dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Slave for a day.

Written by Flipshot, wanted to share with you because it is so hot!

I left a card on your pillow one morning before leaving for work. There was no special occasion or anything like that, just a card to tell you how much I love you. The card said simply: You are my life, I love you very much, do with this gift as you like. The gift? Inside the card was another smaller card that said, "I will be your slave for one day. Whatever you want, whatever your heart desires, I will fulfill it for you. Love, Your Husband, David."

I left for work that morning with a smile on my face, I knew you would get a kick out of your present and would put it to good use. The next day was our day off together, another reason why I left you the card today. It gave you all day long to plan for it, to decide exactly how your special day would unfold. I looked forward to coming home that night and being handed one of your tidy little lists of exactly how you wanted the next day to start, as I would be up before you. You told me that I was to follow that list to the letter until you gave me further instructions, and that I would be punished in some form if I did not. I asked what that punishment might be, but all you would say was that I would find out if I failed in anyway.

That night before turning in for the evening I set your neatly written list on the bedside table, I hadn't even looked at it yet, figuring I would find out in the morning how you wanted to start your day (big mistake).

I should have read that note.... the next morning I woke up at 7 am as usual rolled out of bed took a few minutes to wake my ass up a bit, then I grabbed your note and stuck it my pocket. I came out to the kitchen and got my first cup of coffee for the day rolled a couple of cigarettes and headed outside. I sat down and really enjoyed that first smoke, I was looking forward to the day to come, I knew I would be busy but was still anticipating a good day. Aw, first cigarette out of the way, I light a second one and pull the note from you out of my pocket. Opening it up, I read the first two lines and groan... 'To my loving husband, I want to be woken up with breakfast in bed at 7 o'clock, don't be late'.

"Shit," I shot out of the chair and made my way to the kitchen where I fried up some eggs, hard like you like them, some waffles, some sausage and off to the room at 7:35. I quietly entered and put the plate on the bedside stand kissed you softly and told you to wake up, your breakfast was ready. The first thing you did was look at the clock. I groaned again, I was kind of hoping you wouldn't notice. "You're late, baby." You said it so sweetly that I knew I was screwed.

"Normally you like to sleep in, hon." I tried, but even I knew I was just making excuses, I should have read your note last night and I wouldn't be in this mess. You took your plate of food and began to eat. "Mmmm, very good, but you're forgetting something aren't you?" I looked around, trying to figure out what it could be. "You didn't read the rest of the note did you?" I looked away sheepishly and pulled the note back out of my pocket. It read, 'give me a calf and foot massage while I eat my breakfast in bed'. "Oops, sorry honey."

"You know, you don't make for a very good slave. That's two mistakes you've made already. You'll have to be punished, I hope you know that, and for the rest of the day, I want you to call me Mistress.

I finished off my cup of coffee really quick and got started on rubbing your calves and feet. "Sorry Mistress, I'll try and do better."

You moaned from the massage, "Good food and taking care of me, you might be able to get back into my good graces. Just keep it up, and after breakfast, I want you to run a bath for the two of us. Have our towels ready grab some of my scented body lotion, and grab the anal beads and some lube."

"Which pair, yours or mine?" I asked. "Both," was the answer I got. That perked me right up; I got all kinds of excited. I went about doing as I was told, gathering our things and heading for the bathroom to get things ready for you. A few minutes later you came into the bathroom, tested the bath water gave me a nod of approval, and then told me to strip. I did, quickly; my cock was already hard as a rock the anticipation was overwhelming. I loved using the anal beads on you, you seemed to enjoy it yourself and any time I got a chance to put something in your ass was a definite turn-on for me. But that was not apparently what you had in mind, which I was soon to find out.

"You know honey, I was thinking what would be a good punishment for disobeying me twice this morning would be and I think I've come up with something that would be satisfying to me."

I gulped, so you were going to punish me. "And what would that be?" I asked.

Lightening quick you were in front of me, your hand grasping and squeezing my scrotum hard, it was like a vice and it hurt... a lot. In a reprimanding voice, you said, "First, I did not give you permission to question me, and second, I told you earlier that you were to address me as Mistress for the rest of the day. Do you understand me?" When I didn't immediately answer you put even more pressure on my balls, enough that it almost put me on the ground. "Yes... yes Mistress, I understand." How I managed to get out those five words, I'm not sure, but I did and that satisfied you greatly. And just like that - like a light had been switched - you were back to your sweet demeanor. "Like I was saying, I've thought about what your punishment should be and first I think you need a good spanking." From behind your back you produced a short leather whip. Where the hell did you get a whip? I almost asked, but held my tongue. You must have seen the confusion on my face and decided to enlighten me. "When you gave me that card yesterday saying that you would be my slave for the day, I went shopping. I wanted to be prepared."

