dinsdag 19 februari 2013

The Adventurous Italian Aviator pt2

Avoiding me, ignoring me... Our illustrious guest makes sure he never sits next to me at the table again, I circle around him like a tiny velociraptor, high on my toes, silently, parading in my cutest outfits, with no result.. His eyes look at me with disdain, the memory of my slender hand controlling him colors them dark. Shame? Guilt? Anger? At me or at himself?

This needs a genius plan, he stays another 3 days, it is time for action! Because of his length and strength I need to make sure to catch him in an unguarded moment, sadly there is no guides on the interwebz how to capture aviators, I read how to overpower crocodiles, learn how to make perfect knots to tie him. After some googling I know the different phases of sleep and their duration, my plan comes true... (oh sweet rush of anticipation racing through my veins), now the preparations... Tomorrow night is my best bet, weekend, my father will be serving more alcohol, a deeper sleep for the aviator, my bedroom is my lab, I gather everything needed and get to work, determent to dominate this drop dead gorgeous alpha hunk.

On Friday I sit at the dinner table, right across the aviator, my heart beats fast, excited: this is the night, my brain is in overdrive fighting between the eager to get to him and my reason (what if things go wrong?), I watch his face while I chew my food slowly, when his eyes meet mine, his glance changes and he lowers his lashes (I ne-vah lose staring contests btw). In my imagination I have him already under me, my fingers study the curve of his cheekbone, his perfect lips..
I slide down my chair a bit and push my right leg forward, my foot between his legs trying to reach the edge of his chair. Ouch!...  his hand is on my ankle and his eyes stare in mine now, he firms his grip and squeezes, his fingertips and nails hurting the tendon underneath my skin, my lips part slightly, exhale and he pinches, a stingy pain shoots up the back of my leg (my heart beats like a drum in a tribal war song) but I don't move, his fingers stretch over my skin, travel up to the back of my knee following the path of the pain with medical precision and my whole body zings and then he lets go, my leg falls down with a plop and my mother looks at me. I blow against the bangs in my face like nothing happened and jump up to run upstairs.

When I pass the door of our guest room I silently take the key out of the lock, making sure he can't lock the door and hurry to my room, under my bed all my gear, running over the checklist in my head.
So now I have to kill time by taking a bath, shave myself, body lotion, all in slow tempo, I slide on my bathrobe and get on my bed. Ok... I am ready!
Muffled sounds of chatting and laughter from downstairs, all I can do is wait... I run my fingertips over my own skin, my little nipples are hard, I am slightly nauseous of fear and anticipation (any normal person would just not do this but crazy took over), my fingertips pet the soft skin of my pussy mound and I think to myself: Breathe, this is gonna be awesome...

My eyes open, pitch black, dark, (ffs) I fell asleep! I sit up and listen, the house is quiet, the clock... 3.10 am. Wide awake! Now! I gather my equipment and sneak through the hallway to the guest room, open the door quietly,  the aviator's soft snoring welcomes me, two stripes of moonlight fall through the curtains on the carpet floor. I crouch at the end of the king-size bed and spread open my knots, tapes, tools and toys... My bathrobe rustles and I throw it off making sure I don't make any noise, I slide under the bed preparing the loop that will pull his wrists and ankles in 4 directions at the same time, the two ends stick out from under the bed, the four knots at each corner, now the hard part to get them on him. Quietly and totally naked I slide from under the bed, my face just above the mattress, his breathing deep and slow... one foot close to me, not under the cover, slowly I move the cotton rope over his foot, the beating of my heart in my ears is deafening.
Lifting up the corner of the bedding, revealing his other foot, inhale and another rope in place... he softly snores. (thank you Johnny Walker!) Another torturing 15 minutes of eternity to get his wrists in the cotton loops of the ropes and the moment is there..
I grab the two ends from under the bed, wrap them around my lower arms and over my shoulder, my whole weight leans forward and I pull first slowly then fast and his arms and legs spread open to the corners of the bed, he lifts his head up, his eyes open, disoriented, on the floor at end I tie the loop to the legs of the bed.
I get on the bed and stand above him, a patch of moonlight on my naked body, his mouth opens, disbelief, I smile at him like a cat that just ate a canary, a drop of wet trails down on my inner thigh. "What are you doing?" his voice husky.
With my ass on his chest I cover his mouth with black tape, he struggles in my nifty ropes, now fully aware what is happening, the cover off the bed needs to go (it has a Chinese sign for Hope, and no hope for the aviator), he is naked and for the first time I can see him, the lean muscled body, his strength, the texture of his tanned skin, his penis, limp but beautiful, his body hair, I take my time to observe every inch of him.

