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Miss Tink

Written by Domani for a contest I organized:

Miss Tink  

Reality is nothing more than a figment of the imagination. Look here, look there, what you see is not what is seen by anyone else. Turn around. Is what you were looking at even there anymore? How our minds play tricks on us. But that naughty little fairy… She makes the whole wide world change…effortlessly!

You all know the drill. All of us men know it. It is great, but it sucks (not as in sucking cock). We get horny. Super horny. And our blood boils as it races into our cocks. Our minds shift and all we need is to somehow, someway cum! We NEED our balls to release and feel the drug of orgasm. There is nothing like it. And some of us need it all the time. I am one of those. Even now, my warm hand slips down into my pants searching for that cock. Images of wet pussies gliding over my face make it harder than stone. I open my pants and drop them to the floor, kick my head back and close my eyes, jacking myself off into a mind numbing ecstasy... and then I realize it is just me…again. My loving hand. My loving mind. My cum once again dripping all over the place. Such a lonely feeling after such a pleasant cumgasm.

I have never bragged about the size of my cock. There is nothing to brag about. It is there. Not too small, and definitely not too big. It is just what it is. But when it is hard it feels huge. It feels so needy. If only I had a hot wet pussy for it. No. That is not all. I would LOVE to have a lover. A real lover. Not just a pussy but another mind and body. Is there one out there for me? Please? Anywhere?

An image flashes on the TV. Have you seen it? The commercial for that new tiny Italian Fiat. OMG! That woman! I am so hers. She pulls my chin up with her finger looking at me. How dare they turn her into a stupid little car. Wait. I will buy that car. She is the car! Oh, my cock is getting hard just thinking about her. I need to go into my room and cum. I lay on my bed and rip my clothes off. I lick my fingers and rub my nipples. Don’t laugh! You do it, too!!! You know you do! I feel my cock throbbing as I go down and grab it…when I hear this quiet but strong female voice say, “my my, what have we here? What a throbbing cock you have little man!” I look around, look up, look down, “What, where, who is that”? Oh, my mind is playing tricks on me again. I close my eyes and once again see Fiat lady looking into my eyes, my cock needing my hand. I move my hand to it and feel a sting. “Ouch!” I shout. “What the hell was that?!”

I look down and see what I can’t believe to be true. What is going on here? I am not joking, there is this little fairy flying just above the bed near my cock. I am dead serious.

“Who are you??? What is going on here???” I say to her.

She laughs wickedly and says, “Well, at least you can see me! And hear me! And…you can feel me, too! Did it hurt? It was so much fun to bite your hand!”. And she looks at me and smiles. Holy crap. I am not sure whether to be embarrassed by my naked body and hardened cock, or stunned. I am both, actually! Not only is she gorgeous, with this kind of nasal but incredibly beautiful voice, but she has this look! This ‘oh so serious’ stare.  Hard to believe, but it is more intense than that model on that Fiat ad. This fairy is more beautiful and more intense than the Fiat Lady! And she is a fairy! There is a freaking fairy in my room!!! I mean a small, gorgeous fairy with wings! She can fly! And I can see her, hear her, FEEL her…Wo, this is unbelievable.

“So, whatcha thinkin ‘bout, little man, that has that cock of yours all turned up like that? Kind of nice looking little thing, it is!” she says.

“Hey, where do you come off calling me little man with a little cock. My cock is twice the size of you!!! And I don’t get to say that much and have it be true!!!” I kind of chuckle a bit.

“Well I am glad you have a bit of a sense of humor, little one. You are going to need it! Size my dear little man is but a figment of the imagination. I have seen 9” cocks in action and they could just as easily be a half a centimeter long. Used with no imagination. No creativity. And I have seen little 2 centimeter cocks fill the largest pussies. But you probably don’t have a clue what I mean…”

“Actually, I think I do know what you mean”, I say as I look at her. Her voice is so damned beautiful. There is something about her that captivates me immediately. For the first time in my life I wish I were small. Like super small. Like her size.