That put me a little on edge, what exactly was I in for today? I knew that you were a sweetheart at least to me... most of the time. But... you also had sadistic side as well. Your 'random acts of violence' as you like to call them. So yeah, I was a little uneasy, a little apprehensive about the day's events. But it was your day, and I was your slave, and I did know that you wouldn't hurt me... too bad at least.

"Turn around my love and grab the sink."

I gave you one last pleading look, it wasn't a look of please don't do this or even a look asking for you to be gentle. Either way I knew it was coming and I knew that you would do it, you wouldn't back down once you had made your mind up. No it was more of a look asking that I be able to at least sit down after my spanking and not have to spend the next week standing or sleeping on my side because the pain was too bad. I turned around, bent over and grabbed the counter; my penis had now gone completely soft. Hmm, imagine that, apparently he was a little apprehensive about this whole situation as well.

I felt the soft supple leather slide gently across my ass back and forth, back and forth. It lulled me into a false sense of confidence. Smack! The whip came down hard on my left cheek; I cried out in surprise... well there went the confidence. Smack... smack! Again and again the whip made contact and with each one I winced, after the first three or four smacks though, there was a strange kind of sexual excitement that came along with the stinging pain. Who would have thought I had a slight S & M side? My cock seemed to be enjoying my torment at least, as he was coming back to life, stiffening right up, proud as you please. It hurt alright, but... also felt good at the same time.

I'm not sure how many times you whipped my ass that morning, but I do know that I was never going to forget it. I thought that my punishment was over and was about to stand back up when I felt your hand between my shoulder blades pushing me back into position. "I never told you, you could move, do I need to whip your ass some more?"

I had to think about that for a few seconds the recently awakened masochistic side of my being was saying 'sure, let's go for a few more rounds'. My ass, on the other hand was screaming NO... I can't take anymore right now!

"No Mistress," I finally answered. Good my buttocks could get a much needed break, or so I thought. "Now for the second part of your punishment."

"Second part!" I screeched.

"You did mess up twice this morning already sweetheart; I said that you would have to be punished for those mistakes. Hand me the lube, baby."

I wasn't quite sure what was coming next but I did as I was told and handed you the lube. I felt your finger greased up rubbing at the entrance to my asshole. Now don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy it when you use your finger or the anal beads in my ass, but right now after the spanking I had just received, my ass didn't even want that. But I kept quiet, didn't say a word even when you jammed your middle finger all the way in. Thank god you had lube, because you rammed it in there fast and hard. After a couple seconds of greasing me up, you removed your finger and started inserting the small plastic beads one by one until all five were lodged inside. It wasn't too bad, my ass did hurt though; my dick still seemed to like it, as he was still standing at full attention. Then the second set of beads - your set - began fingering their way into my puckered anus. I felt very full, I can tell you. I had never had that much in my ass before; my backside seemed to sting from the inside out.

There my love, this is your second punishment for the day. You will keep those in until I say you can take them out, or until I take them out, whatever the case may be. Now get in the bath, honey."

I got in - the water was no longer hot but comfortably warm - and sat down gently favoring by sore backside. You got in and sat before me and ordered me to wash you, which I did slowly giving you a relaxing back, shoulder and neck massage in the process. I washed your beautiful body from head to toe being careful not to make it sexual in anyway and just make it a relaxing bath. I knew that I could have made it sexual, I could have turned the tables and put myself back in control at any time that I wanted. But that would not have been fare to you, this was your day and you needed it, we both needed it. So for today anyway, I was your slave and you were my Mistress and I would go along with whatever you had in mind, and nothing else. We talked about the day ahead, actually you gave me instructions and I listened. After our bath we were going out, you wanted to go to the park and just spend the day together doing whatever you wanted to do.

We got dressed and left the house for the day making our way to one of the parks on the outskirts of town. It was a park that wasn't used very often at least during the middle of the week and had lots of trees, making for some nice, fairly secluded areas. We walked around the park just enjoying the scenery and each other's company. You found a clump of trees with a narrow barely used footpath leading through and directed me to follow, the footpath opened into a private area about twenty foot in diameter with trees all around us. You couldn't see the rest of the park from in there; neither could any prying eyes see into our little alcove. I sat down in the grass and you lay down next to me with your head in my lap. We talked about everything, our hopes and dreams for the future our likes and dislikes. We talked about the past and how our relationship was so much better than any of our previous ones and that we never wanted it to end.