Having him here, completely helpless and at my will, I am so excited, can't decide where to grab him first (like a child in a grab-a-ton), a roller-coaster in my stomach, I straddle him and climb up to his face, my knees on his arms, his eyes are dark, anger, they look up at me and I push my pussy on his taped mouth, his nose against my mound, I feel the warmth and he can't lick me now but a cramp of pure pleasure shoots through my body just seeing him there. Both my hands are on my pussy, I tug my mound up, open my peachy lips, expose my little swollen nub, rub myself slowly over the black rubber tape, his nostrils flare as he picks up my scent, his eyes no longer on my face, but staring at the spectacle under his nose, I moan, look over my shoulder and get distracted, his cock... fully erect... (win!)
My full attention is on his perfect, hard, huge cock now, my fingertips slide over his shaft, caressing, I press my nose against his balls to sniff him and he trembles slightly. Lube squirts over his thick cockhead, slowly running down his shaft to his balls, another squirt, more... my fingers smear, slicken the skin, slowly sliding in my palm, squishy sounds, when I squeeze firmly his eyes close for a second and my heart leaps, he is mine... My eyes study his reactions, I use both my hands, my fingers on his shaft, my thumbs underneath stroking in opposite direction over the big vein, he throbs, his glands keep expanding, the heat of the friction, the aviator closes his eyes again, his hips tilt, move up, the muscles of his ass contract and release, again and again, like he is fucking, his throbbing cock flexes between my fingers, one hand checks his balls, so full, so tight, I wiggle them gently, he groans under his tape, it's time for the next step...

With the same black tape I attach my We-Vibe to his cock, both ends just under the rim of his cockhead, the thicker end against the sensitive spot underneath, the other end on the top, I cover his hard dick with the tape, tight, his balls taped up high, leaving only the little slit of his cockhead revealed, then I tape the whole package to his stomach with long strips, groans or protests, his eyes are glazed of lust. Time for some fun, I straddle him again, my pussy on the black rubber patch on his stomach, I lean over and rub myself against the little bit of the helmet of his purple cockhead that sticks out, the remote in my hand, the buzzing starts and I place my pussy on the tape where the We-Vibe sits, it's so intense I could cum right now, but I slide down, building it up, short breaths puff out of his nose, he is trembling, his eyes between my legs, I move back and forth rubbing myself on his oozing cock, vibrating like crazy under the rubber tape, another click on my remote, speed 2, I hold my clit against his cockhead, we shudder in the same rhythm, his moans are loud and precum spurts out of his cock, I push myself down and inhale, hold my breath and start cumming like never before, my body oozes, I see colored spots on the inside of my eyelids, I feel hot gulps of his creamy cum spurt against my clit, then over his chest, he shakes like a leaf, I am kind of dizzy but I want more...

