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The Capture of Mr. Lickspittle

About four blocks away from where I live is an aquaria shop (probably not the right inglish word but you know what I mean right), I pass there almost daily and what caught my attention is the guy that works there.

To be able to take you with me to the murky depths of this twisted adventure, I will give you a brief description of my newest de-lish target. He is about 6 ft tall, very lean, wears a white shirt with the shop-logo that is always a bit moist, it is glued on his chest like a second skin, showing off his perfect flat stomach (the tropical temperature needed for his fishies and reptiles cooking him up like a heatwave, rawr) His baggy jeans hangs low on his hips, revealing the edge of his boxers and the start of a very promising perky ass (if rubber dicks could itch, mine would now!), straight thin shoulder-long blond hair, he has a very symmetric face with a pair of big fleshy lips, under his lower lip a little patch of like 6 blond hairs (probably saving them up for 5 years now), for the rest he looks hairless, his arms are slightly tanned and completely smooth.

Now the most odd thing about this man are his eyes, I enter the shop and he scoots to me like an over-friendly dog. "How can I help you, Miss?" a slight lisp, his irises move fast from left to right and then focus on me, steel blue and with the most strange pupils I have ever seen. My eyes flash back in his, lashes fluttering like butterflies "Erm.." I turn around slowly in place, showing off the tight attributes mother nature gave me, carrying myself with lots of confidence, making sure I capture his attention... "I want to surprise my husband with an aquarium" smiling again, leaning slightly towards him, wanting to catch his scent and warmth... nothing. However, he definitely picks up mine (the irresistible mix of my Angel perfume and my naked little cunt under my skirt), his nostrils flutter as he inhales deeply, his lizard eyes twitch fast, a wistful glance and then his professional takes over, he enthusiastically explains me what my options are. I blink as a tiny drop of his spit hits my face.

I follow him through the narrow lanes with rows and rows of aquaria, his voice deep, the soft sucky noise as he collect his saliva to swallow, a stream of words and sprinkles of spit, describing me all the pro and contra of a warm water fish tank compared to a seawater tank... I am not really listening, I am studying him, enjoying the slow progress of my seduction, reading all the signals. His feet and thighs twitching under his jeans, his cheeks blush, his reptile pupils dilating, his chest thrusts unconsciously towards me. My hands keep touching him slightly while I answers his questions, fascinated by the amount of saliva his mouth produces.

"Can I touch it?" my face right under his, he stares at me in disbelief, I watch his Adam's apple jump up and down. "What you mean, Miss? Touch me?" (The lizard is hooked, he is changing into a seething cauldron of lust!)
"The fish! Silly!" I giggle at him. His face is deep red and he giggles with me, I am the first grown up to ask him to touch a fish. As he lifts up the cover of the aquarium and reaches for a little dip-net, I press myself against his back, he sits tightly between the glass and my body, my little breasts against his back, I am on my toes looking over his shoulder, he seems mesmerized, my lips brush slightly over his neck about two inches under his ear, his skin is strangely cool, a tremble, the right pressure against his ass and every pore on his body reacts, his spine shifts and relaxes (he is mine!).
When his shaking hand finally manages to catch a fish in the dip-net, I grind against him my arm under his, my finger sensually rubs over the cold slimy scales of the fish. "That feels special... ", his head turns, his weird pupils open and close, I am about to capture me a fucking gecko, with any other man I would now have claimed his mouth but for some reason I don't feel like darting my tongue in his sink.

"You got a back room here?" he nods, the panting fish back in the water, he runs for the front door, locking it, so eager, then we run together to the back, he brings me into some kind of storage, lots of carton boxes, lots of materials in buckets, the wee warm smell of open warm-water tanks.
I pull up his shirt and look at his smooth chest, he is staring, I grab a roll of tape from the table and command him to put his hands behind his back, his mouth opens and closes, he swallows his protest and 30 seconds later he is helpless.
With a swift move I pull his jeans and boxers down to his knees, I lower myself and look... I am about to go apeshit...

My eyes meet his and his cheeks turn deep red, his whole body stiffens in this eternal moment of humiliation. His penis is not even an inch long! A deep red throbbing button, I am staring at it, my face 2 inches away, his balls look normal, smooth and tight with a veiny skin, his tiny organ spurts precum with every throb, my breath flutters over it and when I put my finger against it, tentative, checking how hard it is (concrete, I swear!) he shudders, yelps and shoots his load in my face...

For a split second I want to grab his balls and prepare him a home made omelet in his own sack, I get up and look at his flushed face. "Oh no, you didn't!" slowly I rake the globs of his creamy cum of my skin with my fingers and feed it to him, he whimpers and gags but eats it obedient, I use the edge of his shirt to clean the rest of my face.

