dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Two-Headed Monster

More p0rn for yooo! Listen to this song while you read it so you hear the same as we did during this battle of the strongest (me of course)

Jonathan is a guy I have been friends with since kindergarten, the kind of friend that always listens and does everything for you, never shows up with a girlfriend, claiming he has many and you secretly think he is gay. There has been no sexual attraction towards him from my side and nothing ever happened between the two of us (well, maybe something... when I was 5 I liked to poke my finger in my ass and force him to smell it and one time we frenchkissed as a try out but that's it!). So I consider him as one of my best friends and he knows all my secrets (almost all of them, hihi).  

My hubby likes to go snowboard with his friends and when I go with them I feel like a fifth wheel because I am not as brave, stoned and drunk as they are, so I stay home and use those weekends to get together with my friends to have our kinda fun (you soon find out what!). So this weekend I invited Jonathan to come over, I told him Ellen was coming and with the 3 of us it would be a 3 day non-stop party. When he arrived with his backpack, I was so happy to see him my heart made a little jump, we were all three excited, having the place for ourselves.
Ellen made us one of her favorite drinks (Vlammetjes, I think in English they call it Screaming Orgasm, pew pew!), except this time she made them even stronger, which made us giggly and relaxed fast, everything was perfect to try out one of my vicious plans. I climbed on Jonathan's lap and wrapped my arms around him, intimidating him, he blushed immediately and I squeezed his cheeks between my fingers, my mouth only a few inches away from his.
"Jonathan, this weekend is a girls-weekend, and as we know you are not a girl, so we gonna change you into one..." I said, my face dead serious, Ellen was laughing out loud and he grinned kinda sheepishly thinking I was joking. My fingers played with the bangs of his blond hair hanging in his face and I smiled: "What you say? We make it a special weekend?", I wiggled on his lap, my upper body  against his chest, only wearing my thin shirt and I felt his erection grow against my ass-cheek (mission 1: success and e a s y !). Without waiting for his answer I grabbed his hand and pulled him with me to our bathroom, Ellen followed with more booze, laughing, her cheeks blushing as much as his.
"Take of your cloths, Jonathan, I am gonna shave your legs so you are all smooth like a real girl" he tried  to protest but using my dog whisperer tactics (if you don't know, watch it on NGC, I swear it works, calm and submissive is a state of mind you want not only for your dog but also for your man) I got him out of his clothes fast.

My fingers touch the soft bare skin of his chest,  all smooth except  further down a small trail from his bellybutton to the wooly patch on around the base of his cock and his somewhat hairy legs. Because he is blond it would be easy to get him as smooth as a baby, I fill the sink with warm water and take some shaving cream and a razor from my hubby's cabinet.
"Ellen, you shave his face and I do the bottom!" she grins at me, our eyes meet in conspiracy.  I push Jonathan down on the poof and kneel between his legs, his uncut beautiful cock is hanging half -mast, still slightly erect, when my slender fingers soap around it to make him ready to shave, it jumps almost in my face, I never saw someone have a hard-on so fast. His head tilts back as Ellen soaps his face, his mouth opened, little gasps of protest that never make it outside.
When my hand wraps around his cock to move it around as I shave his pubic hair I see his stomach tremble (mega sensitive!), I look up at his face, he pants, Ellen rinses his face, his rock hard cock twitches in my hand, I squeeze and stroke it up and down fast a few times, the head bobs out of the ring made by my middle finger and thumb, my pointing finger rubs his little slit, his body quivers short and he spurts a pearl of clear precum. Ellen leans over him now, her nice round boobs sit on his face, his breathing and moaning now muffled by the weight and her shirt, her wet fingertips play with the tiny brown buds of his nipples, her half-glazed eyes are on my jerking hand, she watches my every move, her nipples grow hard against his clean shaved face.  
Then I see Jonathan's lean body arching, stiffen and I let go of his throbbing cock, he groans, his muscles tremble, his dick sweeps in the air helplessly, a tiny white drop sits ready at the slit, his cock-head swells to orgasm, it twitches violently and he moans of pleasure and frustration, so close to explode, when he moves his hand to grab it for release (na-ahhh!), I hold both his wrists firmly.  All three of us breath slowly, I glance at his body waiting a few minutes to let the excessive throbbing calm down and take my pink elastic hair-band and snap it  in an 8 around his pulsing cock and heavy, tight balls, making sure he can't come. He groans at me, his pretty blue eyes a shade darker of lust. (Why didn't I never notice he changed into this incredible sexy animal?).  