About 12 o'clock, when you realized what time it was, you said, "Alright love, I'm hungry take me out to lunch."

"Where would you like to go, honey?"

"I think I'm in the mood for Italian." You said, then your voice hardened, "But don't think for one second that I missed that."

I was confused, "Missed what, baby?"

"And now a second time. What did I tell you to call me today?"

Oh, shit. Again I had been lulled into a false sense of confidence. We had been having such a pleasant time that I had forgotten that no matter how you sliced it; I was still your slave for the day. There would be no back pedaling either, I had fucked up, and you had caught it. All I could say was, "I'm sorry, Mistress. I won't let it happen again, Mistress."

"That may be, love, but you still need to be punished. I guess I can wait on lunch for a while. I want you to drop your pants and lay back down." I did as you said, glad that we had our own semi-private little haven here. The earth felt warm against my bare skin and the breeze played gently across my exposed genitals. The sensation was erotic, mixed with a little bit of apprehension about what was to come.

"Now you may not see this as a punishment right away baby, but you'll soon understand." You got down on your knees beside me and took my dick in your hand gently rubbing back and forth. With treatment like this, it did not take long for me grow to full hardness. I moaned and stretch into your hand. You were right, I didn't see this as punishment at all only as a much needed release of my pent up seed. Then you hit me with it. "Do not! I repeat do not come, you are not allowed to come until I give you permission. When you are close to coming, you will let me know. You don't even want to know what the punishment will be if you fail me on this.

And you were right; I didn't really want to know. So I simply said, "Yes, Mistress," and let you do whatever it was you were going to do. I guess I really didn't think that you would bring me to the brink and deny me my release anyway, that you were just saying that to let me stew for a while. It felt damn well feeling your hand stroking my hardened cock up and down it that perfect rhythm. I laid back and closed my eyes just enjoying the sensational hand job that you were giving me. It must have been a few minutes when I felt something wet, warm and soft playing across my scrotum. I opened my eyes to see your head down between my legs and your tongue tracing soft gentle circles around my balls. I let out a groan of pleasure as one of my testicles' disappeared between your lips and you sucked it into the warm heat of your mouth. God, that felt amazing and I could feel my own juices starting to boil wanting to spill out onto your grasping hand coating your fingers in white sticky come. When I was sure I could not take another stroke or lick, in fact I was pretty sure I was going to fail you and not be able to stop my seed from pouring out. I panicked and gasped, "Now... I'm going to come now!"

I didn't think I'd be able to hold back, I could feel the come rising up my shaft ready to spurt when I felt your hand squeeze me like a vice. You used your pointer finger and your thumb just below the head of my cock and pressed your thumb in hard, cutting off the flow of seamen. You held my dick like that for a couple of minutes until the need to come finally dissipated. I relaxed my head back to the hard ground. I was sweating, my need to orgasm was great but my need to please you was even greater. But God, I wanted to come, now I understood what you meant by this being a punishment, or at least I thought I had understood. I was wrong - so wrong - your hand started moving again and so did your tongue this time on the tip of throbbing cock circling the head, never taking it into your mouth but the feeling was just as electric. Then you licked my shaft like a lollipop, up and down until your mouth once again found my aching ball sac.

Now this was torture, because at the back of my mind, I knew that you would repeat the process and once again deny me my orgasm. And you did, for the next forty-five minutes you brought me to the brink many times over only to cut off the flow at the last second. My cock was on fire, my balls were full and aching and I did not know how much more I could physically take. Finally, after using your thumb and finger trick one last time, you smiled sweetly at me and cheerfully said, "That should do for now, let's go eat. I'm hungry"

I groaned, God you were going to leave me in this suspended state of arousal, and I couldn't do anything about it. I stood and carefully pulled my pants up and over my engorged penis, my member was so sensitized that the touch of the fabric almost made me shoot my load on the spot. How I got the pants buttoned and zipped and managed to walk the distance back to the car without coming is beyond me, but eventually the sensation began to fade and all I was left with was a serious case of blue balls.

We sat at the restaurant and I made sure to address you as Mistress the entire time, even in front of our waitress, who gave us several odd glances. You chuckled and decided to enlighten her, saying, "He's my slave for the day and has to do whatever I tell him to do or he'll be punished for disobeying me." You said it loud enough that a few of the customers sitting nearby looked at us oddly. The waitress seemed to get a kick out of the whole situation. She stared at me while addressing you, "Sounds like fun. Have you had to punish him at all?" she asked.

