dinsdag 19 februari 2013

The aviator awakes. by Domani

This story is written by the aviator (Domani in SL) as a reply to the naughty adventures I wrote about him. This d-lish piece of a man is talented in  m a n y  ways. Nod nod. It's why he is my virtual husband. Of course. As you will read (and experience) here, he goes way too far with the dommelette...  
Although he had my daisy blooming with his story, I will have to punish him severely (in a very pleasurable way) Look out for my response, but for now... "Oh cum all ye faithful...."

My eyes open to rays of such sumptuous light. It pours into my bedroom through the white silken curtains adorning the windows at the head of my bed. I follow it as it dances over the tossed sheets. In a few moments my mind opens and reminds me of what seems a dream. I stare with wide eyes at the ceiling, acutely aware of the beauty of the rays passing magically through the air. Her unique and captivating voice returns to my mind. I hear her whisper, "But you like that, don't you, aviator?" My body actually shutters. This was no dream! Rubbing my hands around my wrists I feel the twinge of rope burn. I look down at my ankles and see the reddened skin the rope has marked. Visions of her above me, in the light of the early morning moon race through my brain. My head aches from too much liquor. Just who is this woman? What has she done to me? I feel the stiffness of my cock and a twinge of pain on my cockhead, as I look down to see how reddish purple it is. She did it, didn’t she? I can’t believe it. She took over my room, my bed, my body and my mind. Part of me is dumbfounded. Part of me is angry. Part of me is amazed. But the bigger part of me is drawn to her like steel to a strong magnet, though I don’t want to admit this to myself. As my senses awake, my mind feels her sitting over my face. I smell her on my upper lip. I lick my lip with my tongue and still taste her: such a distinct smell and taste. Intoxicating. She did this. She really did this!

I look and feel around the sheets…oh no, they are laced with the crust of my once hot and creamy cum. How embarrassing! I am a guest in this home, and my cum is all over these sheets!
Completely naked I slide out of bed into the bathroom. My half hard and sore cock is bouncing in the air as I walk. I brush my teeth and look into the mirror. Gazing into my own eyes, I cannot wash my face. I realize how much I love the smell and taste of her on my mouth and lips. I want it to stay. I don’t want to shave. I don’t want to shower, but I must at least shower. So I jump in and wash my body. As the hot water hits my hair and head and trickles soothingly down my skin, I smile and think of her. She must fancy me. She must. Or maybe she does this to all of her father’s house guests? I laugh a bit and think, “what a woman.” But a part of me now thinks, “what shall I do about this!” I continue to wash myself, bringing soap to a rich lather and washing my cock and balls. Thoughts of her are raining through my head. “is she downstairs? Is she in the house? What will she say when I see her? What will I say? I will not let this go unanswered!”, as my hands soap my cock. I look down and see it growing. It feels so good. I can feel her touching me, grasping me, imagining her tightening her pussy around me. This woman has captured me…
I walk back into the bedroom and look at the mess of a bed. But I don’t really see a mess. I see myself tied up, just as she tied me. I see my mouth taped, my cock taped and her sitting on my helpless face. Why try and lie to myself. It was one of the most wonderful moments of my life. I so want to be under her again. Right now. Yet that other side fights me. That man that has fought so hard for so long. That powerful man. That man that gets what he wants. Such a struggle within. My mind shifts to her again. The smell of her skin, the feel of her hair draped over my face. The feel of her wet pussy over the tape over my mouth. The perfect smell of her wet and hot pussy. Oh I am so thankful she allowed me to taste her! Wait! She ALLOWED me??? oh, no. She doesn’t allow me. I allow her. Yes. I allow her. 
I pull my jeans on with no undies on at all. And fling my black t-shirt on. I really love this shirt. I remember the market I bought it in. It says “loveworks” on the front. Loveworks… hmmmmm….
I can smell something being cooked. I am hungry and this smells delicious. Someone is calling from the kitchen, “breakfast, breakfast come down for breakfast”. That sounds great. I rush out of the door, but then remember the sheet. The cum crusted sheet. I don’t want that just lying around. I run back into the room and grab the sheet, ball it up and put it in one of the clothes drawers. OK, safe for now. Time to eat whatever smells so good.