This is a weird beyond words, I look around the storage room as to find a solution, a way to get rid of this situation, my eyes get caught by his weird, alien throbbing mushroom, the little slit squints like a tiny evil eye, strands of precum hanging from it, my hand slowly moves to it, my two fingers squeeze around it, he moans and squirms, another torrent of sticky jizz erupts forcefully from his nub.
Wow (right?)

A feeling of undefinable lust mixed with curiosity rolls through my tummy, I put my forefinger and thumb around the rim of the mushroom and squeeze, moving the skin slightly, my thumb rubs underneath it, my forefinger on top, slow and sensually, I feel it pulse between my fingers, he quivers and moans loudly, his reptile eyes closed now, his hips buck forward following my hand and he cums again, jet after jet squirts out of his tiny cock and I don't stop, my finger and thumb keep milking him, he stays hard like a rock, jerking helpless, only 5 minutes later, he moans loudly and explodes again, less fluid now, the cum is more creamy and thicker and he seems more sensitive...

But I can't stop, I am fascinated, he groans and protests but I push him on the floor and place my ass on his chest, holding him down with my weight, his arms and hands stuck under his own body, my fingers all five around his swollen stiff cockhead, rubbing around the rim, he shakes and growls like an animal, I milk him faster now, he pants like a dog, his hair hangs over his face, his hips buck up for more or to avoid my teasing hand, who knows, he shakes and moans throatily as his cockhead swells, turns purple and erupts gulps of sticky, thick cum.

Much less now... when I rub my fingers against it, he begs me to stop, a ripple of pure lusty sadism shoots through my genitals and I start to rub the palm of my hand against his swollen purple mushroom head, he struggles under me, sobbing, my own wet leaks on his chest, my fingers squeeze, grasp at the skin and I stroke fast, strong throbbing against my fingertips, my other hand lifts up his balls, gently massaging them, they feel soft and empty, my thumb presses underneath, rubbing his sensitive spot, he jerks and spasms uncontrollably, I feel his glands expand as more blood rushes in, his cockhead expands and he starts cumming, a slow and intense orgasm, forcing out the last jizz left.  He collapses under me, panting.

"Open your legs!" he tries to lift his upper body and almost cries "Please, Miss, stop now, I can't... please..." I rub my finger in one of the little puddles of cum and smear it between his ass-cheeks, my fingertips exploring his tiny velvety hole, rubbing around it, ticking in the center, eagerly to get in, I slide in slowly stretching him open and go for his prostate, pressing against it, he moans helplessly, my other hands jacks his tiny cock, the blood rushes in and he gets hard again, but he is sensitive, he growls and groans, bucking up trying to avoid my touch, I pant, I am so horny I could cum without a touch, my fingers fuck his tight little ass while I force him to a slow and painful orgasm, he screams when he cums, not a drop of wet passes the tiny slit of his cockhead.

I milked him dry.

Did I?

My wicked mind plots a last test, I pull up his upper body and drag him against the wall so he sits, I stand over him, one foot on each side of his legs and lift up my skirt showing him my smooth little swollen pussy, his lizard eyes stare between my legs, mesmerized, he opens his mouth...

My eyes widen in astonishment...

Out of his mouth rolls a tongue of at least 8 inches long, bendy, pointy, twisting like a tentacle, already at my hard clit... he slides it between my pussylips, stretches me open, the tip curls against my pussywalls and hits my cervix, licking inside me, deep, up and down, while the base of his tongue, thick and wet, rubs and rolls against my throbbing clit.

This is the mind-blowing Valhalla of cunnilingus, I grab his head, my weight pushed down on his mouth, allowing him to fuck me with his huge thick tongue, feeling it slide in and out, licking my ass, back inside me, snaking against my g-spot, the longest lick ever over my oozing clit, I tremble and moan, holding onto his head, tilting my hips eager for more of this amazing wet wonder.

My body stiffens, I arch my back and start to cum on his tongue, whatever it is he is doing with it, I don't know, but my orgasm starts on my throbbing clit, ripples open drawing out a jolt of pleasure of my g-spot, my inside contracts, expanding more, my ass twitches, nerve-endings react and I shudder and shake on top of his face, a wave of pure intensive joy rolls through my body, I moan so loud it takes a while before we hear the bouncing on the front door.

Trying to catch my breath, his eyes look up at me, ice blue, he realizes there is somebody who wants in, I remove the tape from his hands and we adjust our clothing, we are both flushed, faces red, the intense scent of sex filled the storage room. I run behind him to the door, a couple customers awaits, impatiently, ticking their watch... Before he unlocks the door I lean into him and kiss his lips, smile and off I go...

Whoa... I didn't even ask his name... I chuckle and name him Mr. Lickspittle.

Fish and reptiles are interesting...
I want to buy my hubby an aquarium, so Mr. Lickspittle can teach me all about it...

To be continued...

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