I don't embarrass easily, but I know I must have turned several shades of red while she stood there staring at me. I was remembering the park and how many times you brought me to the boiling point and then backed me off. Not to mention the 'punishment' lodged deep in my rectum from this morning that had now been there for several hours. The feeling those beads were giving me after this long was both intense pleasure and discomfort, but I wasn't about to complain.

I became even more embarrassed when you told the waitress, "Oh yes, I've had to reprimand him a few times." Then you motioned her closer and whispered in her ear for a couple of minutes. I knew you were telling her the whole sordid details and the red on my face blossomed even more as the waitresses eyes widened and her smile grew into a full blown grin. "You go girl," she said as she finally straightened back up. Then she said, "You know, you're pretty damn lucky to have a guy who would do that for you. My husband would never even consider doing anything like that for me." With that she took off to get our order.

"So what's next after lunch, Mistress?" I asked.

You thought about it for a minute then said, "I'd like to go see a movie. But right now, I need to use the ladies room. I'll be right back, you be good now, ya hear." You grabbed your bag and off you went.

After lunch was finished we were back in the car headed for the movie theater. "That made me extremely horny, you know that?"

"Know what, Mistress?" I asked

"The restaurant, telling the waitress about what I had done to you this morning and again in the park. It made my pussy all wet and sticky, sharing those intimate details with a complete stranger. It seriously turned me on." You were breathing heavier as you told me this, and I could tell that it had turned you on a great deal.

"We could always skip the movie and head back to the house; I could relieve that ache for you, Mistress." I offered.

"No love, were going the movies. We'll take care of each other later tonight, as long as you're good that is. We'll see, I know I'll be taken care of tonight at least, we'll just have to wait and see if you will be as well." You winked at me as though sharing a private little joke. The problem with that was that I knew you were serious. If I fucked up too badly, I'd be going to bed tonight with blue balls, in fact there would probably be a repeat of the park before going to bed and I'd be even worse off than I am now. I had to be good; I had to follow your rules, because I wasn't sure if I would be able to take not getting some sort of relief after the end of this day.

We entered the movie theater and found seats in the back row away from the other patrons. There were only four other people in the theater, both couples, but then Showtime wasn't for another twenty minutes, so it was still early. Three more people showed up, two of them obviously together, they made their way to seats near the middle of the theater. The third one struck me as odd, she was there alone and this wasn't the type of movie most people would go see alone. It was your choice - I was your slave after all - of what movie to see, and of course it was a definite chick flick. The single woman, probably in her mid-twenties found a seat one isle in front of ours and three seats to the left of me. Only nine people in total, not a big crowd. The lights dimmed and the projector began running. About ten minutes into the previews. You leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I want you to take your pants off." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I mean, it was dark in there but we had someone sitting close by, very close by. I must have hesitated a second too long for your liking because harshly you said, "Now!" I know others must have heard your sharp reprimand but the woman in front of us was the only one to glance back.

I lowered my head and quietly said, "Yes Mistress, do you want them all the way off Mistress?"

"Yes, I want them all the way off."

I tried to be sly about it, I slipped my shoes off and scooted them over a bit, then I undid the button on my fly and was about to lower the zipper when you said, "No, stand up and take them off." Again you weren't exactly quiet, but this time no one seemed to notice. I looked around, no one seemed to be paying any attention to what was going on in the back row so I stood up and lowered the zipper on my jeans, I must have made some sort of noise or maybe it was just my kind of dumb luck, but the woman sitting in front of us turned at that moment, I looked at you and all you did was give me a look that told me I'd better go through with it. That was the second time that day that I turned bright red and I swear I must have turned red enough to be seen even in the low light of the theater.

The woman seated in front of us seemed to have completely lost interest in what was playing on the screen and was now paying attention to what was unfolding behind her. I swallowed my embarrassment and a little of my pride and slid the zipper the rest of the way down. Both you and the mystery woman watched the progress of my jeans as they made their way to the floor. Naked from the waist down, I sat back down and pretended that nothing was out of the ordinary looking at the screen as the movie began to play.

For the second time that day in a public place your hand went to my cock and began slowly stroking it. I groaned aloud and began pushing into your hand as I began to stiffen from the sudden attention, but you wouldn't have that and told me to stop moving. "And remember," You said, "you are not allowed to come until I say you can." you said this loud enough for the woman to hear, which I guess was your intention. I realized that the game you were playing now was not for my benefit, but for yours and hers. The mystery woman was obviously enjoying the show, and you were playing to that, but it was more as well, you were finding a great deal of pleasure in showing off your power to control me and the situation in front of this stranger. It empowered you and thrilled you more than you would have ever thought possible.