I gallop down the stairs almost forgetting about last night and looking forward to seeing my good friends. I turn into the kitchen ready to say “Good morning”, and I come to a halt. There she is. Charlotte. The mischievous Charlotte. She is sitting at the breakfast table, calm as a cucumber and looks up at me and smiles. This was not a fair smile. It had such an attitude. And I know she knows I can sense it. Who on earth is this woman!! I forget my hunger. She looks so beautiful, as the morning rakes over her features. She really is a stunning woman. Not dressed for the day, she has on these comfy pj’s with funny little designs on them. Her top matches her bottom but it is a kind of soft and fluffy different looking material. She looks so innocent as she looks up and smiles again. “Good morning”, she says. “Did you sleep well?” Oh, a part of me is just going off like a small town church bell. “Sleep well?”, she asks me!? Now my manmind races. I see myself going right over to her and picking her up and placing her on the table face down. My hands pulling her soft cotton pj bottoms down to her knees and then pulling her panties down. My hands on each of her ass cheeks, I pull them apart, never to hurt, but to command presence. And I hear her gasp. And then I quickly open my mouth, stick out my erect tongue and dive into her tiny tight and delicious ass. Now this is breakfast! But my mind loses the image. I look at her sitting serenely at the table and say, “well I didn’t sleep much. I felt kind of restricted in the bed. But I am fine now.” “Oh, sorry to hear that”, she says. And she looks right at my hardened penis through my pants and says…”my, something else looks a bit restricted, too…”
I had really lost my appetite. I looked around and saw some bread and grabbed a bit. I said good morning to everyone. “Breakfast smells and looks so good. But it is such a beautiful morning. I think I am going to go out for a ride. Be back shortly. Anyone want to go?” I was hoping that Charlotte would want to go. She looked up and just shook her head no. I smiled politely as if there is almost nothing between us, grabbed my keys and headed out. It really was a beautiful morning. And this really is a beautiful part of the country. Lush green grass, wild flowers, aged trees with limbs that dart through the blue sky. How wonderful this world is. How much to see and feel, just in the simplest of places. As I drove undirected and casually down small winding roads, my mind kept returning to her. Something about her has interlocked with my soul. It is not just sex. It is not just Her Dominance. There is a woman in her that somehow speaks to me without words. Deeply. Her expressions. Her movements. She may well think I don’t notice. I hide my interest well behind my sometimes emotionless face. But within me, I stir for her. I understand what she says with her eyes and with her motions. How can that be?
“Oh look at this place!”, as I stumble upon thick and moss laden trees that open to clearing of fresh soft and fragrant grass. I stop, get out of the car and walk around. This is a bit of heaven here. I close my eyes and tilt my face to the sun. The red, warmth of sun coming through my eyelids. The smells of the greenery. The sounds of the birds. This is indeed a special place…
Time is passing and I need to get back. I mark this location in my mind as I drive to their home. Visions of Charlotte sitting on my face flash through my head. Her smell and taste as she grinds into my mouth shout to my mind. I can feel my cock stiffening in my pants as I drive. A part of me is so excited I think of stopping the car and pleasuring myself. No. I know what I need. I need time with her. I need to be with her. I need this woman. I need to taste her again. But how? When? Will she even be at the house? Wait, it is still morning, with many all awake. I begin concockting (not misspelled) a plan. Yes! Yes! Yes! I speed up a bit to get back soon. I drove much further into the country than I had realized. But I soon see the house in the near distance. I arrive, park and walk inside. To my surprise and delight Charlotte is home. I hear her speaking to someone I don’t recognize. She hears me come in and finds her way to me acting very uninterested, but says, “how was your little trip?” A part of me wants to blow it off and say very little. But I can’t. My eyes glow and words begin to come from my smiling face, “Charlotte, it is so beautiful around here. You must love it!”