While Ellen keeps his him busy, caressing and teasing his chest and face, in the meanwhile talking to me about what we should let Jonathan wear, I soap his lower leg and shave it, pulling the razor up in slow strokes, my fingertips rubbing the little hairs upwards, tugging at his skin, removing all the hairs, then rinse the razor, tick it against the edge of the sink. When I do his upper leg, I turn myself slightly, the skin of my lower arm now and then brushes over his cock, so hard and upward, the elastic band put its out as a display, it twitches every time my arm slightly touches, tantalizing. He growls as if he is in pain.
Now his legs are all smooth, I tell him to turn around and bend over (no protest, yay! unfold thee my twisted plan!), Ellen is eew-ing at me when I order her to keep his ass-cheeks apart, but does it anyways, giggling unstoppable, due to the funny of our situation but also to the alcohol she keeps drinking. She laughs out loud when Jonathan whimpers as I soap his crack, I remove the bit of hair and rinse his skin, my finger teasingly rubs over his little starfish (my thoughts, brain-moans, claiming that tight ass with my pink rubber cockage).

It is was not easy to find a dress where he would fit in, but I look at him and chuckle, the short black dress with spaghetti straps fits tight around his body, showing the curve of his perfect buns, in the front the bulge of his cock stuffed in one of my panties, a pair of black stockings on his smooth legs so only the upper part of his smooth legs are showing, the make up on his face (really funny, but so erotic), his sensual lips deep red and shiny (I so want to kiss him and smear it allover his face), a  long blond wig on his head.  Ellen and me are wearing a similar small dress, the same wig as Jonathan and we jump around in the house like a jolly triplet, eating snacks and drinking too much.
Loud debstup music blares through the apartment, the deep drops make the windows tremble and we dance and laugh. As always we have so much fun together,  I almost did not hear the doorbell, my brother gets in with a big smile on his face, seeing we have a party going, he takes of his jacket and joins us, grinning at Jonathan, who is so deep in his role already he greets my brother with a high voice (more booze for ma babe!).  This adds a new turn to my plans, having my brother here (who is bisexual btw), how more sick can it get if I had to do it in front of my brother, knowing he does not know all about his sister (though he probably has a good idea, when we were small I forced him to dance for me in my tutu).