So your hand continued to stroke me and my cock continued to grow in your grasp. I realized that it was going to be a very long movie, because there was no way you were going to let me come, there were some intimacies that you were just not willing to share. But you would tease me; you would take me to the edge just to prove that you could. That was fine with me, yes my balls ached, yes my ass was starting to become more uncomfortable than I would like, but this was your day and I was your man and if you had wanted to prove that in the middle of the street during rush hour on a Friday evening, I would have let you. So yes, I would bear the torment and I would do as you commanded... as far as I was concerned it was a small price to pay and I knew that the rewards later on would be well worth it. So I closed my eyes and let my head fall back as my breathing deepened and you brought me closer to the brink as I knew you would for the remainder of the movie.

My moaning became louder even as I was trying to stifle it. I knew that you could hear it; I knew that our mystery woman could hear it, that didn't mean I wanted to alert the rest of the theater goers. I gasped and warned you that I was close; you once again performed your thumb and finger trick holding me tight for a few minutes and stopping the oncoming flow of sperm that so desperately wanted to escape.

I heard the woman in front of us gasp possibly from witnessing the control you had over me or maybe it was in sympathy for my plight. I don't know and to tell you the truth, I really didn't care. I was too focused on what you were doing, on how good it felt with your hand sliding up and down my shaft and occasionally fondling my balls, but most of all, I was focused on not coming. You had that pretty well under control with your magic fingers but it was all on me to make sure I told you in time for you to apply those magic fingers. So I sat there and enjoyed the attention and focused with all of my might.

This went on and on, over and over and each time I was brought to the brink became shorter than the last. There were times I swear all you would have had to do was look at my raging prick and I would have lost it spewing all over the movie theater. At some point, I'm not even sure when, our mysterious stranger had moved back a row and was now sitting beside me with only two seats separating us. I guess she was tired of craning her neck or something. I almost told her that if she watched the movie like she had paid to do, she would not have had that problem. But, then again, I can't say for sure that I wouldn't have done the same thing it's not like this was something you saw every day. And sex of any kind in a public place was kind of like witnessing a car wreck, you didn't necessarily want to watch but couldn't seem to pull your eyes away either. So I didn't say anything if she wanted to watch, I couldn't really stop her, besides you hadn't given me permission to speak, so I kept quiet.

The movie was nearing the end, you were still stroking my dick but even slower now as though you even understood that there was only so much that I could physically and mentally take before you wouldn't even be able to stop it. One thing was for sure, when I was allowed to cum - hopefully it would be that night - it was going to be a geyser, I would cum hard and I would cum long. My breathing indicated that I was near completion; I didn't even have to say it that's how in tune with my body you were. For the final time that night or at least at the theater you squeezed the tip hard and somehow, once again managed to control my orgasm, or lack of orgasm as the case was. You stopped your movements and let my hard cock fall from your hand. I was filled with both relief and a miserable sinking feeling, relief because I could finally calm myself down for a while but I also missed your warm fingers grasping and fondling me. The movie was almost over and the lights would be coming up any minute now when I asked, "Can I put my pants back on, Mistress?"

"No, not yet. I'll let you know when you can get redressed."

I knew there was no point in arguing, you would play this game out as far as you wanted it to go. Besides, if I argued with you about it, it would just get me in trouble again. So I waited to see what was next on your agenda. The credits began to play across the screen in front of us and the lights gradually came back to their full brightness, still I sat there naked from the waist down. The six other patrons began filing out, not once glancing to the back row, completely oblivious to what had transpired behind their backs. The woman beside us seem unsure as to what to do, the movie was over and she should be getting up and leaving, but I was still nude and sitting there, so maybe the 'show' wasn't over.

"Stand up and bend over, love." You instructed. I was pretty well convinced that after today I could never be embarrassed again so I did so immediately not caring that someone was watching my every move. I was so fucking horny that I just wanted to please you in any way that I could so that I was assured of getting off at some point this evening. So I stood up and bent over exposing my bare ass to you and our mysterious observer. When I did so I heard the woman gasp in surprise presumably as she noticed the two strings protruding from my asshole. You looped your finger through one of the rings and gently and slowly pulled one of the beads out. As you did so I felt a mixture of pain and pleasure, it was painful for the fact that they had been in there all day long, but even through the pain the pleasure was so intense that I was again close to coming and I moaned loudly. You must have sensed my impending orgasm because you reached between my legs and grasped my hard cock once again and stemmed off the pending flow. Holding my dick tightly and pressing your thumb hard right below the head you grabbed the other string and pulled it from my ass with a soft popping sound. You put both set of beads in a plastic baggy and put them into your oversized purse. Then you handed me my pants and told me to put them on, you then lovingly kissed me and said, "Let's go home my love."