“Yes”, she says, “there is much to be seen around here.” I am glad you like the area. And she smiles and walks past me in the hallway. Something strikes me. I need to ask. And so I do…
“Charlotte, come for a drive with me! Let me show you what I have found? Come!” I am not sure what she will say, but to my utter surprise, she looks at me and says, “Why, yes. Only a short time, though. OK?” “Yes, just a short time. Let’s leave in a few minutes”, I say to her. I am getting a bit nervous and also a bit excited. In a very short time I will have her in the car. I like this. I race up to my room and open the drawer with the sheet. Yes, the cum crusted sheet. Perfect. I grab it and think of my plan. I rip the sheet into strips about 8 cm thick and the width of the sheet. I take the strips and put them in a black bag. Smiling, I rush down the stairs and call for her. Her father, my good friend, is at the foot of the stairs! He asks me how I am doing and what I am doing. I want to be pleasant but feel so unlike speaking to him right now. But I do let him know I am going for a drive in the country and bringing Charlotte for the ride. I feel compelled to ask if he would like to come with us. Ugghhh. I ask. Thank Heaven, he lets me know not this time but maybe soon and suggests we have a good time. whew!  Thank goodness.

 I call for Charlotte and she comes down the stairs from her room carrying a small plastic box. She is smiling and eager to go. She looks at my bag and looks at me. She doesn’t ask me what is inside, so I calmly walk out with her, and, open the door for her. She chuckles and sits in the car seat. I hop in and drive off, after placing the bag in the back seat behind me. She holds her little box. I think nothing much of it. We are on our way…
I am not really a forceful man at all.  Truth be known I rather love my teeny submissiveness side. Well, maybe not that teeny. But there is another side of me. No, I am not a switch. But, there is that feisty side…
As we travel well down the road I turn the car off to a tiny side road and drive a bit, then stop. “Hold on, Charlotte, I need to get something out of my bag in the back seat. It will only take a minute.” She nods pleasantly. I get into the back seat. I immediately look into the bag and pull out two strips of the sheet. Unsuspecting a thing I let her no how much I like her laugh and she does what I thought she would. She laughs. And as she does I take one of the strip and quickly wrap it inside of and around her mouth. I quickly tie it tightly behind the seat. She immediately gasps and starts trying to get it off. As she places her hands to either side of the tight strip, making baffled sounds through the cotton in her mouth, I grab both hands and, like a cowboy, wrap another strip around her wrists, tying them quickly. I then grab another strip  from my grey bag and slip it between her wrists, around her tied wrists and then I pull her hands behind her neck and tie them to some hardware at the bottom of the chair.

She is writhing a bit, maybe a bit scared, and very surprised! Her seat belt and shoulder belt holding her in, now she is a bit unable to call the shots…but she also looks so beautiful. I move my lips towards her ear and whisper, “Don’t worry. Really. Don’t worry. You are safe.  I will never harm you. Just sit back now and enjoy the ride,
As we drive closer and closer to the country clearing I continue to look over at this gorgeous woman that squirms a bit, tossles a bit, moans into the cloth in her mouth a bit. I don’t know what she is thinking, but there is something about her that simply captures me. And that is not all. I feel a hardness in my jeans. My manhood is throbbing as I look over to her. I can feel the blood in my cock. I recall her weight and the taste and smell of her dripping pussy on my face. I LOVE the smell and taste of her. So many possibilities: it would take a lifetime…
There it is. The clearing. Even more picturesque than I thought it was. Dark black brown tree trunks with lush green leaves adorning their flowing limbs frame a bed of fragrant tall grass and dashes of colorful flowers here and there. I stop the car and hop out and dash over to the other side where Charlotte is sitting. I open her door and look at her. What glowing skin. What soft and luxurious hair. What perfect lips. I bend my head into the car and kiss her on the cheek and then on the neck. She fights and groans through the semen soaked cotton gag. It is wet with her saliva now. My cum has softened in her mouth. She must be able to taste it a bit. I think maybe the strongest part of me wants to simply let her know what I am feeling and to untie these binds, open her eyes and mouth, and kiss her. And hope we have something very special between us. But there is the game player in me: The one that remembers that I awoke to being completely bound and tested like a lab animal. Never mind that  I absolutely loved what she did to me (and I am uncertain if she knows or feels it). Ah, time for the game player to play a bit.  