The temperature rises fast, we dance and hump each other, we kiss and it's not always sure who is kissing who, my hands grabs Jonathan's and I guide him to the sofa, he sways and wiggles behind me.  My tongue plunges in his mouth while I tie his hands behind his neck with a pair of cuffs, I use a foulard to tie both his ankles to each side of the coffee table, he grins at me, probably dizzy from the loud music and too much alcohol. Ellen and my brother land in the sofa each on one side of him, giggly and playful, this is just amazing, better than in my fantasy. Using all my force I tug up the little black dress to just above his chest, his expression changes being exposed like this in front of my brother and I see the protest bubbling under the surface. I get up and pull down my panties, over my legs, step out of them, make a ball and gag his mouth with them.
Soberness hits him like a hammer when the reality of what happens to him drops in, my fingers close around his neck, his veins throb under my fingertips, my other hand slowly travels over his chest, I pull the panties he is wearing to the side and reveal his cock, total limp, but still stuck in my pink hair-band, Ellen and my brother look at me quietly, surprised I am this blunt.
Seated between his legs, I trail the back of my fingers over the skin of his inner thighs, I nod at Ellen and she starts to suck his right nipple, her mouth takes it in, I hear the soft sucking noises in my head, I look at my brother and nod at him too and Jonathan's eyes bulge when he feels my brother's tongue on his other nipple.  His breath puffs out of his nose, I place my finger on his chest and tick a few times, the way you tempt a puppy to come, both Ellen and my brother get it, their mouths follow my forefinger and I trail them over Jonathan's chest and stomach, their tongues meet and frenchkiss his skin, his chest heaves. My eyes meet Jonathan' s, read the plea and I choose to ignore it, a smile curls my lips, I feel as the conductor of a masterpiece. My finger, followed by my two headed monster that likes my little game, travels allover his upper body, the blood is rushing, his cock stirs and grows (I win! Of course).
His lean body quivers as I slide my finger teasingly slow over his stomach towards his erection, I pull his hard cock up and hold it at the base with one hand, two pair of eyes look at me and I tick against his dick, the music and my panties muffles his groans as two tongues lick and kiss his thick purple cockhead, I sweep my finger up and they let go... down and they latch on his throbbing dick. More blood pumps in, I watch the veins in his neck, the way he breathes, the trembling of his muscles and hook my fingers in the elastic band tightening it more, making sure he wont be able to cum until I let him. My fingernails scratch gently over the surface of his balls, they are tight and full. The sight of two mouths on him is incredibly erotic, I am panting, my heart beats with the music, his excitement echoes to me, I feel what he feels, Ellen and my brother take turns now pumping him with their warm wet mouths, their saliva mingles and drips over my hand, Jonathan's testicles climb in his sack, he is breathing heavily through his nose, I turn the elastic band and pull his balls away from his body, he is squirming, ready to explode, I let go of his cock and sweep my finger in the air, they look up and let go. Strands of precome hang from both mouths to his twitching member, they pant just like me, they watch me with half-glazed eyes as my finger trails over his swollen balls to his ass-cheeks and two heads lean over, two tongues travel to his ass, I part the perfect orbs so they can access his smoothly shaved crack.
Behind me in the drawer of the coffee table I grab my pink rubber strap on and step in it, fitting it in to place, the edge of my dress rolled up above my hips, standing on my knees, back between his legs, I wag my finger, Ellen and my brother sit up, looking at me and the huge pink dildo in front of me sticking up and pointing at Jonathan's wet ass, the squishy sound when I squirt lube over my cock, smearing it, I place the top against the tight, little hole. My finger directs towards his hard cock and two mouths continue to suck him, two tongues tease and curl against his pulsing shaft, licking him like two kids sharing an ice-cream, I pull the panties out of his mouth, all resistance is gone, his lipstick is faded out over the lower part of his face (he looks like a crack whore hihi) I want to hear his moans, he gasps as I push forward slowly, the thick head of my dildo stretches open his asshole and I enter him (kawa bongaaaaa! how I wish I could have a real cock for just 5 min to know how this feels, even with my fake one it feels incredibly to fuck this modelicious of a man) He whimpers and quivers and I hold still to let him adjust to my big rubber cockage in his ass,  Jonathan moans loud, the slippery of the lube allows me to slide in deeper slowly without causing him too much pain, the curve of the rubber shaft now pressed against his prostate, he moans loud, this new sensation shoots jolts of pain and pleasure at the same time to his balls and cock, tug the elastic band over his balls, releasing them.
My hips push forward, my hands on him and I start to fuck him slowly,  short breaths out of his parted lips, his eyes stare at me from under his lashes, his nipples are hard, goosebumps on is skin, he trembles like a leaf from top to toes, his throbbing cock is oozing precum, both Ellen and my brother's face are glistening wet, they lick him and they lick each other, they frenchkiss his cockhead and take turns sucking him ( I am in some sort of trance, observing this spectacle), my rubber cockage now easily slides in and out of him, all the way in, rubbing against his throbbing prostate and then all the way out teasing and stretching the cluster of nerves around the rim of his ass, twitching greedily at me before I re-enter and let it swallow my sweet rubber dick.
I got my bff screaming now (thank god for my Skrillex' Bangarang  conditioned neighbors, if you plan to rape your bff this is THE song!), his body is now squirming (good I tied him up, he would kick my two-headed monster KO), his testicles climb and I now fuck him fast, I can hardly breath so intense this is, he starts to shake and I watch his flexing cock erupt, shooting jet after jet of hot sticky sperm, so violently it lands on all 4 of us.  His eyes close, flushed, he still shakes slightly and I slowly pull back, my precious cockage took another virgin. All 4 of us stare at each other, like we woke up of the same dream, I untie Jonathan's hands and kiss him tenderly, my upper body leans on his, he hugs me and I am happy, Ellen gets up to get us a drink, of course this is not the end of the night...
But it is the end of this story :)

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