I did as you said and put my pants on not even sparing our stranger a parting glance; I clasped my fingers in yours and began to exit the theater. I saw though that you did look back over your shoulder at the woman and give a final wave of your fingers.

After the movie we didn't go directly home, instead we went to one of your favorite Chinese restaurants and had a quiet, and I would have to say uneventful dinner. I had half expected to be paraded around, naked in public, once again. Or something of the sort at least. But instead it was just a nice dinner for two people very much in love. After dinner we headed home and when we got there you told me to go to our bedroom and wait for you, you were going to be taking another bath. I was instructed to put in a porno and sit on the couch to watch it. You said that you wanted me even more aroused for the evening to come - how that could be possible, I didn't know - but I listened anyway. I was to stroke my cock while watching the movie and to employ your trick and to not cum. "I'll know if you cum, baby. So make sure you don't." You gave me that final warning and headed off to take your bath.

I wasn't sure how I was going to handle this. I was already horny as all get out and I happen to be a very visual person, which meant that I could cum very quickly and very easily while watching an adult flick. I also wasn't sure that I could employ the same trick as you did with the same results. All I knew was that I had better be able to do it. I mean yes, I wanted to cum - badly - but it would greatly disappoint you if I did so and this being your day, I didn't want to do that. So I was determined to hold out. I found a movie to put on, stripped down and sat back to watch the flick. My cock was still hard; it had not gone down since the theater even through dinner I had felt the stiffness pressing against my jeans, that's how aroused I was. I grabbed my aching penis, it was red and swollen from all the attention it had received today and with not being able to get off, my balls were huge and sucked up tight against the base of my shaft. It felt like I could shoot off with just the slightest touch.

It was close to an hour when you returned from taking your bath you were wearing a long loose fitting night gown that I had never seen before. I assumed it was another of your purchases from yesterday to 'prepare' for today. I could just make out that you had something on underneath your nightgown that didn't belong, but I was too far gone for my brain to process what it could be. I was panting and sweating when you walked in and my finger and thumb were positioned as you had done so many times that day already, but I hadn't cum. And for that, both you and I were extremely grateful.

"You've done well, honey. You can release your cock now." You told me

I was going have to disobey on this in order to obey you, the twinges, the tingles the boiling seed that was still in my shaft and hadn't receded yet, were saying otherwise. "Sorry Mistress, but I can't do that just yet."

You caught my meaning and laughed. "Is my poor honey a little to on edge?"

"Just a bit, Mistress" I think I had to hold myself like that for a good five or ten minutes that time and I could feel the pulse and throb in my groin the entire time as my seamen looked for an escape route. But finally, like a heartbeat that begins to finally slow back to normal after vigorous exercise the need to ejaculate slowly dissipated as well until I could finally release my sore throbbing member.

"I want to talk to you about the next activity that I have planned for tonight," you said it softly, as though you were embarrassed or at least unsure of my reaction. You seemed almost afraid of what I might say or think, so without comment, I waited patiently. But then I could see your attitude change as you sat there thinking it over in your head and I could see the embarrassment, the hesitation seep away. "I was going to see how you felt about it, but I've fantasized about it for so long now and do not know if I would get the opportunity to play out the fantasy at another time. So seeing as you are still my slave and I'm still your Mistress, I'll still talk to you and prepare you for what's to come, but it will happen and it will happen as I envision it to happen."

Ok I must admit I was getting a little freaked out by the direction of this conversation only because I really had no clue where you were going with it. You were being extremely mysterious about it, and that did worry me. "What fantasy would that be, Mistress?" I finally found the courage to ask.

You stood up at that point and turned around to remove your nightgown, I noticed that you were wearing a strange pair of underwear, your butt crack was not covered but there were two straps that came around your buttocks and attached to a strap that circled your waist. Then you turned and I saw why they looked so weird from behind. You weren't wearing panties at all, no, what you were wearing was an eight-inch strap-on dildo. Apparently something else you had bought yesterday, 'cause I sure as hell hadn't seen it before. I gulped and became very nervous, not that I wasn't willing to try it. The fact is I had fantasies about that as well and told you as much which seemed to relieve you quite a bit that I was receptive to the idea. I did voice my concerns though and those were that my ass was still quite sore from the beads being in there most of the day.

"Well as far as the soreness goes, I plan on using plenty of lube and I was even going to use some my booty ease. And as for cumming to quickly, what have I been trying to show you all day long... control. You know that I can stop you from coming when I want too and you proved that you can do it as well when I was in taking my bath. So there really shouldn't be a problem, now should there?"