Back to speed 1, he groans and bucks his hips, sensitive because of his orgasm, but I don't want to stop it, I want to continue, I climb higher to his face, my knees on his arms, I sit up, my pussy is above his face, he can see how wet I am, my pink lips glistening, opening them and make him watch, my fingertip pressing against my hard pink nub, staring in his eyes while I work my own pussy.
"You want to lick me, aviator?" he nods yes, "I would let you if you cum again for me first.." his head shakes no... "You don't want to cum for me, aviator?" nods yes, his shoulders shrug "You can't cum again?" he shakes no... "I can't believe that, aviator, let's find out..." he groans under the tape and I turn around, my ass on his chest, leaning over slightly, so he can see my back, my hair hanging over it, my ass and a glimpse of my pussy. My finger clicks the remote and the We-Vibe buzzes intensely, he moans loudly, I use the knuckles of my fingers to rub over his taped balls and shaft, heating it up, stroking fast, he trembles like leaf, his chest heaves, breathing fast, I lean over more so he can see my pussy now, my tongue licks teasingly over the tip of his cockhead, the temperature under the tape must be hot, I feel the sticky of his first cum against the skin of my breasts and lift up, placing myself on his face, rubbing my soaking wet little cunt over the tape on his mouth, his breath puffs against my pussylips, a pearl of precum appears on the tip of his hard throbbing taped cock and I lean over again and lick it, my tongue ticks against it, rubs and teases, it quivers of the strong vibrations of my toy, my knuckles stroke fast up and down over his shaft and he starts bucking up again, like fucking the air, his heartbeat is fast, he is ready to cum again, I stop the We-Vibe and my stroking and I just lick the little slit of his dickhead, the tip of my tongue tries to penetrate it, he groans against my pussy, and I start to play with the remote, on... off, licking just that little spot, on... off, he is moaning so loud I am scared he will wake the others, I push my pussy harder against his face to muffle the sounds, on... off, his stomach tightens, I start to stroke him again, my fingers now pinching through the tape at his shaft, moving them up and down fast, milking him, speed 3, I see his cockhead expand, purple and shiny, his whole body squirms of pleasure, he stiffens and for a second he is silent and then he shudders and moans, deep throatily animal screams, explode... ejaculate, jolt after jolt, another load of creamy cum over his chest.
Now he can have a break, I turn down the We-Vibe, his cock stays huge and hard, the tight tape prevents the blood from flooding back.

"You are good, aviator, I will reward you now and take the tape of your mouth if you promise to behave" his head nods firmly, his hair is sticky of the sweat on his forehead, his eyes dark and intense, I remove the tape in one swift move, revealing his beautiful full lips, I put mine against them and kiss him for the first time, his tongue slide between my lips and I become liquid inside, a perfect kiss, like he makes love to my mouth, I can't get enough of it. He whispers to me, his voice (so warm and sexy in my ears)... low and passionate "Let me eat your pussy now, you promised... " the tunnel of my pussy spasms of anticipation, my dream is about to cum true (and me too hihi).
One leg at each side of his head, I lower myself to his mouth and if I thought his kiss was perfect, the feel of his warm, wet mouth, his full lips, his long tongue, licking me with slow strokes back and forth from my entrance to my clit exceed that kiss, I throw my head back and moan loudly, he answers my moans playing my pussy with his tongue like an instrument. The right speed, the right pressure, his beautiful face between my legs, a heavenly combination.
His lips close around my clit, not too tight, not too hard, just right, the tip of his tongue ticks against it and I feel a wave of intense pleasure ripple through my body, I click the remote, 1.. 2... 3, he moans against my clit, making it vibrate. I love the aviator, love his mouth... will cum in it soon!
My We-Vibe is vibrating his hard cock, the sound changes every time his shaft twitches, he is moving his hips again, my aviator is insatiable... My fingers tug at the skin of my mound, exposing my clit for him, throbbing and swollen, so ready, every lick sends a spiral of an orgasmic wave over my body, I am panting and moaning, grab his head and push my pussy in his mouth, the world stops turning, a dream of bright colors, my breath escapes, a tsunami of pleasure ripples over me, I shudder on top of his face, he tastes my orgasm and moves his tongue inside my entrance, expanding the ripple, his tongue on my g-spot, inhale, a spasm zings through my body, expands again, I am the universe, I collapse like a little throbbing heap on his face, choking him with my weight, his body arches, his hot sperm splashes against my ass.

We are both catching our breath, I untie his hands and snuggle against him, my hands in his hair, kissing him over and over, wanting his mouth, tasting myself, our warmth mingles, our skins sticky of all his semen, his eyes look in mine and I melt inside, fall in love right at that moment.

"You are a really bad girl, Charlotte!" and I nod "But you like that, don't you, aviator?" and he chuckles.

To be continued...

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