“You know, I can read your mind, little one. It’s why I am here. I like your mind. Just nice and subalicious. And I like this little cock of yours. And I think we need to milk it. What do you think?” she says with this incredibly powerful look in her eyes. She continues, “I know what brought you up here. Yea, she is kind of hot, that Domme in the Fiat commercial. She really turns you on, doesn’t she? Hmmm, this is gonna be fun!”

I can’t believe I am naked on my bed having a conversation with a super hot, sexy fairy. And I think she is Domme! She has the look, the feel. I feel like this tiny fairy could have complete control over me. What the hell is going on here???

No sooner do I think these thoughts than I hear her say, “Get off of this bed and down on your knees, before me, NOW!”

“Oh please, like, you are gonna make me do this? Look at the size of you! I could crush you with one hand. All I wanted to do is come up here and jerk off, and that is what I am gonna do. You can stay if you want.” As I move my hand back towards my cock. “If you want to watch then watch. If I were your size maybe things would be a bit different, you know what I mean?”

“Please, let’s get something straight here. Don’t EVER threaten me. Really. You don’t want to do that. But, some things you say are kind of pleasant to hear. You are the first little man to think of being my size and not me being your size. There may be some hope for you, little one. Now, DOWN ON YOUR KNEES, before I do something to you that may concern you a bit…”

There is a part of me that feels her power, like I really need to get down on my knees on my bedroom floor. But the manly man in me knows, is convinced, I am more powerful than she is…

“I told you sweet little thing, I can read your mind. And I am very impatient when I order a little man to do what I tell him to do.”, she says very sternly, as she wisps her hand through the air. I feel a very strange feeling in me that moves right into my cock and balls. I have never felt a feeling like this before. I look down and gasp. Holy shit! My cock and balls are half the size they used to be. Half! I look at her with shock in my face.

“Oh, surprised?” she says. “You didn’t listen did you? Such a ‘manly man’ you are! Now, GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES FOR ME…please…hihi”.

I must be dreaming. This can’t be happening. I look at her and hear her say, “Sweet little one, you are not dreaming. You are very much awake. And I am very much here. And I am also very much more powerful than you are. I kind of like you. We might be able to get along. But if I were you I would GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES…NOW!”

I am not dreaming. It is happening. This is real. And she CAN read my mind! My mind now focuses totally on this command. I can feel a large part of me giving into her. This part of me likes this. Loves this. And she probably knows it!

“Of course I know it”, she says, smiling and pointing to the floor.

I don’t think twice now. I slide out of the bed and kneel on the floor, my half sized cock pointing upward, my mind frozen, my body quivering as I kneel. She smiles and flies over to my cock and pokes it a bit and flies up to my face and looks me in the eyes smiling but sternly, and then flies behind me and I hear the sound of air swooshing. Immediately my hands are pulled back and tied behind my back. I tug and cannot pull them apart. She flies up to my face and laughs and smiles and then sits down on my left shoulder and starts to whisper in my ear, “I think you will be just grand at this, you sweet little thing you. Yes, I think you will be my new prize catch. Now, play with your cock. Oh, so sorry, I almost forgot I tied your hands together. How un-thoughtful of me. Hihi. do you still want to cum? Huh? Eh?”

“Yes I do, Miss, uh, um, what shall I call You?”

“Hmmm. Good question. I don’t give out my name easily. That must be earned. Let’s have some fun with this. You can call me…Miss Tink, after a close friend of mine. For now, that will work…So, do you want to cum, little one?”

“Uh, um, yesss, Miss uh Tink, I do.”

“Very well done! Yay. Let’s celebrate!” as she flies off of my shoulder down towards my cock and balls. I hear her humming and whistling. She has a beautiful tone about her. I am thinking she might help me along as my knees begin to hurt a bit. She says quickly, “Oh, those knees don’t hurt at all, and I am NOT planning to help you along. At least not yet…”

I feel this odd kind of feeling on my cock and look down and see her touching it. I hear the air swoosh again and see her hand whip through the air and then feel that same weird feeling again in my body and cock and balls. I look at my cock and fear overcomes me. It is half again its size. It is now smaller than she is. She flies up to my eyes and smiles. “Oh this is wonderful fun!” she says. And she flies back down and I watch her land on my cock. She looks at it again and swooshes one more time. Same feeling. And I look. OMG. I can barely see it. This is just too much for me to bare. What did I do to deserve this?