No, Mistress." I said, because what else could I say really? You had made up your mind that this was going to happen tonight. And the fact of the matter is that I had given you that power. I didn't have to, but I felt that you deserved it and needed it.

"So my dear, I want you to come over here and get on your hands and knees on the edge of the bed." You commanded.

I got up and came to the bed and positioned myself as instructed. You stood behind me and grabbed the lube for the second time that day. You squirted a lot of lube into your hand and spread it out all over the rubber phallus coating it from head to base. Then using your fingers you applied some booty ease to my puckered anus and inside the opening. After it began to take affect you used more lube and greased up my backside making it quite slippery. "Are you ready baby?" you asked.

Did it matter if I was ready? I thought to myself, but instead said, "Yes Mistress.?

You got right behind me and put the head at my entrance, you slowly pushed forward stretching past the tight outer ring of my asshole. It felt huge but also felt incredible and almost immediately I could feel the cum once again boiling in my sac and pleading to be set free. I had to go down onto one elbow so that I could grasp my cock and use your technique to stop the flow. I pressed hard near the tip because it wanted to come out and I knew that I was still not allowed to orgasm yet. God it felt that good and you hadn't even gotten it half way in yet, it was hard, very hard to stem my orgasm. In fact that was starting to really worry me, after the day we have had I knew that you had to be extremely horny as well maybe not as far gone as I was but still quite turned on. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to fuck you tonight and give you what you needed, because I was pretty damn sure that within seconds of entering the tight warmth of your pussy I was going to lose my battle with control. And you weren't even done with me yet.

Once the rubber cock was fully buried in my nether region you began to thrust in and out as though really fucking me. I was rocking back and forth and found myself pushing back as you pushed in going in time with the rhythm of the fucking that I was receiving. I wasn't sure how long you would continue this seeing as you wouldn't allow me to cum that wasn't the goal. Then it happened, you screamed out that you were cumming and thrashed about as you continued to fuck my ass. As you came down from your orgasm you slowed to a stop and just rested while still deep inside me. "Ohh, God," you moaned. "That was awesome."

You pulled out of me and lay back on the bed. "Take this off me, love." You said. I was a little confused, you had cum hard and quickly and I thought that I would have been the one to cum that quick. But as I loosened the straps and took the contraption off of you I saw that it was double ended and had a smaller dildo that fit perfectly into you as you fucked me.

"God that was hot, baby!" You said, "I hope you enjoyed it."

"I did, very much so, Mistress. But I don't know if I'm going to be able to pleasure you tonight. You know I'll probably cum the moment I enter you.

"Don't worry about that, love. I'll take care of you... then you should be able to fuck me long and hard, just like I want it." You had me stand up as you kneeled down in front of me. Your hand felt like heaven as you it wrapped around my aching shaft. I was so hoping you would suck me off to completion, but what you did was just as hot and would definitely get the job done. You stroked me feather soft no real pressure just a soft rhythmic up and down motion. And as you stroked my hard flesh your mouth ascended to my tightly sucked up balls. You told me to let you know when I was going to come, then you sucked both of my balls into your mouth at the same time and swirled your tongue gently around them. Your hand was gradually picking up speed but the pressure stayed the same which allowed me to last for a bit even with all of the sexual frustration of the day. Your lips were warm and soft as your tongue ran wetly across my scrotum. My breathing was picking up, becoming harsher and more labored as your hand gripped harder and harder and pumped faster and faster. I wanted to cum, but I didn't want the incredible handjob to end either. I didn't have a choice in the matter though as my body - aching from the sexual tension - betrayed my desire to keep the pleasure going. I grunted and moaned and said, "Baby, baby... I'm there!"

You removed your lips from my sac and aimed my cock at your beautiful tits and just before I came you pulled your middle finger from your soaked pussy and rammed it in my ass. Your finger found and massaged the perfect spot inside my rectum making me shiver and come like crazy. Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky come splattered your breasts coating your nipples and running down your stomach in little rivers of white seed. You kept pumping and kept fingering and it felt that I would never stop coming. It came out powerful and each jet hit your chest one after the other until all my juices were spent. I immediately felt as though a weight had been lifted, all the sexual teasing of the day had just exploded from my engorged cock, and I felt lightheaded from the powerful orgasm. I could have fallen asleep at that moment, but I knew that you wanted and needed more and I would never leave you unsatisfied as long as I could help it. But this was still your day and your game and I couldn't take control of the situation and ravish you as I so wanted to do. So I waited for your instruction.