I will unbuckle her seatbelt, but first I need to make sure her legs are constrained a bit. I know she has very strong legs! i pull out a long strip of the sheet from my bag and tie an end on each ankle. She has about 15cm’s of distance possible, so she can walk. Well, maybe shuffle! She is wearing jeans that are cut short. Her thighs look so beautiful and tone. I instinctively bend down and kiss her inner thighs, both of them. She groans a bit. Kind of angry, but not totally, with her head moving back and forth left and right. I remind her of her duck tape and ropes she used on me and she quiets down a bit. Her thighs are wonderful. I kiss them again and lick her inner thighs from her knee to her shorts. She closes her legs tightly. Understandable. I lick the tops of her thighs and kiss both of her knees. And I bite the top of her right thigh. She lets out a guttural moan and I simply laugh. Oh I kind of like this. 
“Charlotte, we are in a very special place. I think you will like it. Maybe all we will do is sit and talk. If you behave, I will take the sheet off over your eyes. And then the one over your mouth. It is your decision. OK?” Another groan from her. I unbuckle the seatbelt and guide her out of the car. “Let me guide you now as we walk, OK?” She nods. Oh how I love her simple nods. But, as soon as she feels herself able to stand and balance, she tries to dash away. Why? She can’t even see. Oh, maybe she can see the ground below. Yes, that is it. Unfortunately for her, the bind on her legs is too short for dashing, and she soon trips and falls on the soft grass. A really angry groan comes from her now. I look at her. What a truly beautiful woman she is. I walk over to her and slip my arms underneath her and walk her over to the perfect spot. It has been in my mind all of this time. I gently place her on her back and kiss her cheek and her ear. “Charlotte, don’t worry. I will never ever harm you. That is not who I am. I do want you to know that I have a strong sense for who you are. I feel your intelligence and your drive. I will admit to you that I love and welcome the attention you have given me, and I have been aware of it on every level. Just relax. OK?” A lesser groan and a kind of nod comes from her, her body twisting and writhing a bit. 
Now for the fun part. Four gorgeous trees almost perfectly placed. I walk back to the car and get my climbing rope. Kind of soft and very strong this rope is. I have it cut into several pieces, just for these gorgeous trees. I take the first and tie one end on one ankle and then take the second and tie that end on her other ankle. I take one rope and walk it over to one of my trees and wrap it around its wonderful trunk. Have you ever touched a tree and closed your eyes? Trees are so magnificent. I then do the same with the other rope to one of my other trees. Nothing like a good pair of scissors, which I take out of the bag. Then, I take my scissors and cut the sheet that was binding her both legs and tighten up the ropes on the trees. Charlotte is now a bit distressed. She actually tries to sit up and moans through my cum filled gag. I don’t think she likes this…yet. I do the same thing to both arms, using my other two special trees. I cut the binding between her wrists and tighten up the rope. There. Look at that. Both arms and legs spread wide. She is a bit unhappy, writhing and twisting, but has nowhere to go. I look down at her and at the clearing and back down at her. Her head makes a few angry motions followed by a grunt and a groan or two. “Sweet Charlotte, I kind of have you all to myself…doesn’t that grass smell delicious. Can you smell the flowers? Can you feel the soft grass tickling your legs and arms and neck? So wonderful, isn’t it?” She is wearing a simple black tshirt with little suns and moons all around. Very cute. Her black hair flowing on top of the sweet grass. Mine. All mine. 
“I wish I could un-tie the blindfold and the gag, but you tried to run, Charlotte. Maybe soon I can do that. We will see…”
It is a beautiful day. A bit warm and humid, but beautiful. And this woman is also so very beautiful. Really beautiful, with a very naughty mind, which adds much to her beauty! I look at her and kneel down beside her waste. I kiss her tummy over her tshirt and then lift it up a bit and kiss her actual skin. I can feel her muscles tense and her back arch. She is not altogether disgusted with me. I can feel it. I look at her breasts still covered by her shirt. I don’t believe she is wearing a bra. I open my mouth and kiss her left nipple over the shirt. Then lick my lips and cover her nipple with my warm and wet mouth, sucking her nipple into my mouth gently, through the cotton. Her shirt is wet. Her nipple is getting hard. She is fighting a moan of anger with a moan of pleasure. She pulls at the ropes of her arms and rocks her head back. I then kiss her right nipple and lick it over her cotton shirt, taking my hand playing with left nipple between my thumb and forefinger. 

