dinsdag 19 februari 2013

The adventurous Italian aviator pt4

I open my eyes, his face is close to mine. His breath caresses mine. I can smell him, smell us. Sleeping he looks young and innocent. My eyes slowly travel over his forehead, eyebrows, the bridge of his perfect nose, the curve of his full lips. I want to kiss him again but I don't.
Quietly I get up, a sore and throbbing, wet feeling between my legs, the reminder of his revenge. My shorts and shirt are useless, cut to pieces so I grab his shirt and pull it over my head, good enough, my ass is covered. I find his car keys in his pants and walk away, leaving him on the grass, sleeping and naked.
The sun sets, the sky is layered in the most lusty oranges. I park the car a bit further so my parents don't hear me arrive and sneak into the house. In the bathroom I get the water running, fill the tub, holds his shirt against my face, dip my finger against my pussy lips and hold it under my nose. His scent.
The warmth of the water envelops me, I close my eyes and fantasize what he will do when he wakes up. No car, no shirt... just his shorts and a long walk ahead.

The next morning, he enters the dining room, my heart leaps, I nod, he tilts his head, I grin, he grins, I flex, he laughs and wags his finger, my parents look puzzled. As soon as we are alone I climb on his lap and straddle him, my mouth sucks his, kissing him passionately and grind him, he grows hard immediately. His hands cup the round of my ass and he squeezes. "You are such a bad, bad girl! I had to walk 2 hours to get here..." I giggle against his mouth. Moan. The heat. The friction of our clothing. Rubbing myself on his erection. His hips move upwards under me. I love the sound of his voice when he moans.
You know that full feeling of heavy wanting, so much your heart beats in your genitals?

His hands firm their grip. Demanding. I entwine my fingers in his and get off his lap.
"If you want me you will have to do it my way!"
He pants and stares at me.
"Ok, don't move!" I run upstairs to my room and back. My container.
I straddle him and buckle a leather collar around his neck, his eyes are dark. The cold metal of the chain attached to it slides through my fingers, I wrap it around my hand and look at his face.
"Kneel" and he does.
His face is close to my front, I tug the chain softly towards me, his nose sits against the edge of my skirt. For a flip second his eyes close.
I wait. Silence. Our breathing. Our longing screaming loudly in my mind. I don't move. He waits. The air so fruitful of anticipation. I am amazed of his willingness.
Slowly I unbutton his shirt, open his pants, get him naked, tie his wrists behind his back. He is meek and the little hairs on my arms stand like little antennas tuned in to him. Tenderness. It's what I just felt.
His cock is rock hard, he enjoys this. I lead him to the stairs in the hallway, he shuffles behind me on his knees, uncomfortably.
He is mine.
Soft rustling of the chain as I pull my panties from under my skirt, place myself on the lowest step of the stairs. Sit spread wide.
"When we reach the top I want to orgasm" I whisper.
I tug the chain, his mouth lands on my smoothly shaved mound and he starts to lick the little plump lips of my pussy. The feel of his warm, wet mouth is incredible. He licks me with long, slow strokes and I moan lustfully. My hips tilted, surrendering to his perfect tongue, my swollen clit electrified. Holding myself not to cum right now.
I turn and climb a pair of steps, my ass up in the air and pull the chain, he knows exactly what to do and does it devotedly. Tickle. Tingle. He fucks my ass with his long wet tongue. My moans echo through the hall.
When I turn again the tip of his cock sweeps against my lower leg, so hard. A strand of precum. He trembles when I spread my legs wide again for him a few step higher. He stares at me while he extends his tongue to lick my little, wet cunt. A ripple of pleasure rolls through my entire body. Panting. Oh God. He laps me intensely, when he reaches my clit I reach the edge, quiver and turn around again, two more steps.
He moans as he plunges his tongue in my ass, my inside contracts, I feel myself leek, his sperm from yesterday slowly dripping out. I bend my head and look through my own legs at his hard cock. It's twitching helplessly in the air and oozes pre-cum like crazy. Trembling. I am so close. The tingle spirals through my whole body now, so I climb to the top of the stairs, turn and sit, spread myself wide. His mouth covers my pussy. Just one lick. I start cumming. He feels my hard nub jump against his tongue and licks me softly through my orgasm. So intense and overwhelming. My body taken by this tingling love cramp. He looks up at me while I wait for the little aftershocks to subside.

I catch my breath, smile at him. The muscles under his skin are trembling, his hard cock flexes, wet, dripping.
"I am so close, let me cum, Charlotte" he huffs.
But I have other plans.
When he is on top of the stairs, I make him bend over the railing, he gasps when he feels my fingers on his ass, I spread his ass cheeks and return the pleasure. My tongue enters him as a little, wet snake, he whimpers and I wrap my fingers tight above his balls, pulling them down away from his body, making sure he can't cum. I lick around the tight hole and then inside, reading his body language carefully, ticking against the root of his dick, fucking him with my tongue and when I feel the familiar tremble just holding it patiently against his entrance.
Now I control him, my aviator.
He groans throatily, not even touching his cock, it throbs and gulps of pre-cum erupt from it as I work his ass, then I release his balls, push them up slightly, massaging them gently with my fingertips, my tongue flicks fast in and out of his ass, my other hand grasps his shaft. All the way backwards I pull his dick behind his legs, milking him, I squeeze and move slowly from the base up to the tip, the full hard length and he gasps. My palm wet from his pre-juice, squishing, my thumb tantalizing over the big vein, the same rhythm as I use my tongue, his whole body stiffens, his ass squeezes around my tongue, his balls tighten up, his cock flexes in my palm and he starts to cum. He groans and squirms as one jet of hot sticky cum after another spurts out of his swollen purple cockhead into the hallway. His upper body seeking support on the railing as his knees buckle.

I take the chain of his collar and drag him to my bedroom, remove the strap from his wrists and get on the bed with him, we hold each other, entangled, breathless. Whispering.
He asks me to remove the collar.

I shake my head.
(to be continued)

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