“Oh, it is not too much for you to bare, sweety. I am going to help you a bit. And, you did nothing. There are times I simply do what I want to do. And, little one, I wanted to make that cock of yours tiny!” she says. I see her flitting a bit around the tip of my almost invisible cock. And then I feel a sensation that is even stronger than jacking off my normal sized cock. I gasp and moan. I look down and she is kissing it and sucking it a bit. Oh this feels better than anything I have ever felt. And she looks up at me and smiles, “Remember, I can hear every thought. I am glad you like it. Look at this cock. It is MINE now. ALL MINE. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss…Miss Tink…”

“Oh no I don’t think you do…it is not yours. You don’t touch it without my permission. And, if you do, you will be punished. Now do you understand?

I must really think about this. But there is nothing I can do, anyway. She can do whatever she pleases with me. And…I like the feeling. I like her. I feel myself surrendering to her. “Yes Miss Tink. I do. Please help me to cum, please…”

Soon I feel her on my cock again. My hips are beginning to rock in motion. She feels so good. I could cum so easily, at any moment now. Nothing has ever felt this good. I can feel her mouth and tongue sucking and licking my tiny cock. It feels better than anything I have ever felt.

“You are NOT gonna cum now, you understand?” she says. And she stops sucking me. I hear that swoosh sound she makes and I feel the straps on my wrists release. She flies up and sits on my left shoulder and whispers, “now, my little one, use your hands and fingers any way you can to jerk yourself off. I am going to go down and watch you cum… it will please me.”

“Yes, Miss Tink, I will, for You.” and I try to touch it and find it. It is so small I can hardly get it between my thumb and forefinger. I decide to lick my pointer finger and then go down and just rub it up and down. It is so small but feels even bigger than I used to feel at its normal size. Oh this feels so good. Moaning and grinding my hard cock into the tip of my finger I feel myself about to cum. Please, Miss Tink, may I cum now?” “Yes, boy, you cum and enjoy every last second”, she says.

I feel my body rushing within me and tingling all about. My groans are becoming louder and stronger. I know this feeling of almost release. My hips rocking now so hard into the air, yes, yes, yesssssss, I feel myself about to explode. Oh my, oh my….this is the most intense orgasm I have ever felt. I feel the cum shooting from my balls and moving into what feels like a huge hard cock.

My hot ejaculate is starting to explode out of my pulsating cock. OH YES!!!! CUMMING…..continuing to spurt for what seems like forever, cum feels like it is splashing all over my floor. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yyyeeeeesssssss…..Sooooooo grrreeaaattttt. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh…..

I relax a bit. Oh yes. So so great. And I look down. I am looking for cum splattered all over the floor. There is none. I look at my finger. I see just a few drops of cum on my finger. That is all.

“Oh little one how much I have to teach you about size. It is the best orgasm you have ever had, with the tiniest cock and even less cum than the pre-cum of your ‘normal’ size cock. Yet it is the longest orgasm you have ever had and the most you have ever ejaculated. You will soon understand more about size. Remember, it is but a figment of your imagination. We have to work on that. But you did a good job finishing yourself off. Now, lick your finger. Tell me how you taste.”

“Yes, Miss Tink. Miss Tink, it is the sweetest cum ever. I love the taste of myself.” And it really was delicious.

She smiled up at me. “You are learning. And…you are MINE. Now think about this. That little tiny cock of yours is kind of the size of a woman’s clit isn’t it. Think about how good it felt. And think about how much men need to learn about women.”

“Yes, Miss Tink. I will keep all of this in mindl Thank You. Miss Tink, may I have my cock back now, restored to its normal size?”

“And not your balls, too,? Hihi. Oh, sweet boy, not just yet. Remember you are MINE now. And that little cock and those tiny balls are MINE, too. You have sooooo much to learn…I will return when you least expect it. Oh, and do try to not be too embarrassed when others see that teeny weenie thingy of yours!”  And she smiled back at me, winked, and flew away. 

I looked down, astonished, at my nearly invisible cock and balls. I will never be the same again. 

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