Yes, she does not mind this, as her groans turn to deep sighs, as if saying, “oh I am angry but I do like this…” I move to her ears and whisper, “Charlotte, you are a very beautiful woman. But I think you real beauty is in here”, as I touch her chest over her heart and then her forehead. “Your mind, your heart, I think I feel them. I love how you have toyed with me. I love it.” And I then stand and walk to her feet, looking down at her spread legs. I know the smell and taste of where those legs meet. And I love the smell and taste of her. I kneel down between her legs and open my mouth wide and place it over her sex, breathing moist hot air through the cotton of her jeans, wondering now, does she have on panties. Hmmmm….i continue breathing into her and her writhing of anger is turning to a writhing of pleasure. I can feel her motion changing. She rocks her hips up into my mouth once to engage my mouth. I can now smell her through her clothing. It is a distant smell, but completely awakens my senses. I actually begin to lick her jeans over her vagina, wetting them, my mind and tongue so willing, my mouth moving up to her tummy, licking her skin and kissing her. I can feel my penis growing. I feel a tug in my pants and need to shift my cock so it can point upward into my pants and grow. I rub it a bit over my pants. It is not huge and is not small. It is thick. And it so wants to come out of these pants…
I move my mouth to her mouth and rest my body on top of her, lifting my weight with my hands and my feet, but touching as much of her as I can, my hard cock directly on top of her pussy, both of us fully clothed, yet fully ready. Our genitals feel like magnets to each other, both of us moving with each other slightly.
I kiss her mouth over the gag. I cannot seem to smell or taste my cum. My lips touch parts of hers. I hear her sigh. No anger in this sigh. I ride my cock gently over her pussy starting to sense her motion with mine. Another sigh from her. A sigh from me. The feel of the cool grass on my palms, the smell of the fresh air. How special. I lift myself up and stand again. Looking down on the grass I find the scissors almost hidden in the blades of grass. I bend over and reach down and tug at the bottom of her shirt. Taking the scissors I begin to cut her shirt from bottom to top. She cannot see, but feels her shirt loosening and the strange sensation of her shirt being open. Her breasts! Just exquisite. Not large at all. Absolutely perfect, though, with hardened nipples that are so very perfect. I bring my mouth to each and lick and suck on them. Her back arches, she lifts her breasts to my mouth. She likes this, I believe. I take the scissors and cut across each sleeve and then pull the material out from her. Look at this unbelievably delicious woman. Her naked back now feels full the blades of grass beneath her. They tickle and comfort her back. A moan from her tells me loves the feel of the earth beneath her. I move down to her feet and remove her flats from her feet. I kiss the tops of each foot and massage them a bit, then kiss them again. My wonderful scissors back in my hand, I look at her shorts. I hate to ruin them, but this is not a time to save them. I cut them on both sides from the bottom up to the on the sides of each hip. And I fold each side up and then down through her legs.  Ah, she does have panties on. Light blue and white stripped panties, the stripes going from top to bottom. I can see some darker blue over her pussy. Is that my saliva or her wetness…or both. It looks so delicious.
I pull her jeans from under her, and cannot help myself from licking her panties right over her pussy. As my mouth and nose get closer I smell the woman I remember so well. My tongue extends long and wide as I lick her panties from the bottom of her pussy to the top, hoping I find her clit and massage it a bit over the cotton material. I hold both sides of her panties from the top and pull them down a bit, though it is hard to do so with her legs tied and spread apart. But I can see a portion of her closed pussy and it not only looks so perfect, but it smells just grand. Using the scissors I cut each side open and pull them from underneath her. Her entire body is now directly on top of the still moist grass. She is writhing a bit and sighing, but not angrily at all. It appears she does love the feel of the grass on her body, and the wind dusting her naked skin.
