed to keep him there without the pain getting too much. She knew she was winning but wanted to have more fun with him.

"I think you need some relief," Belle said teasingly. She went over to the wall and pressed a button. "I know this is usually situated in the recreation deck but I think it's much nicer in this room don't you?" He looked over to where Belle was standing; her pose like that of a model on a game show draped over a prize and his heart sank. She was displaying a Cybernetic Blowjob machine, invented to give men relief on long missions away from home. He had often used it on the fleet carrier, as did most of the men, and knew it was powerful.

The device itself was like a bed but curved in a big arch. On one side of the arch was a hole to stick your member into. In this hole was a latex mouth and a set of beads that rotated simulating a blow job, it even simulated saliva by pumping lube into its orifice. Before he knew what was happening Belle had led him by the balls to the machine. Laying him over the bed she strapped his hands on one side of the arch and his feet to the other. The last strap went over his waist holding his now iron hard rod tight into the 'mouth'. Belle twisted a control turning it on. He felt it fill up with lube and the tight latex begin to suck on his member pulling it into the machine. Belle twisted another knob and the beads started to rotate massaging the head and shaft. It felt so good to him as he sensed the heat rising once more within him, but knowing once more he would be denied.

Suddenly he was woken from his daydream by Belle standing before him. It was then that he noticed she was not wearing the torturer uniform anymore. She was now standing almost naked in front of him. He did not notice at first though as his view was drawn to her perfectly formed breasts above him. In his horney state visions of kneading them and sucking on the erect nipples filled his mind. She was obviously excited too. It was as his view descended he noticed the appendage she was now proudly sporting. On her lower half was a small leather harness with a thick long dildo attached. As he gazed longingly at the dildo disappearing into her tight pussy, he would have come on the spot had the ball stretcher not stopped him.

"We can't let you have all the fun can we?" she said giving a little wink. "I want you to moisten it up for me after all it's in your own interest to make it nice and lubricated." It was at this point her noticed how prone his ass was, held up in the air on the arch of the blow job machine that was still driving him crazy. At that precise moment Belle decided to turn it up a notch causing more moans to emanate from the poor males body.

Knowing his fate he opened his mouth to accommodate the device and began to suck on it like he had seen in porn film. Each working of his mouth or touch of his tongue sent vibrations down the shaft into Belle where the other end was buried deep inside her. A small nub protruded from the harness onto her clit and each time he bottomed out the nub would press teasingly down on her sending a shiver through her small body. She let out a moan. The feeling of control this gave her alone deepening her lust. "Enough," she said. "It's time to take you." She pulled the phallus from his mouth, the saliva dripping off of it, and moved round to position herself behind him. "Sure you don't want to give me the codes?" she asked one last time. It hadn't been enough time yet, he needed a few more days for a code change; besides he was intrigued by the feelings this sexy woman conjured up in him and didn't want it to end just because of his fear of being penetrated.

She felt some resistance at first, but turning up the blow job machine caused his lust to overcome him allowing her to slip in. He was surprised how good it felt. The dildo she used was specifically designed for men and rubbed right against his prostate causing intense feelings throughout his body and down his shaft causing his sphincter to involuntary clamp down on the intruder sending powerful vibrations back down through the harness to Belle. She'd never tried this with a subject before. She was glad the ball stretcher was in place or she'd have lost control and let him come. This is it she thought, she had to get those codes now. Turning up the speed on the blowjob machine to maximum she worked him hard reaching round to cup his balls in her hand and bringing her self right to the brink of orgasm in the process.

At last he broke down, his balls were desperately trying to release from the multitude of sensations. Would this woman's appetite never be satisfied? As if reading his mind she leaned over and whispered in his ear "I could keep this up all day, you're such a great little fuck toy." It was the feeling of her breasts digging into his back that pushed him over, knowing he had to fondle them. He had to release. He had to come inside her.

"Ok!" he cried. "The codes are yours, just let me come inside that hot little tunnel of yours."

"You're in no position to make demands," she replied but secretly that's what she wanted as well. She held off her own orgasm at the brink and withdrew wanting to feel him inside her instead. She pushed him back over to the bed and clamped his hands and feet back down. Removing her fake phallus she perched over him ready once more to take him inside. "Please release my hands," he pleaded. "I just want to please you." She considered his request as she hovered rubbed him up and down her slit. "Ok, but try anything and the ball stretcher will castrate you right here." She knew he was too wrapped up in her to try anything anyway. She lowered herself forcefully onto him and began to pump his thick cock once more. As soon as she released him he reached up began to knead her breasts. She let out a low moan. "That fells so good," she thought as he gave her erect nipples a little squeeze but she still focused on her job. "Now the codes," she said for the last time.

As he read them off in a breathless voice she beamed them directly waiting armada that had been in position since her message on the first night. From the sounds coming over the communicator they knew what she was up to and it didn't go unnoticed by the men on the bridge who pulled their chairs up to the consoles so no-one would notice. The admiral glanced at his men gave a little chuckle and sent the codes to the Earth defences. A green light appeared on his panel and he called back the successful captain, "Congratulations..."

That was all she needed to hear. She tapped the ball stretcher turning it down a peg, even in his pent up state, she wanted him to last the distance. "It's done," she said in a breathless tone, now allowing her feelings to take over. Craven grabbed her hips and forced her down onto his rod of steal, her vice like sex milking him demanding him to release inside. They came together, once, twice, three times, experiencing the last function of the ball stretcher allowing him multiple orgasms. This thing would make millions on the open market but right now the two most influential characters of the war were outside of time absorbed in their own erotic feelings, Craven even oblivious to the destruction of earth on the monitors behind him. She had won, won not only his treachery but also his heart as they collapsed on top of each other, spent. 

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