I did not have to wait long though as you crawled up on the bed and told me to fuck you from behind. "I want it doggie style, baby, at least to start. Come give me your beautiful cock." That perked me up and definitely put me in the mood to please. I loved it when you talked dirty to me and I told you as much, making sure to throw 'Mistress' in there, I didn't want to be punished again at this point in the game.

"You like for me to talk dirty, baby?" you asked, even though you had known the answer before tonight. "Well then, get over here and fuck my tight little pussy. Slam your big cock all the way in and fuck me good and hard!"

You didn't have to coax me, my dick was still rock hard flesh and I climbed up on the bed behind you and put my prick at your entrance. "Are you ready for it Mistress?" I teased. After all the teasing you had done to me all day and as far gone as you were by now, I figured I could get away with that one little act of defiance. I was right, kind of.

"Yes, yesssss... you bad boy, stop teasing me and stick your cock in my pussy. Now!" You demanded.

It only took one deep thrust, you were so hot and wet from your own juices flowing all day that I slid in quickly and with ease. Once inside it was heaven, your pussy so slick and steamy, I surged in and out, in and out, each thrust deep and hard, But I was careful at the same time not to hurt you with my penetrating thrusts. It did not take long for us to find the same rhythm - so in tune with each other's bodies – and as I pushed forward you rocked back getting the full length of my cock on each stroke. Your pussy clamped and convulsed as you began to spiral down into your own sexual bliss. Thank god I had already shot my load or I would have cum right then.

We fucked like that for a good five minutes, when you panted, "dif... different position. I want to be on top and ride my sexy man." We switched, I pulled my penis from your sopping hole and lay down on the bed. "No... on the floor, but feet on the bed." you said, changing my direction. I was a little confused at first but positioned myself as you wanted. Hey, I was always up for trying new positions. You stood above me with your back towards me and then squatted onto my pole using my legs for support. Then using your calf and leg muscles you rocked back and forth on my cock before thrusting up and down, it was awesome. From this vantage point I had a great view of my dick disappearing into your soft wetness and could see the rivers and droplets of your own orgasm running down my cock and balls and farther still, down the crack of my ass and making the carpet beneath us damp with cum.

I couldn't do much to help in this position as I couldn't even thrust up into you, but you didn't seem to mind and were able to set your own pace. You could speed it up or slow it down at your own discretion. So once again you were in control, you had the power as it should be on this day. You rode my cock for what seemed like forever and had three more explosive orgasms before saying, "I hope you're close baby, because I don't know how much more I can take. I want you to cum. I need you to cum." With that you redoubled your efforts and started riding me faster, dancing on my cock.

Hearing you say that was all I needed, I had been holding myself back as long as I could until you had your fill. But if you needed me to cum, I could definitely accommodate your command. "I'm there, Mistress... I'm going to cum!" I shouted and I shot off deep in your quivering pussy, it seemed to last as long as the first time and I swear there was just as much. It overflowed, dripping and running down my prick to mix with your juices.

We stayed that way for a few minutes, locked together in the afterglow of our fantastic lovemaking. Finally you moved pulling yourself off of my now flaccid member which was still slippery and glistening with our combined fluids, to me it was a beautiful sight and a visual affirmation of the love that we shared. You extended your hand down to me, helping me up and said, "Come on, love. Let's go to bed."

We cuddled up together under the blankets, I kissed your cheek, your forehead and finally your lips before saying, "Mistress, I love you very much and I hope you enjoyed your gift."

"I did, honey, very much. I do have one confession to make though." And as you said it your cheeks turned a bright red.

"And what's that, Mistress?"

"The movie theater? That was a set up for both you and me. At the restaurant, I got extremely turned on by telling the waitress how we had spent our day so far."

"Yes Mistress, you told me about that."

"I know, but what I didn't tell you was that when I went to the ladies room, she pulled me off to the side and asked me if I could bring you back to the restroom and order you to do something - she wasn't specific as to what - but I told her that I wasn't willing to share my husband. But the more I thought about her watching us in some way or another, the more turned on I got. So while I was in the ladies room, I called an old friend of mine and asked her to meet us at the theater but to play the part of a stranger. Honestly, I think the only reason she agreed was because she didn't believe that I was really in control and that you had actually agreed to be my slave and do whatever I asked of you. So that's my confession, I had debated whether to even tell you or not, but I don't keep secrets from you. I just hope that you're not upset with me."

"No honey, I'm not upset with you, this was your day. It was about your fantasies and what you wanted and I gave you the power to act on them. It was your happiness that I was after."

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