I look at the inside of her panties and see some discoloring just where her pussy would be. Oh how delightfully edible. I extend my tongue and lick it. As my tongue wets the cotton I can smell and taste her outrageously delicious vagina. My head cocks upward toward the son. I LOVE this taste. Hers is quite different and completely wonderful. I look down at this gorgeous woman. Naked on the grass. Tied with legs spread and arms spread. Still blindfolded. Still gagged. What would she do if I cut the ropes? Would she run? I don’t know. And I am not going to find out. At least not now. But I do think it is fine for her to see where she is. I ask if she would like to see, and she responds “mhm” through the gag. So I unloose her blindfold and pull it gently from her head. She opens her eyes and looks around finding my eyes. Not a loving look she gives me, but not one of complete disgust either. She turns her head and takes in everything. I know how observant she is. And how smart. She looks up at the sky through the leaves and then looks down at the gag and tries to speak. I think I know what she is saying but don’t think I will loosen the gag. I remember HER duct tape…
She sees me standing there in my short sleeve white shirt and black shorts, with white worn sneaks and no socks. My cock is still quite hard beneath my shorts. Not sure if she sees it, but I am sure I can feel it. I reach for the bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head. She has seen this body before. She looks at my chest and pulls on the ropes a bit. And says again what I think is, “take this gag off!”. But I am not completely certain. I pull my shoes off and then unbutton and unzip my shorts. I pull them down. I have no boxers on. Just my hard wanton cock bouncing in the air. I walk around her. She is definitely looking at me and my cock and my body. I smile at her and say, “thank you so much for coming”. And she looks at me with darts in her eyes, pulling at the ropes. “what’s wrong, sweet Charlotte? What’s wrong?” I say coyly. I step between her legs, my cock hard, and I kneel. Looking up at her I then angle my mouth right over her pussy. Oh yes that perfect smell. It is like I have known it for a 1000 years. I extend my tongue and touch the tip of my tongue to the top of her unopen lips, rocking it a bit to find her clit. She sighs and moans and rocks her hips. I think I have found it…and I bring my tongue in and wait a few seconds. Then I extend it and lick up and down her lips opening them little by little and tasting the most precious taste in the world…she begins to sigh deeper and with no anger or frustration, but with pleasure. She likes this pussy licking. She likes it. I cup my hands beneath her round ass and bring my mouth further into her vagina with my tongue now entering her and slipping more deeply into her. oh this is just perfectly delicious. My tongue widens and moves up to her now hardened clit and I press on it with the top of my hot tongue, massaging it, vibrating on it, giving her every motion I hope she will love. I lick my middle finger and then slide it into her pussy massaging all around inside of her and finding her g-spot and massaging it carefully as I suckle on her clit. I then lick my thumb and place it inside of her pussy as I play with the rim of her small and tight ass, beginning to insert my finger into her ass as I massage her g-spot with my thumb and masturbate her clit with my tongue and lips, sucking on it like the tiny cock it is. Her hips are now rocking madly into my mouth and her muffled moans show how close she is to cumming. I truly wish to do this to her over and over and over….i love being with her and pleasuring her. I insert my finger all the way into her warm ass and my thumb into her pussy and I massage her clit wildly now, sensing she will cum.
Her moans and sighs are high pitched and her limbs are pulling tightly against the ropes. Her back is arched high and her hips are fucking my mouth in intense heat and rhythm. I keep my finger in her ass pulling it in and out as I shift my tongue and extend it as long as it will go and plunge it deep into her wet vagina working her hard clit with the thumb of my other hand. She is rocking and shrieking and arching and now……I can feel it…she is cumming. Quick bursts of motion and a wash of hot sweet juice from her chamber all over my mouth. Yes. YES! I love having been able to do this for her.
I slide up and sit a bit over her chest just below her breasts. I look down at her and we both look into each other’s eyes. She knows I am not trying to harm her in any way. She knows I have true feelings for her. I know she can feel it. I know. 
