dinsdag 3 september 2013

Domani's: "Yes, She makes me suffer sweet.

How is it possible for Her to command me from thousands of miles away and for me to feel the absolute need to obey?  What kind of human dynamic is this? Where does it come from? Why is it impossible to turn away from Her? Why is it so wonderful to please Her? And so utterly dreadful to displease Her? How introspective She makes me feel. All these questions, and so much more, that come from one direct command: “Do. Not. Cum.”

The Power She has is overwhelming as it melts over my cells like summer sun.  To be clear, i chose   disobedience. Would excuses relieve me of the guilt? No. Would they absolve me from Her punishment? No. Would it help to say how very difficult Her request was of me? No. If i am who i say i am to Her, then NO request should be too much for Her to ask of me. 

“Do. Not. Cum.”, She said with great strength and resolve. “Oh, another thing, My boy. ONLY touch My cock when in need, which is to wash or to pee. NO OTHER TOUCHING. And should You? Well, little one, I will know. And it will be worse for you. Much worse! Do you understand Me?”.  “Yes, Miss”, I say with a weak and pitiful voice. What i wish more than anything is that i would have followed Her Command. Not so that i can cum and avoid this punishment, but so that She would now be ever so proud of me instead of disappointed in me. And angry. Very angry.

She knows when She has not been obeyed. I am honest with Her, but most times my words are not needed. She knows. She knows before i speak a word. All those thousands of miles away. And She knows what will make me suffer. She knows that when She says I cannot cum, that i will not. And She knows that it creates a universe of discord within my body, mind and soul. And, She LOVES it.

It is no longer my cock. It is Hers. It is no longer my cum. It is Hers. It is no longer my body or my mind, or, for that matter, my soul. It is Hers. She has owned me since the beginning of time. This just is. It is. And i relish in the sweet and glorious Power She has over me. Yes, there are times i fight. i squirm. i hesitate. i disobey. And when i do, it is like standing in Kansas watching a storm turn into a massive tornado coming swiftly towards me. i can feel Her will multiply and the turbulence of Her anger swirl like the cyclone. Punishment is an absolute requirement. And as i squirm, the tickle within Her that She craves grows. As i suffer, She glows. It is who She is. And I have always, do, and will always love Her.

The last days have been torture. She speaks or types to me and Her cock grows to the hardness of maple wood, so very ready to produce pearls of precum syrup. I want desperately to touch it and feel the sweet sensations ripple all over me. I want to feel the tightness in my muscles as I grow closer to release. I want to feel Her hot and sticky cum shoot from Her balls through Her cock and out into the air, and all over my chest. And, if I am lucky, a few spurts on my face.  I want to grab that cock and mount my hands, fucking them hard until Her cock explodes.

i feel Her hard cock through my pants rubbing up against the heat of the bottom of my laptop. i begin to lose control and dry hump this hard cock along the bottom of my computer, as i feel the perfect sensations that i love so very much. i have to touch it. i have to. i move the laptop to the desk and spread my legs as I lean back on this chair. i rub my hands over my pants as Her cock feels me over the layers of pants and boxers. i am not touching it. i am not disobeying Her. Am i? i could cum doing this. i know i could...but I need even more.

Oh, i MUST do this. i NEED to do this. Breathing so heavy now. i need to cum. Really. i need to cum. i rip my belt off and pull down my pants. A glimpse of Her angry eyes strangle my mind for a moment. But i continue. i rip my boxers down and feel Her concrete cock waving in the air. i MUST grab it. i see precum oozing from my hole, my hips bucking, awaiting my hand cunt. My hands moving towards Her cock. i can feel the heat of my palms about to grab Her cock. NO. IT IS NOT HER COCK. IT IS MINE. IT IS MY BODY. I CAN DO THIS. I WILL DO THIS!

And i see Her face. And i see Her eyes. And i feel Her POWER and Her love. And i know i am Hers. Such a silly man i am. So i kneel, Her cock swaying in the warm air. i never touch Her cock. Never. i kneel there naked from the waste down. And i know i cannot do it. i know i will not. i look up into Her eyes as She stands there before me, though thousands of miles away. And i whisper to Her: “i did not and i will not Miss. i am Yours.” i see Her smile down at me. Though still angry and disappointed, She knows i am Hers. Though i am still punished and must suffer, She is pleased i have obeyed this Command. And i smile at Her, then lower my head with great love and respect for the Goddess that She is.

i stand and slide my boxers up and over Her still hard cock. Oh the wonderful feeling of the cotton dancing across the skin of Her hardness, as my boxers wipe away the precum that i would have gladly eaten had She commanded this of me. i breathe heavily and pull my pants up and over my waste, moaning as Her cock is massaged ever so gently. Then, i hear her stern voice so clearly: “Do. Not. Cum.”

And I do not. This is torture. i suffer. i really suffer. She knows i really suffer. It feeds the tickle within Her and it grows. And i have no idea of when this will end, but I do know…that i am Hers.

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