I reach down and kiss her cheek and look again into her eyes. Now is the right time. I unbind the sheet over her mouth. And I toss it aside on the grass, wondering what she will say. She takes some deep breaths. Looks at me. “My aviator…you fly in many ways, don’t you? Now, untie these ropes.”. I look at her and smile. She smiles, waiting for me to untie her. She waits. And I kiss her lips. We open our mouths and kiss each other. And again, more passionately. I kiss her neck and then her chest and both of her breasts and down her tummy and then I find her clit…again…It is not time to untie her. It is just not time. I suck her clit into my mouth and then drive my tongue into her pussy and then push my head down under her and find her ass with my tongue. I begin to lick each area and drive my tongue into her pussy and her ass and then suckle her again hardened clit…She begins to moan loudly and quicly and says, “My aviator, my aviator…” I lick her wildly and suck her juices into my mouth and insert my finger into her ass again, my tongue washing over her pussy and landing on her clit. Back and forth and back and forth. She begins to moan and breathe heavily and in rhythm to my motions. Her hips charge into my face as I  drive my tongue deeply into her most delicious vagina and I hear her about to cum again. “yes, sweet one, make me cum. Make me cum again….” Her legs pulling on the ropes and her hips driving into my tongue-cock, she cums hard and furiously into me, with what feels like a spray of sweet cum into my mouth. She continues to use my tongue and feels like she is cumming multiple times and then the motion and the sound subsides…She is done for a moment. “oh, my aviator, you feel so good. Now untie me…”
I move my face drenched lips to her head and look at her eyes. “Charlotte, I love being with you. I love it.” I give her a hug and a short kiss, letting her taste herself, and I feel the tug of my still so hard cock on the grass and her thighs. My hard cock. I look down and see precum dripping from the head of it. I take my finger and wipe it off and bring it to her lips. “Taste me”. She licks it off my finger and smiles. I begin to rock my cock into the side of her creamy smooth legs. My head dipping down into her chest and kissing her chest and breasts. I look into her eyes and gaze more deeply into her than I ever have. I feel her doing the same. No words. We both know something about each other. We can both feel it. I continue to rock into her and shift my position with my cock getting closer and closer to her entrance. I can feel the head of my cock slipping into her and feel her helping me into her by moving her pussy around and into my hardened penis. I slip it in and it slides easily all the way into her. We both gasp and feel so close. Her head moving back, eyes closed, I feel her entering her own world now, yet still with me. The pleasure of my cock wrapped by her pussy is unbelievable. I sigh and moan as I begin to slide in and out of her smoothly and slowly. She moans with me and on her own and I can tell she will be able to cum again soon. How fortunate her body is so willing and able to cum. 

Who is this woman? Why do I feel this way. So many levels touching each other. Is it just in my mind? My hard thick cock entering her more quickly. I can feel myself able to cum, but will not yet. No. I pull myself out and just keep my head inside of her back and forth, just the head of my hard cock. I wrap my arms around her and pull her chest into mine and kiss her deeply as we sigh into each other’s mouths. The vibration of her moan in my mouth is luxurious. I never want to not have access to it. I am getting lost in the rhythm, my cock now sliding all the way into her again. I keep myself completely inside with my pelvic bone massaging her clitoris as I pump in fast spurts but all the way inside, not pulling out almost at all. I feel her tightening herself around me and drawing my orgasm out of my mind. I hear her beginning to cum again and feel myself about to explode into her. More and more shallow pumps, and I arch into her fully and totally as I feel the inside of my body ignite as waves of intense pleasure wash over all of me from my head to toes. “Charlotte, I am cumming. I am cumming.” “yes, cum into me my sweet aviator”, she says. My cum filling her chamber, my cock in her grasp. My heart and mind lost to her.never have I felt this way with another before. Never.
My moans quieting I rest upon her for a short time. I pull myself slowly out of her and rest by her side. Closing my eyes I remember she is still tied. I kneel first and look at her. I can see my cum slipping out of her pussy. I open my mouth and kiss her there licking up a portion of my own thick, salty cum and I kiss her mouth, rolling my tongue into hers, letting her taste me. I sigh and stand, untying each rope from her limbs. I massage each area of her limbs where the rope was tied and I kiss each.  And then, tired and full of feelings for this woman, I lay down next to her, put my arm around her and kiss her neck and her cheek and whisper in her ear, “please don’t leave me. stay with me here now.” But you are free to do whatever you wish.  I close my eyes and breath, smelling the fresh grass and the flowers, feeling touches of sun through the leaves over my naked body. I smile and fall asleep next to her, content and with such a full heart.

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